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Uchiha Susumu

Uchiha Susumu

A light flickered off and on, every time lighting up just enough space to see Susumu, lying on the cold ground trying to get some rest to venture out in the world once again. There was something wrong, however. He kept turning, unable to fall asleep and sweat beads rolled off his forehead and splashed upon the ground, creating small dried up peddles next to him. His eyes were shut tight as his eyebrows trembled, as if he was reliving an experience that he wasn't too fond of; something that either enraged him or frightened him. He clenched his fists tightly and hit the ground just once. In his mind flashed the memories of his father's death, which happened right before his eyes on Konohagakure's grounds. All he's able to visualize is blood scattered across the green grass and Hao's body crashing through multiple trees before coming to a halt. His imagination played tricks on him; causing the hallucination of the four Konohagakure shinobi; Takeshi, Ukiyo, Mitsuo and Sousetsu to look at him, as though they've noticed him before giving off a mocking smile and walking into Hao's direction. He felt as though the dream he was having was completely real; feeling the emotions he had at that moment as if he was in that time, yet again, while he's already a few months further. It's obvious that the experience still haunts him til today. In his mind, he ran to his father, moving himself through multiple trees to get to the scene, only to see multiple trees covered with blood and Hao's barely breathing body lying with his back to the tree, bleeding from his eyesockets.

Just like before, he had a faint feeling that Hao was looking at him in his dream, though he wasn't sure. The bleeding from his eyesockets didn't reveal which direction he was looking at, but Hao, too, gave off a smile. Takeshi gave the final hit upon Hao's head and after that moment, everything went immediately black inside of Susumu's mind, as if he blocked out that traumatizing and enraging experience. Susumu gasped for air and reached out for his chest; the location of his heart, as if he overexerted himself. His eyes were still closed, breathing heavily and attempting to calm himself down by focusing his thoughts somewhere else. He truly dispised this world; he even dispised himself for not being able to move on past that event. He thought he was stronger than that, but apparently wasn't even near the possibility of becoming stronger. A strong headache was stinging right in his forehead, causing him to instinctively place his hand upon it, gripping tightly in the hope that it might get less, but in fact, just kept getting stronger. The memories of that day kept hanging and might possibly hang there forever, unless he finds closure and he had already made his mind up on it. There was a reason that his father was fighting, that day, with those people, within Konohagakure borders. The only explanation for that event was the destruction of Konohagakure, by his father's hand. Without any allies, his father still stood his ground and fought until the end. He didn't run or didn't hide, but faced them head on without any regrets. Susumu wanted to be like him; fearless, but feared. He needed to rise his notoriety. Young or not, he will succeed, even if takes him his entire life to do so. Slowly his eyes opened, his breathing got calmer and the headache got less and less. The sweat continued dropping from his face and the blanket that he held over his body was soaking wet. It definitely wasn't pleasant to have to relive the past in such vivid details. The twisted smile of the Konohagakure Shinobi and the smile of his father remained printed in his brain.

Slowly, he stood up. The blanket slid off his legs and fell upon the ground. He was located in an abandoned house, away from normal civilization. All that was around him were trees, with deep inside of the forest animals and a lake, necessary for both food and water to survive. Even though he's that young, he doesn't seem to have any problems with travelling all by himself. He has gained enough life experience to at least survive the basic challenges that life has to offer, but has yet to find a stronger opponent than himself. Susumu walked over to the wall of the small house and placed his hand upon it, holding his head down in attempt to calm himself further. He stood beside a window; he could see the sun beginning to rise and the birds already begun to chirp. Without even blinking or moving a muscle, he stared out the window. He seemed like he was in some sort of trans, just completely in awe by the surroundings. But was he really just purely interested in the environment? His mind drove him crazy. The surroundings resembled the place of his father's death. Looking closer, he could've sworn that he saw a trail of blood leading into the forest and crimson blood to be seen though the trees. The figure had a physique of a male, and he as well, was smiling. Susumu couldn't move and just kept his ground at the window. His grip on the wooden wall kept growing tighter and tighter, until the point where the wood developed chips and cracks, causing slight cuts to be formed inside of his fingers. A thin line of blood ran down the wall and eventually hit the ground where the peddle of blood very slowly expanded. He thought that he was getting insane. At a young age like his, it wouldn't be perfectly healthy to have seen that, as it may hinder his potential. This is where he begins his doubt, which at the same time angers him. His light blue eyes were filled with rage, knowing that if this was allowed to continue at the rate it's going right now, he might lose all potential to be a worthy successor of his father. That he would never gain as much power as him. He wanted to continue pursuing his goals in life; not just for his own development, but so that the world will show cowardice and kneel.

Susumu was sick of it. He wasn't going to focus on the past forever and he had to put himself in a position where he would release all of his regret and emotions he was feeling right now. Without hesitation, he grabbed together his clothes, dressed himself up and widely opened the door before stepping upon the green grass before him. The sun blinded him at first, but easily became used to the bright light and regained his perfect vision. He was right; the area did seem familiar, which annoyed him. A brief flashback appeared before his eyes of his training with Hao; a very gruesome training and actually the last time they talked face to face. While focused on the memories, he walked towards the edge of the forest, directly into the direction where he saw that visualization of Hao, even though it wasn't exactly him. He needed to release this pain; this anger. Not thinking about it, the tree where he saw the entity received a punch without holding back. Due to Susumu being young, this didn't do much damage; but simply created a crater in the surface of that tree. But he didn't stop there; continuously punching that exact same spot caused the crater to sink in deeper and deeper. His knuckles bled, but it didn't stop him. He continued up until the point where the deep crater caused the tree to fall over, particles of dirt rising up to the sky, completely engulfing Susumu. His breathing was heard clearly, but there was laughter involved, as well. An uncontrollable laughter. He arched his back and let out the most hysterical laugh he had ever had. During the laugh, a memory popped up where Hao explained to him the nature of the Uchiha, as well as the power they possessed called the 'Sharingan'. It was a powerful asset of the Uchiha Clan which Susumu had the potential of achieving. The laugh slowly lost its energy and his heavy breathing continued. "Father.." He began. "Your death was not in vain. Instead of dwelling on the past, the past will make me stronger. This life you gave me will be my legacy. Even though you're gone, your will continued to burn and will burn forever." At the instant that he finished those words, two dots of crimson light was piercing through the smoke that engulfed him before; he had unlocked the first step to the Uchiha's full potential; the Sharingan Tomoe 1. His twisted smile remained sealed on his lips.

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