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Tenchi had heard some rumors lately, of a strong ninja roaming around the Temple Ruins and he couldn't pass up the opportunity to find out who he was. The evening sky had become a sick mix of burned orange and a blue that could, if looking the wrong way be mistook for black in certain areas. His hair was being picked up by the heavy breeze and blew into his view for a moment, As that happened he noticed that he wasn't alone anymore. The first thought in his head was that this was the ninja he had come for and it excited him to know end. 'I can't believe there really is some shinobi slinking around these old ruins. I wonder how he fights....probably won't matter if i beat him too quickly.' He smirked at that and reached into his hakama pocket and pulled out a hair tie. Tying it around his hair he watched the near by structures for movement and slowly entered a battle mindset. He knew very little about the opponent and that gave him less to go by than normal. He decided he needed to get a look at the shinobi first so he called out into the darknening landscape. "Why don't you come on out here...No use in skulking around a poor genin right?" He casually checked over his shoulder and began moving down a small pathway in between two old shrines each marked with a different clan symbol.

Tenchi had usually carried his families sword with him but at the moment the tool shop in town had taken it in for maintenance. He knew he'd not have the luxury of his most useful techniques, but he did have something else that could work at the very least for fending off an opponent he wasn't prepared for...His ninjutsu and this would give him a good chance to get some extra practice and wail on who ever was foolish enough to think the could fight the soon-to-be Great Tenchi! He stopped about halfway down the path and leaned his back up against the wall of another shrine he happened across and waited with a seemingly uncaring visage covering his features. Truthfully behind this mask of calm features he was preparing for what he would assume would be a good fight.


I may not be a "Good Guy...." But I am going to make my name one way or the other.... Unforgettable.



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