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It has only been a few months since the death of his family had happened. The images are still haunting his head. Ryuja was now alone, and lost in this cold world. He did not know where he was going nor why, but it seems he arrived in the village known as Iwagakure. His father spoke stories of the place, and now he could finally see it. It looked a lot different than he had thought. The land was dry and vast, mountains loomed on the horizon like a giant being looking down at his ant farm. Ryuja held his hand up, blocking a mountain acting like he was going to crush it. Ryuja could feel the beast inside of him wanting blood, yet he could not allow that to happen. To him it was always a battle to keep his sanity. He never really wanted to hurt people which is why he has been trying so hard to learn more medical ninjutsu. Deep down he wanted nothing more than to be accepted, yet he knew that was just a fantasy of a small boy from long ago. Now that he was a man, he could not ever think he could be accepted knowing what he is... A monster. One that would tear people in half for no reason at one. One that haunted his memories with blood and gore. Oh how he hated the monster that lived in his body, he had to get rid of it. Other than finding this thing called love, he had to find a way to get rid of this monster, by any means possible he had to get it out. No longer would he live in fear of it, not anymore.

Ryuja had been walking for days upon days, hardly resting until he has seen the world. It was a small dream of his. He did not know which village he was arriving upon until he noticed how things looked compared to how his dad spoke of it, it seems he was in Iwagakure. Iwagakure would be the first place on his epic journey around the world. He wanted to see all the beauty, the horror, and the people this world has to offer. Being cooped up in the same house for 21 years has made him long for this journey. He just had to make sure not to lose his sanity around other people and be branded a monster to be hunted. Ryuja sighed at the fact that, that is what would happen. He knew how people would look at him, he knew that they would hunt them. His heart sunk to the ground at the realization of the thing, yet he was still walking towards Iwagakure. To Ryuja, he at least had to try to be normal for once in his life. Though his social skills are horrible, and his anger could get the best of him, he still had to try.

Ryuja had found a small lake nearby and decided to take a drink of it. That is when a small doe walked beside him and drank near him. Animals other than humans always enjoyed his company, hell they would even sleep near him. They never judged him when he would yell or try to burn him to the stake. Ryuja let out a hand to touch the doe who gladly let him. Her fur was soft as he remembered back in his home. Seems that much has not changed.

"Maybe here is where i can find some form of happiness.", he said to the deer who just looked at him oddly. The creature could never know what he was saying but it could feel the kindness in his heart. That made him feel better, even though the beast rages on the inside. Ryuja quickly got up and decided it was time to keep moving. He had to make it there before sun down.

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