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'Enough with these meaningless games of ninja kills ninja, if anyone in this room feels i jest step outside and receive the true punch line of this parody!'

There he stood, atop one of the branches of the many trees that covered the outskirts of Iwagakure no Sato. In his right hand he held over his shoulder the body of a deceased shinobi formally known as Juyo; the young boy hadn't lived long enough to learn that one does not simply defect from Kumogakure no Sato without a 'parting gift' from the secretive agent, Binsu. The man didn't see himself as a killer at heart, far from it in fact, though when it came to his ANBU business he understood that he had to wear a new mask over his identity: both metaphorically and literally. He knew that under the code name ANBU 2-2-6 he had to do whatever it took to protect his village, to fulfil the dangerous tasks and deeds his Kage needed or wanted him to do for whatever the reasons she gave/hid. He couldn't listen to his emotions whilst on a Black Ops mission; they'd only slow him down. He couldn't care about his friends or family, they'd only get in his way. He couldn't rely on a comrade to take care of his business, he or she would only go down with him. The Raikage herself had made Binsu the captain of Kumogakure's only ANBU division, and the reason for her decision was evident in the way Binsu completed his ANBU missions without any 'glitches' or failures.

The young man now hopped from tree trunk to tree trunk among the forests' highest canopies, 'riding' the wave of mother nature's children as he quickly made his way out of the borders of Iwagakure no Sato. The ANBU wasn't concerned on hiding his presence away from any person or thing that may have been following him; should he have been attacked for no reason by any person or group of people he'd signal his friend above once to send help to Kumogakure no sato and a team skilled shinobi would come to his aid, not necessarily his rescue. The man was confident enough not to let the fear of the possible dictate his knowledge on the least likely. Fear had been one of the first emotions he had been taught to ignore whilst in battle during his ANBU initiation drills, along with sympathy, anger and over confidence. Although many people believed that not having any of the three emotions was abnormal, it certainly helped people like Binsu get what they needed you do, when they needed to do it without emotional distractions.

A few hours of jumping over tree trunks, landing on the ground below and running for a few miles onward, Binsu finally reached the Kumogakure no Sato border. Without dropping his pace or changing his course, the ANBU swiftly made it through the not-so-dense forests of Kaminari no Kuni, making his way up and around mountains until he could see from a distance the first glimpse of the Kumonogakure village gates. The large metal gates were often guarded by a trio of Special Jounin qualified shinobi each specializing in their own areas in combat, though all skilled enough to handle shinobi of the own ranks if not higher. The three men often sat lazily in their booths, located between the large village gates and the village itself. At times Binsu wondered if they still got paid for sitting around all day and discussing futile topics such as 'who the hottest female Kumo shinobi was' or 'why the Raikage's still single'. The ANBU slowed his pace down to a stride as he made his way through the village gates holding a dead body over his shoulders and only receiving shocked faces from all but one of the three guards standing by at the gates, before making his way towards the Kage's office to collect his bounty.

Travel Wordcount: 681/600

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