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Aburame Senri

Senri was glad when he had been assigned this mission, a mission like that would be a piece of cake to someone who has great knowledge of Hi No Kuni inch by inch, as he would often accompany other Aburame clan members into the wilderness to write up reports on bugs or research a kind of bug, he was more often than not out in the wilderness anyways. What he especially liked about a mission like this is that he will be out there all alone without anyone annoying the living crap out of him. As he sat in his room in the Aburame compound he pondered which area should he map? With that Senri prepared his backpack with all the supplies he would need for cartography and set out, leaving the Aburame compound and heading into the streets of Konoha. Making his way through the busy streets Senri finally made it to Konoha's gate and walked out without even glancing behind, prepared as always to spend time in the wilderness.

Leaving the gates behind he decided an interesting area to map would be the the very north-west of Hi No kuni and that was where he was heading, close to the Takigakure borders. Senri covered land fast moving through the forest, then onto the plains, most of the Land of Fire consisted of open grasslands or forestry and that was the general scenery that Senri had encountered, along the way he would stop every few meters and draw down the map of the area in accordance to the scale, it was an extremely long, tedious and extremely boring job, and the fact that he had to be extremely accurate highly irritated him to no ends, he was simply no good at this sort of thing. However Senri was the kind of shinobi who would fulfill any task given to him, regardless his job was his lover and his God.

Senri continued he was nearing Takigakure, the only way he can tell because the open grasslands and forests soon began turning to swamps and marshes. Naturally being the paranoid kid he was, every few meters when he stopped to draw the map, he would send out his bugs to scout the nearby location, it also helped him measure distances approximately, as he instructed his bugs to head out in a semi circle of circumfrance of 100 meters. That way he has an approximate guess of where everything is reletivaly. When he returns he needs to remind the Hokage that his map is only by approximation and is not completely down to scale.

Senri would apply this method until he was effectively at the border between the Fire Country and Takigakure, now he needed to head back but he decided on the way back he was going to take a different route so that he could map that down as well. With that his slow trek was on the way. This mission despite being a D-rank had taken the entire day and by now Senri was quite exhausted from the long walk, despite stopping every once in a while to jot down in his map. Naturally he would use his bugs not only to scout the area for intruders but also they helped in drawing a circle around him so that he could get the measurments as well.

With that Senri made the long journey back enjoying a few cigarettes on the way as he casually and very reluctantly made his way back to the village where he would have to endure a plephera of sounds and noise. With that Senri arrived in the village in the nightfall and in his hand he had a scroll that mapped out the general region of the north-western border region between Konoha and Takigakure, all the meantime he spent his breaks looking at bugs which are not native to Konoha's forests and grassland regions which to him was utterly fascinating, that was mostly why he was so late. With that he went to the Hokage's mansion and handed in his map.

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