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Rinshi laid in bed and groaned as he rolled over on his side regurgitating into a trash can, on the floor on the side of the bed.  Rinshi had awoke after a party he returned from the night before.  Rinshi had drank a lot of alcohol at the party so was no suffering the consequences and had a raging headache from it.  Rinshi opened one eye ball, to observe the clock on the wall across from his bed in his suite.  It was almost 5 in the evening, Rinshi had slept almost the entire day.  Rinshi also heard a panic from behind the door to the suite and rapid furious knocking.  Rinshi rolled out of bed, literally, and onto the floor standing up trying to retain his balance.  Approaching the door Rinshi peered through the peephole in the door, it was the man from the check in desk.  Rinshi opened the door and the man was speaking at a rapid pace.

"Im sorry...  Rinshi gagged then continued, "Sorry about that but, I can't understand a word your saying sir."  The man handed Rinshi a letter addressed to him from Mitsuhide the Hokage and had the words URGENT Rinshi took the letter from the man and he lingered, sticking his nose somewhere it didn't belong.  Rinshi dismissed the man and he walked away slowly hanging his head.  Rinshi pitied the man in the mean time he took the time to come to his senses before reading the letter.

Dear Rinshi,

I know you are busy on vacation and I would have sent another person on this assignment but this is of the utmost importance.  A matter of national security, you may have been aware of the war in Kirigakure.  Recently we received a letter for us to send someone to aid in the defence against the threat.  I decided to send you on this mission because it could extend your vacation.  Rinshi, there is no choice you must travel to Kirigakure.   I shall wait for your report upon your return to Konoha.

Your Hokage,

Rinshi groaned and ran to the bathroom throwing up into the toilet.  Staring into the murky disgusting smelling water, it was an awful smell.  Rinshi flushed the toilet and stood up leaning over the sink.  Rinshi fixed his facial situation and his bad breathe.  His eyes were red, his breath smelled like old and spoiled rice and sake.  Rinshi brushed his teeth thoroughly following him grabbing his comb and adjusting his hair, styling it to his liking.

Rinshi straightened out and looked for pain relievers in his bag, took two pills out and swallowed them.  Rinshi knew things would get ugly while in Kiri, after all it was a warzone and he really wanted to avoid going to Kirigakure, after all his father was never seen again after traveling there.  Rinshi was never a stickler for foreign conflicts but, he had to do what needed to be done.  Rinshi grabbed his bags retrieving his ninja clothes: black combat boots, navy blue coloured army fatigue cargo pants tucked int he boots, a skin tight black thermal, and his new black coat that he purchased the day before, following his headband that he tied loosely around his neck.

Rinshi would just have to purchase more clothes while in Kirigakure, money was no issue for him.  Grabbing his newly created seals, he placed them in the inside pockets of his coat.  Rinshi opened the door, holding his head down not looking at the floor but pondering about what danger he had to look forward to upon his travels.  Rinshi, closed the door and began walking thinking to himself, Kirigakure, here I come.



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