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Aburame Senri

Upon hearing that the Hokage had requested that shinobi are needed to send supplies to tropps, Senri was more than eager to meet the brave soldiers on the frontlines personally and being the ultra nationalist that he was he could never pass up such an opportunity. With that Senri woke up early that day so that he could have the full day ahead of him to deliever the supplies and he marched to the Hokage's mansion. With a sense of purpose he weaved through the thick Konoha traffic until he finally arrived at the gates of the Hokage's mansion. Outside a jounin met him and upon recieving the scroll he handed Senri a box. "Oh! By the way thought I needed to tell you, the officer in charge wanted ice cream so here it is..." He handed it to Senri "I'll rush on over if I were you, don't want that ice cream to melt in that box, you'll be all sticky and stuff." Senri nodded and with the box of supplies and the smaller box of ice cream stacked on top of one another he once again weaved through the trafic and made his way towards the village's gate.

Once outside it was easy for him to naviagte through Konoha's forests, it was almost far too easy for a D-Rank mission, he did not expect it to be this simple. There had to be a snag somehow, Senri quickly stopped and looking around he waited for a moment, then stretched his hand out in front of him and soon enough bugs began seeping out from the sleeve and took flight. Senri then proceeded his journey moving in a zigzag motion as to shake off anyone who might be tracking him, who knew how important those supplies were. He knew it was rather foolish to chase an Aburame clan member into a forest as they knew every inch of the forest and they are master trackers by nature.

Senri only briefly paused when his bugs had returned to him and informed him that there was in fact a presence in the forest. Senri quickly formed a quick string of hand seals and soon enough there was a bug replica of him standing in front of him. With that he made the clone mimic his zigzag motion but they would intersect in the pattern causing anyone following who did not notice to be confused. As he jumped from tree to tree he frantically looked around for a good hiding spot, eventually he saw a small gap in a trunk of a tree and Senri made his clone continue whilst he jumped down and hid in the small hole. Soon enough he heard them follow him, he has what we need.

Senri once more sent out a few bugs to scout ahead as he cautiously continued ahead, he needed to hurry he took too much time with the detour to lose the bandits, the ice cream might melt. As per the instructions on the mission scroll Senri proceeded until he finally came to the clearing of the forest and once outside he was met with a tents and Konoha shinobi walking about, they seemed to be in the middle of some sort of celebration of some sorts. Senri paused until his bugs caught up to him and nested back inside him, he lit a cigarette and lounged by the clearing until he finished his smoke. "Oi! Kid, you got the supplies we.... Aren't you way too young to be smoking?" Senri coldly glared at the chunnin and replied in an icy tone, "last I checked you're not my mother my habits are no concern of yours." Senri dropped the box of supplies and began to move back into the forest when a roar like laugh came from his side and when he turned to look it was a jounin, from the looks of it, he appeared to be the captain. Senri placed his hands in his pockets and extracted the ice cream and handed it to him, "as you requested captain." The captain grabbed it like a greedy child and thanked him. Senri nodded and headed back into the forest, most likely to deal with the pests that followed him.

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