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Special Jounin
Once again, the young wire user found himself standing at attention inside the interim Hokage’s office, forced to remain at attention. If he didn’t know better, he would have been sure that this temporary leader was going insane with his limited power. For some odd reason, he kept being assigned to B ranked missions, far beyond the normal amount for the average ninja. Perhaps his place on the Hokage’s personal genin team had led to a situation where the temporary leader felt the need to exercise his limited power over him. Perhaps all the active ninjas in Konoha where this busy with missions, for whatever reason. Or perhaps this person just hated the young wire user. No matter what the reason for the increased mission count, Reag wasn’t complaining. More missions meant more money, which, in turn, meant more fancy ninja toys. The wire user loved his little ninja tricks, after all.

After receiving the ‘at ease’ que, the leaf chuunin dropped out of his still salute. Moving forward, he bent over the two files closed on the desk before him. Spending a few seconds to open the string keeping the left most file closed, Reag peered into the mission report. It took all of his training not to curse. It was the same damn mission he performed three days ago: another damn baby-sitting assignment. It would seem another of the new batch of Genin would require their ‘trial by fire’, and he was assigned to make sure they didn’t die in the process. No issues on that front, at least. Once again, a hidden jounin escort would be assisting them in this task, should things take a turn for the worst. Not that disaster would strike; The wire user was very proficient in ending the lives of D ranked bandits.

Turning his head to the left, Reag undid the clasp on the second file. This one contained the information on one Graeae Gi. Konoha’s future hangman took a few moments to take in the details pertaining to his particular Genin. Unlike the two Inuzuka boys’ he had babysat before, this ‘kid’ seemed considerably more prepared, despite the handicap imposed by his clan. The unfortunate kid was completely blind and completely unable to feel; a harsh combination. If it wasn’t for Gi’s formidiable Kekkei Genkai, he would have probably refused the mission, stating it to be impossible. He would have had to literally throw the genin at the bandits to get him a kill. Reag continued to flip throw the pages of the file, occasionally stopping for a moment. Unlike the two Inuzuka boys, this particular newbie had a team to call his own. That meant he might have to deal with the fallout from the sensei, should things go pear shaped.

Reag closed the two files before him, before bowing. The interim Hokage spent a moment doing nothing before dismissing the Chuunin. He would have another hour to prepare himself for the day’s mission. Spending a moment to rub his temples, the young wire user began his way to get himself a late lunch. The hokage’s summons where always a few hours before he woke up, and he would need some food and coffee in his belly if he was to finish his assignment. There were always twenty four hour food places around the main tower, as after all, the ninja world never slept. The chibi hangman sometimes envied the amount of pure cash the shrewd merchants could generate from something as simple as a hot drink. It was almost enough to make him consider a carrier change. Almost.

A few minutes later, the chuunin had finished his breakfast and caffeine dose. It was a good meal: a simple egg sandwich with a cup of coffee. It would keep him going for the duration of most of the missions. Assuming they went delayed, they would be back in the village just after sunset, and right in time for lunch. Perhaps today he would eat at that new vegan restaurant that his Senju superior had recommended. It would definitely be a unique dining experience. Reag snapped himself out of his food induced musings, and set himself a course to his own apartment. He would have to make sure that he was fully equipped for this particular endeavor. For a very brief moment, he considered grabbing his entire experimental tech catalog, but decided against it. His ‘flash bang’ was still not calibrated correctly, and occasionally detonated in his own hands, much to Oshiki’s amusement.

After opening his front door, the wire using chuunin began to rifle through his equipment, most of which was haphazardly strewn across the room. The first thing he found was is armored clothing. He had carefully picked out this particular set from the outfitter, having noted the stealthy properties the dark blue color seemed to possess. Following this, Reag picked up his mask from the bedside table. Carefully affixing his festival trophy, the wire user allowed himself to enter his own Shinobi Mode. Following all that, he grabbed all the various weapons from their different holsters and stands, arming himself to the teeth. With a smile hidden behind the grey mask, the Chuunin looked into the mirror. A chibi ANBU clone looked back. It was time to begin his little baby sitting event.

After checking his equipment one last time, the Chuunin set out from his apartment, making his way towards the eastern gate of Konoha. The first rendezvous point was there, and where he would first meet the blind ninja he would be escorting. From there, they would head down one of the main roads till they encountered a bandit camp containing seven D ranked bandits, and a single C ranked leader. None of them had shinobi training, and as such, would be simple kills for the group. Reag would insure that his charge would successfully neutralize at least one of the hostiles. As the blue clad shinobi finished that thought, he realized he was at the eastern gate. Now he just had to wait for his charge.
Half an hour later, and the young wire user was considerably more annoyed than he had been earlier. The Genin he would be escorting was a no show, wasting both official, and personal, resources. Checking his watch again, the leaf wire user noted the exact time before beginning to mentally compose his report. He knew that the interim Hokage hated his guts, but this was starting to get ridiculous. Because, really, who in their right mind wasted official resources when they were in a temporary position. The young Genin probably wasn’t to blame, most likely having been thrown under the bus by the higher ups. Chances are, they would expect him to return to the tower and throw a small fit over the misallocation of resources. That would be followed up by a black mark on his record, dashing his hopes at an early promotion to Special Jounin.
No, that course of action would be inadvisable. Instead, he could opt for the road less traveled. The personally files had included the young Graeae’s place of residence. The wire using chuunin smiled to himself, beneath his mask. He could very easily walk up to the kid’s house, knock on the door, and demand that the unfortunate sod join him in ‘jolly cooperation’. Seeing as this was still an official mission, he would be within his rights to inform his partner that they actually had work to do. A little coercion later, and they would be able to leave the village, complete the mission, and show that temporary village leader that his petty vengeance had failed. All in all, Reag considered it to be a very good plan. Smiling to himself, the young Chuunin set off to find the address listed inside the file.
Two and a half hours later, Reag and his charge had already arrived at the bandit encampment. With a nod, he removed is mask and turned to face his charge. “Ok, so this is what’s happening. There are a total of eight bandits in the camp ahead. Our job is to stealthily enter and take them out. You are expected to kill at least one of the eight. I understand that this is probably the first time you will attempt to end a life, and I understand that this might be hard for you. Do NOT worry if you freeze up, panic, or are unable to complete this mission. It will not count as a black mark against you. Do not hesitate to contact me, or another shinobi, after this mission if you begin to have problems dealing with the events of today. If you feel you are not ready, speak now, and I will abort the mission, and take you home.” Waiting a second, he noted his charge shake his head. Quietly, the young Chuunin replaced his face mask, and tossed the kid his dagger. With a nod, the two of them entered the clearing to destroy the sleeping bandits.

Word Count: 1505 (B ranked Priority Mission COMPLETE)


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