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Masa had heard a lot about the abandoned mine and was really curious about it.Too bad Renji always kept her on a short leash on days like these. Renji was always way too careful with Masayo. He never let her go without knowing what she was doing. The green haired man knew it whenever Masayo was doing something bad. He just knew, it freaked Masayo out. It was like he placed a little gps in her clothing. Everytime Masayo met Renji at a bar or in a restaurant she did not tell about, she was freaking out and tried to get away, from who ever she was talking to. But eventually she got caught every single time. Masayo was really irritated by it. She now tried to as far as possible but Renji was always there.

This time she went into the ghost mine, so to speak. Masayo did not believe in ghosts. She thought they were just pranks of little kids trying to be funny and scare their friends. Because Masayo searched her whole life for wisdom and information, she had to check it out herself. It there were ghost and were hostile, she would not go home. Masayo would then train herself in avoiding and how to defense herself from whatever enemy. The rsven haired girl did realize that if there were ghosts she would be in danger, but all the better way to train. On such moments adrenaline will help her way through it.

"Renji! I'm going out to train! I'll be back in a few hours!" Masayo yelled through the house. No answer was heard, so Masayo wrote a note and posted it onto the cooler. the raven haired girl did not wear her usual skirt amd bandages. She just wore a brown skinny pants and a white hoodie. Masayo swung her rapier on her thighs and walked out of the house. It was slightly snowing, which Masayo loved. She put on her hood and her hands in her pockets. The girl walked for a bit and when she was at the beginning of a forest she started to jog all the way to the abandoned mine. The snow had a nice effect while running. She could see all the different shaped snowflakes on the left and the right of the corners of her eyes. It was facinating that there did not exist two snowflakes that were the same. That got Masayo thinking. She thought about all kinds of scenario's that could happen in the mines.

Finally Masayo arrived at the ghost mines. She already had adrenaline pumping inside of her. Her heart was beating faster and the snow gave the girl a warm feeling lf cosyness. It was all too good to be true.

The Yamamoto walked inside the mine and already felt little rocks falling on her shoulders. She let her hood off her head and fall on the back of her neck. Her big green eyes looked around in curiosity. "I hope that there will be ghosts around here." She said tl herself. She really did want ghosts to be there. It would be exiting. Just then she heard small knocks on the wooden poles that held the mine up. Masayo her head turned in its direcrion but did not see a thing.

The girl ignored it and gave the stome walls a good kick, making rocks fall on the floor all at the same time. Masayo avoided three of them but did not expect another rock to fall right where she stood. She jumped away just in time to not get hit on the head, but the stone did hit her foot. Masayo faceplanted into the ground as her foot was stuck under the stone. "That's just great!" Masayo complained while pushing the rock of her foot, but she first cleaned her face with her barehands. "So much for avoiding rocks..." She joked even in a situation which she was in.

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