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Yuzu Ren

Yuzu Ren

Thought we needed this for the new people so decided to make this so long
Links to clans for more details are in the spoilers
/ symbol will be for or in the case of potential paths within clans WIP : Currently busy with Konoha

Doujutsu Clans:

Clans possessing unique eye techniques with a fairly permanent duration are listed here

Clan name with location - Doujutsu - Element - Specialisation
Hyuga Clan from Konoha - Byakugan - None - Taijutsu(Striking):


Advanced/Dual Element Clans:

Clans with advanced elements or elements which are formed from a mixture of elements are listed here.

Clan name with location - Advance/Dual Element - Element Mix for Dual Element - Specialisation

Nara Clan from Konoha - Shadow(Yin) - Ninjutsu:


Specialisation Clans:

All clans which do not have an advanced element or doujutsu will fall under this section...

Clan name with location - Unique combo Specialisation or focused Spec - Combination of specs if applicable - Element - Spec Boost if Contained

Sarutobi Clan of Konoha - Ninjutsu and Bukijutsu/Taijutsu - Katon:

Yuuki Clan of Konoha - Iryo Kugutsu - Kugutsu and Medical Ninjutsu - None:



Simplified Clan Index...(WIP) 1ldymdy
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