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1 Dead Jugo Walking. (Flashback/Training) on Wed Jan 15, 2014 6:23 pm



Akane hated the academy with a passion. It was not simply the arrogance and spite inherent in both the students and the teachers but also the restrictive nature of the classes and confines. This put Akane on edge - one was not meant to be cooped up in cages such as these. Indoctrinated into a mode of thought that served only to further the goals of the Kage and his bloated toadies.

Class was still technically on but she doubted she would be welcome till Tei came in and smoothed things out. An arrogant kunochi had implied that the reason for her clan's metamorphosis techniques was that their ancestors had mated with animals and that Akane should be treated like one instead of a human. Akane broke her nose with a swift punch and then had half of her ear bitten off by the time the teacher ripped her kicking and screaming from the now panicked girl.

A bottle of sake right now would go down really nicely but Akane would be screwed if she was going back through town to their house. People knew who she was and the fact that she was not in the academy would cause all kinds of unwanted attention. Better to just head out into the wild and get some peace there instead. Her outer form began to shift and contort as Akane ripped her uniform standing naked and unashamed before falling to all fours and shifting her nails into claws and her teeth into fangs. She could maybe hunt down a deer and take her anger out on it - that would cause less problems that assaulting one of the townspeople so yeah she would go ahead.

Bounding off into the wilderness Akane raised her head sniffing for the musky scent of a rutting stag on the wind. She wanted it to put up a fight, wanted it to gore her and then rip it's neck while it struggled in vain. The memories would all fade then , the punishments vested on her by the teachers, the beating given to her by gangs of students and the fear in the eyes of those watching her. It would all disappear in the thrill of the hunt.

As the scents wafted into her nostrils she came across something that was not deer. It smelled like freshly dug graves and strong chemicals mixed with the odour of one of her clan. It was unmistakably Tei and from what the pheromones suggested something was going down.

Akane didn't waste any time. Whatever this was it was important. She bounded off at top speed.

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