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Ryuja knelt down to touch the dirt that was in Iwagakure. It was not like his home. Then again could he even find his way back if he tried. He left that place in a blaze of glory and had set off to find those that were stronger than him and bring them to their knees. It had been sometime since he had trained his body, and he was nowhere near close to the position that he wanted. To him power meant authority, that is at least how village do it from what his father told him. Kages ruled the village and they were nominated because they were the strongest. If he could even become slightly as strong as one of them, he could change this world. Maybe even find a cure for his insanity. He let a small smile form on his face, then again, did he want to lose this rage. The uncontrollable power, to rip through bodies without remorse. In a sane state, he doubted he could even kill someone. Yet while he was like....... that, he could easily tear through people and dance in their blood madly. Ryuja remembered in the past when he was just a child, he was picked on by a nearby small village children. At the time he did not have as much control of his anger as he did now. He remembered ripping off their heads and setting them ablaze as he played soccer with them. Ryuja shook his head.

I am not that type of person anymore, I will control you., he said to himself. Which he swore was followed by a feeling that said "Good luck trying".

Ryuja looked up at the bright sky, and smiled. The air here at least felt good on his skin. Ryuja got down on the ground and started to do push ups. One after another not even counting. He just continued until his arms felt slightly like jello. Yet once they did he would start doing squats now. One after another just as he did with the push ups. He did not care how much his body took. It was all numb anyways, it has been numb for ages. Well at least since his father would beat him to control his rage. Ryuja prayed he would never have a family, he could not stand to see them suffer as he did as a child. He knew his father did not mean it, yet it did not take away the physical and mental pain he withstood as a child. Oh how he hated these feelings. He wanted to erase them all and start a new. Maybe as someone else, maybe as someone who was not as insane or dangerous. He wished he could be accepted like other people yet knew that would never happen. It all fueled his rage to become stronger. If he became strong enough people would have to accept him, even if he was a monster. It was something of a dream of his to at least be accepted by someone anyone. In this cold dark world where could a monster be accepted though, six feet under in a coffin. Ryuja shook his head and decided he would not fail his father. He would live a normal life or at least try to. It was one of the reasons he became a doctor. If he could help people before trying to kill them, then he would have at least helped someone. Ryuja's legs felt like shit as he fell back on his back looking at the sky. He wondered if someone else in the sky somewhere else was doing the same as him. Feeling lost and helpless. Unwanted and forgotten. He had never had friends nor did he want them. They would only be endangering themselves by befriending him. It would hurt his soul if he finally made a friend and had to kill him because he could not control the beast that lurked within. Ryuja layed there for awhile catching his breath before having to start back again with his training.

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