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"Make the world a better place"

"What should I do? destroy all that's In my path, destroy as much as I can, save all, protect all, rule all?"

At some point, people begin to yearn for something, Tsuneo yearned for revenge, love, and peace. His goal was revenge, Tsuneo lived for the death of a certain someone, but now...all he seems to think about..Is nothing similar to revenge, but Instead, he thinks about the wills of his loved ones.

Fleeting blossoms, budding flowers, and mere small hours.

They pushed him from the brink of destruction, he grew stronger only thanks to the support his loved ones gave him, sure the pain will never go, the gashes will remain, on his new strong heart, Tsuneo's heart was revived by their words, they entrusted the world to him, and he'll never fail them, their wills, will change the world, that's what he believes.

The war was still ongoing, everyone was doing their best, In a way Tsuneo has been doing his best too, by hiding his Identity and joining the military force of kirigakure, Tsuneo's been doing and saving people ever since he joined,taking missions, and growing stronger, he was now ready to meet the master of the aoi bara, except that he didn't want to, he wanted to grow even stronger, so that when they meet he can stand as his equal.

Tsuneo was again called to the commander's room, they supposedly have a new mission  for him, again. Tsuneo doesn't mind It In complete honesty, he enjoys It, he lost two people because of that scumbag Bells, however, Tsuneo can't beat him at his current rank, Seven bells has killed the crazy psychopath called Utau, supposedly this chick Invaded the last Kage summit, perhaps It's Tsuneo's turn next summit.

Punches, kicks, slashes,  bruises, fraction, and broken ribs, Tsuneo suffered them all In the past years, he went on many missions, and recently he went with daraku, a member of the aoi bara, a strong member to top It off, and with them came on of the legendary sannin Yuudai, both of them displayed magnificently In their battles, and although Tsuneo was the weakest, he still destroyed six of Shinjuu's servants and he dealt a bit of damage to her, however, that was on the cost of his ribs, Daraku then healed Tsuneo and together with Yuudai, they finished her off, she was needed alive that's why she was kept alive but unconscious, Daraku then left to escort the poor hostages with shinjuu In his grasp, Yuudai returned to Tsuneo to take him to the hospital, everyone was kind to him, but he never wants something such as this to occur again, next time, he'll be protecting the two of them, that Is what he promised himself to do, he'll be the one to protect, the days of being a burden are over, he now have more power than he ever did, and he will gain more power than he ever will.

Aside from all the thoughts and the blabbering, he recalled what the captain told him a second ago while he was tasked a new mission.

"Hello Tsuneo, we've yet another mission for you. The citizens of the city are In grave danger, Tsuneo. You must go to the city, eliminate and dangerous elements that may stand In your way and escort the citizens to a safe hideout that's been built for the purpose of sheltering people, the location of the underground hideout Is written In this scroll" He handed Tsuneo a scroll as he continued his talk "Tsuneo, this may seem like simple mission, but the lives It'll spare are not as simple. I put my utmost trust In you and your capabilities. You're excused." and with that being said, Tsuneo left the tent, Tsuneo didn't waste a single minute, he blasted off heading tot he city as he started running from tree to tree, and from branch to branch while surrounded In the forest Kirigakure, Tsuneo had encountered a couple of nuke nin but none of them posed a real challenge, and of course as usual Tsuneo showed no mercy, he killed them all, holding the hopes of his loved ones, did not mean a single thing when It came to scum, If It did anything, It meant eradicating them and reducing them to ashes, the enemies that Is. Tsuneo broke the neck of each and every nuke-nin of bells's that appeared In front of him, he wanted to save  chakra and strike down any dangerous elements as asked by the commander, the Innocent must survive, the guilty must die.

The way of the aoi bara was simple; punish the guilty, and protect the innocent. Tsuneo had always done that, the young uzumaki felt the need of a new power, an extraordinary, one that would help him grow even stronger than before, and the only way was to learn sage arts, yes, Tsuneo's new way of powering up was none other than the legendary sage mode.

Tsuneo perished any thoughts from his mind and focused on his mission as he reached the city, It was hectic, burning buildings, crashing buildings, blood splattered, and screams of the innocent echoed in the distance.

"Is it worth it, this world that is" were his words as his eyes were locked on the deathly scene before him, blood shed will remain, pain exits, and suffering is eternal, gashes such as these are never leaving, stickier than glue, and clingier than a scar, but a scar weakens by time, it becomes smaller and smaller, the pain disappears, you barely feel it in time, and soon it becomes your trophy, it becomes a trophy of your past battles, battles that you've survived. Tsuneo wondered, perhaps those painful memories, those mental scars are trophies as well, he'd never know, but he surely knew, that they made him much stronger, and he knows full well,that those mental scars, created the boy he is today, a loyal boy that is.

He protected the village despite what he was called, he wants to reveal the truth, but the tiny bit  of love he holds for his village prevents him, he continues to deny his emotions, for the sake of the village. The uzumaki would dash towards the buildings and the huts existing around the area, alongside small houses, he'd go and rescue every citizen in his sight, he'd move as fast as he can, rescuing people who have a building falling down at them or people that are trapped under the rubles of their houses, he'd stand like a hero by everyone;s side, they had painful looks on their faces, crying, bruised up, hurt, he wanted to heal them but he had nothing more than a hideout, he'd passionately calm their frightened hearts with a soothing touch and a friendly gesture, he'd wipe away their tears, and speak to them saying "everything'll be alright dear....I'll take you to a safe and a very nice place" his smiles were followed by tearing eyes, feeling sorry for them, he was almost like a saint.

He'd take two of the children that were with him and hold their hands and take them alongside what seemed to be a large amount of people measure by thousands, he'd yell calm words to sooth their troubled hearts as he leads them all to the hideout, he'd  carry the tired, he'd feed them on the way, he headed each and every request of their, some how, he could relate to them,after all he himself lost a lot as well, and it still stings his heart, but no matter, for the mean time he'll stand by their sides, and lift them up whenever they fall.

And soon enough after and hour or so of walking they were capable of reaching the underground village, tsuneo explained to them the structure of the place they were currently in , and lead them to the area where the food was, and taught them all they need to know about this place.








It was time to do so, it seems that a couple of  seven bells's idiots followed tsuneo, and so he had to deal the finishing blow. He looked around and so some man suspicious looking men surrounding a man, and it was then that tsuneo noticed their headbands, which gave tsuneo the okay to kill. he dashed down at the enemies that threatened the security he provided kicking them all in their heads, as he stared at them with murderous eyes, he would grin flashing his teeth, their fates  are to be soon be severed, those that cause grief and sadness upon others, deserve no mercy, and deserve nothing but suffering,he turned to the man as he told him to return to the main facility as he returned to look at the soon to die punks.

He'd talk to them before murderously slicing their heads off saying:"What do you want of us, and why do you continue to harm the innocent, is this what your scumbag of a leader asked of you to do" He was furious, angry, enraged by their actions these scum know nothing of the pain their actions cause. They deserved death for punishment, he didn't wait for them to reply as their expressions darkened upon his words,he quickly sent out three bolt of lightning that exploded into flames, the three weaklings that were perhaps genin leveled were turned into mere barbecue.

He then returned to guard the poor people of the city, and so he remained with them for three weeks, and in these weeks he continued supporting the poor innocents  of kirigakure, preventing bandits from stealing anything, fending them off, feeding the old, helping everyone, it was a tough mission but he enjoyed it, the bandits that kept invading the hideout soon decreased in number, and it only too them a couple of more days to finally stop coming, at the time he stayed there he taught  the people ninjutsu and basic ninjutsu, but not all of them, only those that wanted to become shinobi, the fourth week cam by and there was no sound of conflict or any more havoc, the people were about to lose all of their food,  but there was no need for them to remain hidden anymore, the city was much quitter after these several weeks, and there was no sign of any dangerous elements n the area, Tsuneo escorted the people outside as he helped them as much as he can he also gave them a red signal gun that would shoot a red flare whenever they're in danger, he'd come running as fast as he can if they were in trouble.

Tsuneo the next day returned to the camp to where the commander would be and informed him of the sticky situation they were in and how it turned our in the end, luckily he was capable of preventing a number of casualties, this was the second time he saves the people of kirigakure , tsuneo would give his commander a through report of the incidents of this mission, and so on. He felt great about this mission although the depressing atmosphere filled the air, but luckily he didn't fall for it, he protected everyone and stopped harm from coming to anyone's way, when will this war end, when will the suffering end...there was only one answer to it, the death of seven bells..., he must stop playing around and work harder to grow stronger, and kill that bastard, tsuneo's eyes tensed up as his excitement took over, his sadistic red eyes glared at a wanted poster of seven bells, his blood started boiling his aura changed into that of a monstrous, he wanted to kill, kill him, a grin flashed his teeth, he was going in for the kill, he would never let anyone, take his pray from him seven bells was his prey for sure, he'd speak with a sharp voice sparked with a deadly blood lusting grin "Bells...I swear to god, I will humiliate you, like a pig you'll squeal!!" he held his sides as his blood pumped through his veins like liquid fire he was unable to hold in this devious excitement to kill the man and humiliate him.

Tsuneo held insanity at its finest when it came to excitement, believe it or not, his insanity was his true source of power...kind to the innocent a unique freak when it came to murder, that's the difference between him and the kind heroes, he had blood lust.

He'd speak his favorite sentence a one he picked up from a book, a one that suited him: "I felt lethal, on the verge of frenzy. My nightly bloodlust overflowed into my days and I had to leave the village. My mask of sanity was a victim of impending slippage. This was the bone season for me and I needed a prey" he paused only to continue "And a prey I was granted"

the young bloodlusting uzumaki would head to his bed, closing his eyes, the day was finally over, its been too tiresome, the excitement, the display of kindness, never closing an eyelid , and so on. He was finally capable of relaxing and sleeping a nd forgeting about the gore and horror he had seen,  it was time to shut his tired eyes, and get a goodnight's sleep, which he would surely do.

Through pain and sorrow, he'll walk, and when the world is crashing down, alone he'll walk, a savior or a murderer, a liar, a wise man, be what you may, tsuneo, will either fall or stand up in this path, pain awaits, suffering and despair do so two, although the light has penetrated his heart, will he truly remain sane for long, or is he a time bomb that would soon destroy this accursed world. The path of his is yet to be revealed , his darkness, and his light are battling within, that much can be told, but what will truly captivate  his heart, that's what's yet to be revealed.

The day after
"Izuna....Izuna!! the commander calls for you!!" a grin flashed his teeth as he entered the tent of his commander saying "Yo old got a new job for me" he was excited, he wanted more damage to deal to the bastard called seven bells, and ohh he will, when it came to seven bells, tsuneo was more greedy than the whole shinobi world, his soul ached for sevens's blood, he spoke to himself "Bells, the stronger you are, the more precious to me you are.....I look forward to draining your soul"






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