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Darkness was creeping in his vision. There was only blackness in his eyes as he was wondering where he was at the moment. Turning his head to the sides, he couldn't find anything that he could see. The only thing that was visible was himself. Instead of his shinobi attire, Sanosuke was only wearing black pants and a white t shirt on. Instead of his long black dreadlocks, he had his short silver hair that was cropped shortly from the base of his neck. If that was the case then that would mean that his eyes were no longer silver, but blue colored. He was back to the state of mind that he had originally before his senjutsu training. No longer was Sanosuke back to the state where he was back to before his training in senjutsu, but he was also defenseless. There was nothing going on around him. But why did he have to revert to this state of being, Sanosuke didn't know. Hell he had no idea of where he was currently. Everything around him was dark. That's when he remembered what had happened in the past before he somehow found himself in this place of darkness. The fight with Taku, saving the Karisuma woman from being captive by a man that wanted nothing more than to kill her. Panic took over his soul as he tried to find his group he was in before the attack.

"Don't be alarmed Sanosuke. I am here for you" a voice was heard behind him. Turning around to the source of the voice, he saw the face of the last person Sanosuke believed he would see. A woman with dirty blonde hair that was cut short to about shoulder length. Her bangs were longer than the rest of her hair to the point where it was all the way to her chest. The bangs were only to the sides of her hair and braided near the tips of it so that it made her look more like an angelic figure. She had silver porcelain skin and yellow, golden colored eyes that were slanted. It made her look less human with how beautiful she was. Shame. That was the only feeling that Sanosuke could feel when he was looking at the woman that Sanosuke thought he would never see again. What else could  he feel after what he had done. Trying to speak to the woman proved impossible every time Sanosuke looked at the face of the woman that brought these feelings about. "After all, you wanted nothing more than to see me you not?" The way she spoke was like two harps humming in his ears. Sweet sounds of music was vibrating in his head as she spoke. A soft smile was on the woman's face. She wore a pure white sundress that hung gently and fitting on the woman's angelic body.

"" Sanosuke all could get out from his throat after much. Burns developed from his throat as he tried to speak out more to the woman. If it really was her, then there was so much he wanted to tell her. Not a single day went by when Sanosuke didn't reflect on what news he heard about his mother committing suicide. He was in Suna when it happened. When he thought he contained the strength he needed to speak again, the woman by the name of Kikyo was before him. His mother rose a hand to stroke Sanosuke's face gently. Shock was the only thing that stopped him from reacting to the suddent touch. It was such a loving touch that his mother was giving him. Any other child would love the touch of a mother that he was getting at the moment. To him, every time Sanosuke was felt up from his face by his mother only pain and guilt swept over his body.

Pain clenched his cheek as Sanosuke noticed that his mother was sinking her nails into her very son's cheeks. Scarlet droplets were coming down his body as Sanosuke looked in fear at his mother. In the brief moments of looking at his mother, all warmth and comfort that was on the mother's face was wiped clean. Instead it was that of the face of a cold woman. Her touch was no longer warm and deadly cold when she squeezed down on his cheeks. "How could you? How could you do what you've done to your very mother? YOU KILLED ME SANOSUKE!!!" Sanosuke's mother screeched as she began to strangle Sanosuke by the throat. This time her nails were sinking into his throat, drawing out more and more beads of blood. Every small amount of oxygen that he was trying to breath back into his lungs were escaping. Squirming under her grasp, Sanosuke tried to fight her off by she wouldn't let go. She kept on chanting that he was responsible for her death. It was all his fault. It was his fault, and only his.

"I'm sorry mom..please...I didn't mean it....I'm so sorry. Forgive me....!!" Sanosuke gagged as he was being choked to death by his very mother. The worst part was that there was nothing, nothing that he could do about it. All his strength and training was thrown out the window. Nobody was there to help him get his mother to stop killing him in this brutal fashion. He was alone to deal with his penance for the action that he committed....

Immediately, Sanosuke's eyes opened to look around him. Sunlight struck his eyes and pierced his retinas. He woke up in a start and sat bolt right from his bed. Covering in cold sweat, Sanosuke was breathing heavily. His entire body was covered in sweat as he was heaving loudly. All Sanosuke needed was the time look around where he was around currently. He was in a hospital for some reason now. It was pure white everywhere; the sheets, the bed, the walls, everything was the same color. For a second he couldn't remember where he was and how he got here. That's when he remembered everything that occurred during his border patrol mission with the twin Suna shinobi. Lately, Sanosuke's been going on many missions that resulted him being pushed to the limit. And that border patrol shift where they ran across Misoka proved too much for his body to handle without medical treatment. He's been in this hospital for a while now. And even though he felt all right to leave, the doctors wouldn't let him go. A flash of his nightmare played in his vision briefly. It made Sanosuke flinch at the thought of the dream he currently had. Sanosuke rose his left hand to squeeze the skin between his nose to clear his mind in a brief meditative stance. Instead of his shinobi outfit, Sansouke was wearing white clothing that the hospital made patients wear. He had bandages on his abdomen, forearms, and forehead still from his wounds.

"WHEN THE HELL AM I GOING TO GET OUT OF HERE?!" Sanosuke screamed loudly as he was throwing a temper tantrum to get out. But each time he tried to leave, Navi would come in from the window and chew his head out.

"You get back in your bed this instant!" Navi ordered him as soon as Sanosuke started throwing a tantrum on the bed. It made Sanosuke grumble to himself getting himself setteld back in the hospital bed. There was only so much hospital food and shitty bedding one can take. He missed going to the bar and doing missions. Why the hell can he not be let go?


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