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Yuzu Ren


Wolf in Sheep's Clothing:
Mission name: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (Defensive)
Mission rank: D-C
Objective: Infiltrate and Isolate Io
Location: Kirigakure no Sato
Reward: 400
Mission description: “Io’s left the main camp to scout with his men… It’s time to isolate and destroy the main targets from here… and finally, we have them cornered. I want teams of three to infiltrate as fisherman on boat and land, from there you will spring a trap and create a point of resistance, blocking retreat and reinforcement from the boats to aid Io and supplement his escape... Hold the line, and the Jounin will come to support you once the base is set!"
Mission details: (Can only be taken once per character, with a minimum word count of 2500 words PER ninja)

The ninja taking this mission are to under the cover of the rolling sunset mist, to hijack/ borrow fishing boats from the coast and roll in with the catch. Using this cover, maneuvering into position nearing the boats of the Seven Bells Gang, and finally springing a trap and creating a forward base/ garrison which can be defended and maintained throughout the conflict, driving a knife through Io’s defenses and separating him from the heard.

The ninja will be holding off Io’s rear-guard. Mostly ninja in training, these ninja are B rank with B rank medical ninjutsu/ Taijutsu and are adepts in chakra scalpel style techniques of both projectile and taijutsu techniques, creating B rank blades of all walks of life which are able to cut through skin, flesh, bone and organs with ease, but with limited hit areas. Each ninja has all aacademy jutsu and various (improvised on the fly) chakra scalpel techniques.

This mission is an ‘open’ repeatable thread with a limit of four participants. Should all thread participants complete the word-count within the time/turn limit and succeed in their objective the mission will result in a success, which may affect the plotline later! Failure to succeed may also have a negative effect! This mission can be taken by ninja of other ranks!

The fifth day had begun and Ren was blocking his eyes as the sun had hit him in the face. He had a mission to get to requiring him to go undercover as a fisherman to cut off Io's reinforcements. He was not sure who Io was except that he was someone he saw in a Jounin bingo book. He decided to be very careful and first brushed his teeth a bit as he decided to clean up for this mission. He brushed his hair a bit as he looked in the mirror and wondered when last he had taken a proper bath. He dropped the rags and hopped under the shower as he did not have time to wait for the bath. He could just use a Suiton technique but that would waste chakra and the water would be cold. As he washed his hair then he wondered why he brushed his hair before entering. He noticed a sound of someone scream in pain. "Aaaahhh, my eyes". Seems the pervert was caught this time, having tried to sneak peaks on him recently. He figured he would have to take up that D-rank mission later to get rid of this nuisance who kept trying to spy on him. As he looked down he smiled feeling that no one would ever know the truth.

He finally got his towel and dried off as he began to wipe off the dust from the night on his blade. It still smelt a bit of blood which could not be helped as he had been using it a lot lately. He knew his sword could not take many more blows and he could not afford to have it break on him just yet. As the time was passing he put on a loose outfit that looked similar to a pair of pajamas, which is what they were since he needed new clothes thanks to this stupid war. As he walked around he went to the usual noodle shop apologising for the other day when the bald guy, Oomi and Tee made a mess of things. As he took his lunch with him slowly eating the noodles he finally reached the clothing shop. The owner owed him for saving his daughter in a previous mission and gladly got him a fisherman's outfit for kids. He did not like getting a kid's outfit, but sadly nothing else could fit him due to his small size.

As he finally got dressed for the mission he thanked the owner before walking off with his sword in hand. As he was heading towards the location he reached the cliffside then looked on at the shore line. He saw the boats they needed to take over along with a few shinobi guarding them. He noticed there were only two boats left and he did not have time to risk being left behind. It seemed the guys guarding the boats were mere civilians or ordinary bandits while it seems the main forces were probably further off located in a specific location in the waters. He would therefor need to think about this and decided he would infiltrate them carefully.

He walked down slowly to the shoreline then requested to come along for the fishing. "Hi, may i go out fishing with you I'm hungry and I got no one to fish for me." He smiled while the shinobi were suspicious and the fisherman themselves were wondering about his intentions. The one guy then finally noticed the sword and asked. "Why do you need a sword for fishing". He was found out, or was he? With some quick thinking he told them. "I stole it"

Word Count=618/2500


Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

Yuzu Ren


The men did not buy it as they prepared to attack him, not wishing to waste anymore time here he drew his sword and slit the throat of the first guy. The other two were just fisherman and were running away while the one shinobi remained and glared at him as his partner was dying. The shinobi spoke to him and then said, "We have no need for weaklings in Seven Bells Army, the hidden mist will be better under his rule. How would you like to join us for a change of scenery."
He had thought about it and was wandering why whenever he killed the enemy they always suggested he joins them. Do they not care about their comrades or partners. Were they only interested in winning battles and having the strong survive. What would have happened to him if he was forced to die for being weak, or forced to kill his friends in order to survive. None of his friends were really alive anymore even though he tried to make friends, a part of him struggled around others. As he kept his guard up watching as the shinobi stood there all cocky, he must have been rather confident since a bluff is more a sign of weakness than anything else.
As he glared back at the man having made his decision once again. The same decision he continued to make, he followed the will of the Mizukage and not the will of a blood thirsty man, who did not have the strength to change. He gripped his sword tightly as the man sighed before taking out his kunai. The man slashed at Ren half heartedly, this man was definately bluffing but he seemed like he was not interested in running away or fighting. As the man slashed away as Ren deflected each strike carefully. In the end he came back with these final words. " If you want to die, I will not stop you" The man was a bit shocked and that moment in which the man paused Ren cut the man's gut slightly. The wound was nowhere near deep but he had begun to bleed. The man then laughed as he fell down it seemed the man was already injured. "Why did you fight me?" as the man then replied. "Those two fools are just stupid fisherman, while this man you killed here was my brother". As he looked down then said a few more words to Ren. " I did not want to be in this war, but my brother could not see that we are part of a generation that deserves to die. What good is killing our brothers to become stronger when we end up with nothing left to protect. If you head straight ahead you will find our main fishing headquarters. You can choose to believe me or not it will not matter but take this with you. The man handed Ren a strange band as he tied it to his shoulder then asked the man one more question. "Why did you not try to get revenge?". The man laughed and then said "I can not fight against children, that is why i was not fit to serve him " As the man smiled he took his Kunai and stabbed it deep into the wound. He watched the man die as he looked onwards.
With the boat now his he was planning to go in but one person would look suspicious as he got the brothers clothes together before placing their declothed bodies on the boat as he performed some handseals bringing forth two water clones from the shore waters. He jumped on the boat as they began pushing it out to the ocean.
As he travelled he wondered what happened to the team that was suppose to meet up with him. Was he destined to do this mission all by himself, springing a trap on several shinobi who could be rather strong themselves. As he noticed the time passing him by he could not wait for them. He set out with his clones dressed up differently and the mist covering him so his appearance would not be too clear. He had experience fishing before as he caught a few fish along the way to not make him seem too suspicious.
After what seemed rather long he finally noticed a few boats converging to a point as he noticed the other fisherman all gathered there. He saw what looked like a large boat and was probably a small base of operations. For some reason there were no guards on the boat as it had an open design with mostly rations and other supplies. He realised that the men that were doing battle probably came here to recover before going back into the field of battle.
This also explained why the men from Seven Bells seemed to always be well fed and did not show signs of suffering from hunger or lacks of energy. As he thought about it he finally made his decision to set up a trap as he had the one clone stay on the boat with him while the other one went to the main boat and began exploring staying with in range of Ren.
He used his ability to see through the mist as he noticed there were people coming towards the location all armed with weapons. He noted that they had scalpels suggesting they were a medical based teams of shinobi. He took note that there were quite a lot of them and that a direct attack on them would be bad. He watched carefully noticing the one boat only had two people on it his clone that had explored snuck back underwater swimming to his location. He finally chose his moment as he carefully entered the water swimming beneath the boats. The three boats were separated but if he attacked the one boat they all would converge on his location. He stabbed beneath the boat as the one shinobi screamed. His two water clones jumped from both sides tackling them into the water and holding them down there. They had taken a breathe before the enemies as they then utilised Suiton Suirou to trap both of them in a water prison. Those two would no longer be a problem as Ren jumped on the boat. The two other boats just randomly tossed weapons towards the noise of where they had heard the scream. While not aimed the number of projectiles was a bit much as Ren had finished his handseals and summoned forth a swirling wall of water similar to a dome like structure rotating around him. As the projectiles were knocked around he knew he did not have too much time but the technique did give him time to aim his next attack as the two boats were heading towards his location to determine the outcome of their attack.
The men under the water could not hold their breathe any longer as they began taking in water as they were drowning the pain was intense. A feeling that one should never have to endure. As the boats were near to his location, he performed the hidden mist technique making it near impossible for them to see anything anymore. He took that chance use his sword technique Mizukiri to cut the one who stepped forward to attempt to find out what was going on. The other boat backed away as they began throwing weapons towards him the swirling water still holding up as Ren dealt with the men with the first one taking a fatal wound to the chest as one of the others got cut up with two inch deep wounds while the other shinobi had fallen off the boat. The man with the wounds began attempting to heal himself but was interrupted as Ren slit the mans throat. The one who had fallen in the water was not as lucky as Ren proceded to perform his Raiton technique Kangekiha as it travelled through the water reaching the man as the man was shocked and stunned he began drowning. The two water clones made their exit and jumped the boat that was getting away. It seemed that right now vision would be a lot clearer under water than in a combination of natural and unnatural mist.
As they jumped the retreating boat they fought but the men utilised some advanced taijutsu and a unique usage of scalpel techniques killing off the clones as they had served to buy Ren the time he needed as well as getting the men on the boat wet. He swam up close during that time and grab the leg of one of the men shocking them as they fell into the water after which Ren strangled him with his sword the blade winning against the helpless shinobi. The last two men on the boat waited back to back as they were panicking.
" I did not sign up for this let's get the hell outta here " The other shinobi then spoke, "Did you even see what the hell attacked us, and those were just a bunch of stupid clones. We even lost Baji, damn that Io taking the main force with him. He does not give a damn about this we should just retreat and get the hell out of this war. " The other man then sighed as he finally said. " When Seven Bells wins the war all of the deserters will be killed, or as Io always does use us for experiments. " As they stood making there pathetic conversation they had finally not even noticed him sitting on the boat resting. The mist looked like it was beginning to clear as Ren prepared his stance. The men then finally said, " You think we did the write thing joining Seven Bells, my daughter is still in Kirigakure and my wife " The other man laughed as he spoke. "I joined for science but i never expected to die in the field or become one of Io's future experiments. In the end all we can do is take care of this little"
The look in their eyes as the mist cleared was priceless. He launched his attack slashing the guy on the left with his technique right across his gut and upwards managing to open a wound as the man's liver began to fall out as the higher part of the swing hit the other guy in the neck as his blood shot out to the side due to the force of the technique keeping the blood from gushing out too much towards him while the other guy was trying to hold onto his liver as the blood sprayed over him. Ren proceded with a combination slashing at the man repeatedly cutting two inch wounds with the first three strikes then even deeper three inch wounds as the bones were being cut with the sixth slash being unecessary as the man fell dead on the boat. Ren proceeded to confirm the dead bodies as he then claimed the main base of their operations.
After waiting roughly an hour or two having had time to wash up as well as issue orders to the fisherman who apparently were mostly hostages while the foreign fisherman were all locked up below the main bases deck. As the Jounin finally arrived they asked for his report as he gave the message and results of the mission. The jounin and his team began rebuilding and setting up the base as well as setting up proper traps for any more enemies that may pass this way. Ren on the other hand was sent back by boat as he finally reached the shore line again. He proceded to make his way to the hospital where he went to sleep on the roof where he was watched over by some medical nurses who happened to think he was cute. He needed his rest but as he would later learn, you can never truly sleep well in a time of war.

Word Count = 2630/2500
Chakra = 21/220

Link to Jutsu List

List of Jutsu Used:

Renzoku 6-slashes, Suiton : Kirigakure, Raiton : Hiraishin, Raiton : Kangekiha
Mizu Bunshin
Mizukiri, Kirishiryoku, Suiton : Suijinheki


Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

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