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The painful screams of the Kiri towns people radiated throughout the entire time as Sanosuke ran through them all. Some of them were bloodied and already had wounds inflicted by them by some sort of beast. It took Sanosuke everything he could so that he wouldn’t be trampled by the very same people that he was supposed to be protecting. To them all that matter was just surviving and not being killed by the very thing they were trying to run from. What was attacking? Enemy forces? A new puppet weapon? An invasion? And if so, how many was it? There were too many people for Sanosuke to maneuver through while on the ground. If he wanted any chance at getting to the shoreline, the approximate location where the attack on the towns people were coming from, then Sanosuke had to find a way to navigate through the Kiri without any added interference by the towns people trying to escape death. With a powerful leap that could only be done by those who were train in the arts of the shinobi, Sanosuke leaped 8 meters in the air and sommersaulted to land on top of the rooftop of the nearest building that was next to him. With expert acrobatics, Sanosuke took the time to look at what was going on down below him. People left and right were getting trampled. Friends turning against friends, family forsakening their own so they would be able to live their own. A little girl cried as her mother threw he aside so that only she may live. In just a few seconds, the little girl was trampled to death by her own people. The sight was sickening, a little girl’s body was riddled and turned into a bloodly pulp by the villagers of Kiri.

Standing so high, Sanosuke thought long and hard about the orders he was given to by Kiri’s administration building that deployed other shinobi from the villages. News about what was happeneing at the towns close to the shoreline through the entire office in an uproar of what was happening.  Nobody knew what was happening and they seem to not know how to handle the situation accordingly. What they needed was some miracle to take care of the monster. There were too many teams out doing missions and just mentioning what was attacking the town was something that made other shinobi that were available a chill down their spine. It was obvious that none of them wanted to fight this monster. The head tactician of Kiri’s main forces was a nervous mess. One would have to be a mad man when they were barely containing the madness that was going on at mission control. A frenzy of flying papers and shouting was what existed in this room. At the time Sanosuke only went in to report that he and what remains of his crew of shinobi encountered a large scorpion puppet that would have caused large scale damage to Kiri’s defenses. The very second he got out of the door, he was pounced onto by the superior that was in charge of deploying shinobi on missions related to combating Seven Bell’s forces.

“We don’t know what it is. We don’t know how he made it or even why… All we know is that it is out there. That’s right, you’ve all heard the bellows from the mists, seen the homes smashed to pieces and felt the ground rumble under your very feet… Till now, that mad bastard Io had kept it on a leash but now for some reason he has simply decided to let it roam free… It’s made its move on a town we are to pass through striking several buildings and killing somewhere around forty people… Take a team of three or four and cut the damn thing to pieces then burn it and dump its ashes in a lake somewhere.  Even if you don’t do this for Kiri, then do it for your dignity as a human being! Abominations such as this have no place in our world and we will see this thing dead come hell or high water!" The man said while holding Sanosuke’s shoulders and shaking the jounin over and over again to make sure that every word was hitting Sanosuke’s conscious. There was only so much shaking he could take before he had enough of being treated like some rag doll and so smacked the superior’s hand from his body.

”I’ll handle it myself damn it. Just send me a small evacuation team that will escort all of those whom are lingering in the debris.” Was all Sanosuke said before storming out of the room and slamming the door shut. That was all he needed to do to bring back normality to headquarters. They were given an answer to their prayers; someone that would deal with the thorn in their sides. Of course they would send Sanosuke the amount of support that he needed to complete his mission. As Sanosuke ran, he remembered the man that gave him the mission told him that there would be an evacuation team of 3 there to meet him 2 kilometers away from the site of destruction. As Sanosuke ran on top of the rooftops to travel faster towards the siting of the beast, he and Navi were trying to get a better look at what they were in for.  Sadly they were too far from the scene so they had to be content with meeting up with the evacutation team. Before him was about 3 shinobi that were all chuunin level shinobi. They wouldn’t do much for protection or assistance, but they would be more useful defending any civilians that might get caught in the crossfire. Sanosuke would be able to end the fight between him and the monster that was causing chaos into Kiri.

Upon rendezvousing with his support team, Sanosuke led them towards the general area of where the monster was last seen. From the moment they touched down onto ground zero of the monster attacking the buildings and homes of Kiri villagers, even Sanosuke was surprised that the monster was still very much alive and barely scratched. It was on a rampage destroying anything that was in its way. A blood curling roar exploded from its mouth before it tackled down a school for civilians that didn’t want to pursue a career in Kiri’s military as a shinobi. They got intelligence that the monster was in this vicinity on a rampage. And that was about an hour ago, to think that this monster was still on a rampage was something that was odd for him indeed. The monster turned its sights towards another building that looked to be there was still some people trying to evacuate from it. If Sanosuke didn’t move soon, the people that were trying to escape would be killed.

Focusing hard on the chakra that was around him, Sanosuke was forced to resort to his trump card in saving the villagers. Air, plants, the mist itself, and from the slow and small embers of life that clung to the cold corpses that had loitered the very same ground they were standing on. All that energy was flowing into his body making him gain powers that would be seen as extraordinary even by shinobi standards. Closing his eyes, Sanosuke finally let himself be fully powered by the senjutsu chakra that he was gathering. When he opened his eyes, the markings of the wasp sage was streaked across his eyes making him look as though he was missing color in his pupils. Around his body, he was glowing with blue chakra with a soft buzzing that went with the aura that was making him glow softly. With insane speeds that was not there before absorbing the chakra taken from the nature, Sanosuke cut in front of the beast before it could do any more damage. As he dashed to the rescue of the people that were still trying to evacuate from the building, Sanosuke brought his hands together and summoned his swords that were contained in the gauntlets that he had on. Letting out his own battle cry, Sanosuke focused on chakra on his blades to let it glowed brighter with chakra in the dual blades before it came in contact with the gigantic fist that belonged to the monster. The punch shook the dual blades to its core when he blocked the attack. It made Sanosuke grit in pain as he focused more and more chakra to make sure that his blades were still intact. It took everything he had in order for him to not fall on his ass. Chakra was flowing through the bottom of his boots so that he was standing sturdy on the ground he was on. For a moment, they were struggling for power. That’s when Sanosuke was able to get good look at the beast that was before him. It was a hulking beast only barely humanoid and covered in protruding mouths that devoured whatever could be found for nourishment. Connected and dangling from her shoulders by umbilical cords like macabre puppets the children swing. Truly a disgusting beast that deserved to be put down.

”Damn it, get these idiots out of here! What the hell are you waiting for?” Sanosuke barked his orders as he struggled to not be overwhelmed by the hulking beast. There was no doubt in his mind that Sanosuke would lose in a battle of strength between him and the beast. So the only way that he would be able to match the beast is with superior chakra control. Letting chakra buzz around him, Sanosuke amplified it so that it would begin to turn the beast’s chakra against its own. Screaming out in pain, Sanosuke witnessed as the effects of his technique was already taking effect on the monster. The monster screamed out angrily and was aiming to throw its other fist right at Sanosuke; but the kumogakure jounin was much quicker than the beast. ”Burst Shield!” Sanosuke called out. Pulsing his chakra outwards, Sanosuke growled angrily and let it blast the creature’s fist away from it so that an opening was created. Acting on the opening that was creating, Sanosuke dashed at the creature with speeds that were staggering even for the beast. He was sure that his battle with the beast would be enough to occupy its attention so that the people who were evacutating the building that was behind Sanosuke would have time to leave under the protection of Sanosuke’s backup. But in the meantime….

Thrusting his swords outwards, Sanosuke allowed his chakra in his eyes to flare up in his left eye. The illusion that all his eyes had no color was shattered when the symbol of the demon was now etched in his left eye. It made his power spike to powers that made him much stronger than he was before. His clothing fluttered at the presence of his chakra as he was using everything he could to defend the people of Kiri. Sanosuke glared at the creature so calmly at the creature that was open right now to all of his attacks. The creature looked at Sanosuke partially confused. Even the small children that were at its shoulders were looking at Sanosuke. Everyone that faced the beast never took the time look at Sanosuke head on. They all ran away from it in fear. And that was what made the beast roar in anger and confusion. Looking back at each other, Sanosuke got in position and ran straight for the beast at breakneck speeds. The creature roared and ran at Sanosuke in a way that greatly resembled that of a gorilla. Beneath his own feet, Sanosuke could feel the ground shaking. That didn’t make him stop his pursuit at all. He would push forward so that he can defeat the creature that was causing all the people in this village to run in fear.

When he got close enough to the beast, Sanosuke flicked his wrists that was holding his weapons so that they tip of the weapons were pointing at the abdomen of the beast. ”Taiho!!” The jounin called out. With the power boost he received, it sent the monster backwards reeling in pain. Blood erupted from the main mouth of the beast. It stared at Sanosuke angrily while clutching its head tightly trying to ignore the killing headache that it was most likely facing. Twice already was it exposed to the effects of buzz effect, and the effects were amplified thanks to his kekkei genkei being released. No wonder the creature was in so much agonizing pain. Cocking its shoulders, Sanosuke watched as it blasted two powerful jutsu from the dead children that hung from its shoulders. One looked like a blast of wind that was coming from the dead child that looked similar to a boy, and then there was a blast of lightning that was coming from the dead child that looked similar to a girl. Thanks to effects of the jutsu, the creature’s jutsu were lowered significantly. Dashing at the blast head first, Sanosuke got his swords out and focused more and more chakra in his swords. Wind chakra focusing in its left blade and lightning chakra was being channeled in the right side of his blade. Finally letting out another battle cry, Sanosuke sent the two blasts of chakra right back at the creature. The creature tried to defend it its children but was much too slow. The blast was strong enough to kill the children that were on its shoulder. In an explosion of blood, the monster fell backwards screaming in pain as its arms were blown off.

As it laid there on the ground, Sanosuke saw the creature screaming in agony and pain. For once the screams that came from its mouth weren’t rage filled, but filled with pain. Then there was something that looked like tears coming down its face dripped down to the ground. That’s what made Sanosuke cock his head to the side. A monster crying? That was unheard of indeed. With nothing but fury guiding its movements, Sanosuke watched as the creature got up without any arms and looked at Sanosuke blood shot with anger. Nothing but vengeance was in the creature’s eyes. Its body heaved up and down as it took in more and more visual of the killer of its children. Saliva dropped from its jaw as it let out a blood curling battle cry before running at Sanosuke with the goal of eating the jounin alive. It was time to end this indeed. Letting his swords disappear, Sanosuke focused on raiton chakra gathering in the palm of his hands until a disc of lightning was buzzing in his hands. It was rotating at fast velocity that was certain that if thrown, would lop off the head of anything that came in its past. Tossing it, the disc of lightning soared like eagle in the sky and lopped the head of the beast. The creature’s body fell down in an echoing boom. The head fell down to the ground and laid there unmoving like the multiple corpses it was responsible for.

It was finally over. Letting his chakra die down, Sanosuke dropped to his knees and was breathing heavily trying to catch his breath. Using that much chakra was certainly dangerous and would always lead to him being too tired for him to do much. His support group came to meet up with him and laid tag bombs on the body of the creature including its head. They helped Sanosuke up and guided him away from the body of the monster Sanosuke fought single handedly. As he walked back with 2 chuunin helping him walk, the sounds of an explosion going off filled his ears. Mission complete…I could go for a drink…. Sanosuke thought tiredly.
(Thread Exit, Misison Complete)

240/335; Jutsu Used:
Sage Mode
Sage Animal: Wasps
Augmented statistic: +1 speed
Description: While in Sage Mode, a line of silver make up is across Sanosuke's eyes from his left temple to his right. Also it gives the illusion that Sanosuke's pupils are missing. He gives of a silver aura when he goes into sage mode, his chakra gives off a buzzing sound while Sanosuke is in Sage Mode.

Name: Reveal
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Element: -
Range: Self
Specialty: -
Duration: / -30 Chakra per post
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Description: Once activated, the user will blink and one of his/her eyes’ iris will have changed to that of the clan’s symbol, denoting the contract with a demon. All jutsu are henceforth increased in power by one rank for the duration of this jutsu. This can stack with other clan jutsu.

Name: Burst Shield
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Defensive
Element: /
Range: Short Range
Specialty: Bukijutsu
Duration: /
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: The user uses their sword to block an attack from a single opponent's weapon that is equal to or lower than the jutsu's rank. By focusing chakra into their blade, they release the chakra in an explosive manner at the point of impact in order to push the attacking weapon away from the user, creating an opening for the user.

Name: Taihō(Cannon)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: /
Range: 0-5 meters
Specialty: Bukijutsu
Duration: /
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: The user focuses on the tip of the sword and thrusts it at the target. The user doesn't stab the target but explodes its chakra on the tip to send the target flying 5 meters away from the user.

Name: Buzz Effect
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary/Offensive
Element: Raiton
Range: 1 meter(radius)
Specialty: Senjutsu/Ninjutsu
Duration: /-10 additional chakra to sage mode(Sage mode must be activated to activate Buzz Effect)
Cooldown: 8 posts
Description: The typical buzzing sound that is heard when the Wasp Sage mode is activated is weaponized. The buzzing is intensified to the point where it can cause chakra irritation to anyone in a 1 meter radius from the user. The chakra irritation will cause the target's chakra system to turn against the user. The irritation will be lesson by 1 tier with every post the target is away from the "buzz" radius.

Name: Destructo Disc
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Element: Raiton
Range: 70 meters(max)
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 7 posts
Description: Focusing raiton chakra in his palm, Sanosuke makes a disc that is 1 meter wide. The disc is spinning at high speeds; when thrown it moves 69 mp/s at the target. This jutsu can cut through 1 jutsu that is B Ranked or lower in power. The disc is able to cut through an non armoured person with relative ease, to someone without any armor it can cut through limbs with ease. This technique will cut through destroying any C Ranked or lower armor(it cannot cut through a C Rank arm or that is Futon alligned due to elemental properties)


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