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Yuzu Ren


The sun was beginning to set upon the grass that had blood soaked into it. The rains that had been here before have long since passed. As a lone figure approached the well slowly step by step. His feet feeling the softness and dampness of the grass while at the same time feeling the sticky texture of the blood which did not seem to wash away. The boy approached the well then looked down at his reflection, as he looks down wondering why he ever cared. She was gone and there was nothing he could do. "Kamikira, Ayakashi, Tora" as he looked down into the well as he shed three tears one for each of them. "I will change the world"

"Hey Tora what you doing?" as Ren sat playfully on top of the well. "Nothing Ren, but how would you like to join me for some training i want you to watch me okay". He nodded as he looked on. Forming various seals slowly hoping that Ren would take note of them. "Watch carefully this is a powerful Raiton technique", as he looked on then said, "I thought you used Katon Tora". Maintaining his concentration with a sigh he replied carefully to him as he explained.

"We all are born with an element that is the core of our being, and that element forms the base for most jutsu. However over time you learn you have an affinity for another element, while not all of us have that you do. You know that little game i played where i gave you the piece of paper and it would always get wet, then later on it got static." The young boy nodded his head to the older boy's explaination.

"Now what that paper was doing was checking what elemental affinities you have, so you possess an affinity for both Suiton and Raiton. I will now show you a true powerful jutsu that i want you to try". He extended his hands out and released a large surge of electricity about ten meters away that tore the rock he hit to shreads. "Raiton, Jibashi" as he stood there looking all cool as Ren was still in awe at the technique.

Tora took Ren off the well he was sitting on then let him stand. "Okay now it is your turn", he careful held Ren's hands from behind and helped him form the hand seals. While moulding the chakra carefully as he was hoping for it to go well. Ren struggled then shouted "Raiton Jibashi!!" a large surge of electricity was heading out but he realised that Ren was shaking a bit too much and he defused some of the electricity with Raiton Hiraishin, and then he noticed Ren had tears flowing as he seemed to have held in that he was in pain.

"Hey you know its okay to cry in front of me Ren" as he looked at him with tears in his eyes as his hands were shaking. Tora realised that he had tried teaching Ren something his small body could not even handle as well as being too difficult for him to use. He picked up Ren who protested a bit. "Hey, i can walk still i hurt my hands not my..." coughed a little bit of blood then was quiet. "You see when you use techniques like that without being able to handle it your body gets hurt a lot, I am sorry i did not think of that sooner Ren".


"What is the point of thinking about things when all that matters is being able to do them". As he gathered his chakra the grass at his feet began standing up as he faced his hands outwards then said. " I will become more than just some stupid water user, I will rise above my weakness" A large blast of electricity shot forth as he looked on as the wind began to blow as he stood firm. "Was this what you wanted to teach me, Tora"

As he continued to practice the technique he later rested so he could fully recover his chakra and begin the next part of his training to avenge the Mizukage. As his strength rose up he looked on as he sat by himself hugging his knees close. The wind began to pick up as he began brooding over something else the things that had happened and began to stretch then finally stood up and looked behind him. "What took you so long"

Training Count = 754
Raiton Jibashi Training Complete!
1107 from
+ 393 from this thread

754 - 393 = 361 Training Words left


Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

Yuzu Ren


As he looked into the eyes of the one he was waiting for, before him stood his old instructor. " Is that anyway to greet your old academy teacher?" as the woman put both hands on her hips with a serious tone. He looked down then said very softly, but still audible enough to be picked up. "Sorry, Kitara-sensei" he stood there knowing that he had to be serious as he did not ask for her to catch up. Maybe he missed her teachings, but in the end he wanted to prove himself to her as she once told him he should quit. He looked at her for a while before he finally spoke up again as he raised his head slowly then drew his sword. "If you beat me, I will quit being a shinobi" as she looked back at him then replied in a serious tone. " If you beat me, I was right to become a teacher". As she kept the serious look closing her eyes then drawing her staff, as he took out his shinai that he borrowed from his time when he was still at the academy.

He stood facing the blade of his shinai towards her as she held her staff firm in her hands she told him. "If you planning to fight me with that, you still belong in the academy". As she said that she dashed towards him with a whirlwind like spin he just barely blocked her swing with her staff, as he flew back several meters before falling on his butt. She smirked for a bit before opening her eyes and looking at him with an intent to kill as she dashed and swung down hard, he was about to block but rolled out of the way as she hit the ground leaving a small crater with her staff. Rolling out of the way was not that effective as she followed up with a kick to his gut sending him flying through the air as his saliva flew out of his mouth. He got up slowly as she had barely given him time to do anything she had taken that time to form handseals and then released an intense jutsu.

"Katon Goukakyuu no jutsu" a classic fire based jutsu as he just barely sidestepped in time only to realise that there was another one of her behind her. As the second one performed a fire jutsu as well, "Katon Housenka no jutsu" as twenty fire balls flew straight for him he managed to have prepared a bit as he perform a counter technique "Suiton Suijinheki!" as water rose up from the ground and from his mouth forming a water wall in front of him in an arc. While he managed to block the attack and prevent her from using her fire jutsu again he had noticed that some kunai nearly got through as the water's force just managed to swerve them off course. However some of them had managed to hit as there was one kunai that was one inch deep in his left knee and another three had scraped the side of his right leg. He did not show how much pain he was in, but he knew he had to do something to overcome her strength advantage. Speed wise he could match her and only lost out because she had more skill than him.

"Kitara-sensei, you really strong". She smiled then said "Like wise kid", giving a smerk as she finally began moving again. She formed some handseals and did something his shield could not account for, he did not know what technique she used but a large spear made from earth flew towards his shield and smashed through it like it was nothing. He managed to just barely stop in time with his incomplete technique. Raiton Jibashi, as he managed to break apart the earth spear as he breathed heavily having not mastered the ability for use in actual combat yet at the time. She gave a serious look as she then charge at him again. He did not have time to think about it as he drew his sword from the ground up. Mizukiri was a powerful technique, but she had seen it before even if it had become a lot stronger she had a technique of her own as spun extremely fast with what she called Vortex Whirl. She applied a lot of centrifugal force by spinning continuously allowing her to counter his technique by disrupting the flow. As she finally stopped her spin to attack he jumped back barely avoiding her lightning fast thrust which followed, the force leaving a small crator like blast scar on the ground.

He was breathing heavily as his heart raced, she could actually be trying to kill him. As he looked to her he could not understand what she was doing, he thought they were just fighting to decide which of them were better. Apparently the better one was the one who lived is what he began thinking. Dark thoughts began brooding as she finally spoke to him while she stood there. "If I do not fight you seriously, you will never learn how harsh the shinobi world truly is" As she said that something deep down inside him snapped for a moment. "Sensei, you want to kill me?" as he looked at her things became more clear as she looked back at him.

"Guess we can not play around anymore", she unsealed her staff revealing a great sword as she held it behind her. "If you want to live, become stronger than i ever could. I killed my sister in order to pass the Bloody Mist trial, then a kid like you comes along full of talent. You understand the pain of being left behind and the pain of losing the ones you loved. Do you understand what it means to truly be a shinobi of the Mist. It is true that the Bloody Mist trial was considered a great way to find talent. However sometimes when a true genius comes along who will stop them? In the end we are all tools, but you need tools to complete your goals and I will just say this once. I am not your enemy, we are just two tools being tested with the old tools being replaced by the newer better tools. I will not be replaced by you though so please try and enjoy this as our last training session."

Loosening his grip he through his shinai away as he revealed his scroll and unsealed his blade, Tsunakiri as he then spoke to her as tears flowed from his eyes slowly. "I don't care what anyone says, I don't care if it hurts me, but i will not lose to you, Kitara-sensei" As he then walked slowly towards her then stood waiting for her as the adrenalin rushed through his body. He no longer felt pain at the moment too many endorphins running through his body. While he no longer felt pain and before she would have a chance to do more than she had done now. He raised his blade then shouted at her. " Kill me if you can!" as he said that she smiled and shouted "Thats my boy!" as she dashed towards him he struggled to time his swing as his blade was coming down she swung her blade upwards. Their blades clashed but she just had way much more power as he blocked the swing but was sent flying through the air. She smiled and then said, "Damn", as she had launched her swing with too much force having planted her feet she was unable to dodge as he spun in the air. All ten of his kunai flying at her but even though they all hit she was okay. He landed and fell as he flinched in pain, pulling out the kunai in his knee as he held it. She carefully began removing each of the kunai which had pierced an inch in various locations. He knew he could not take her swing and used her to elevate him so he could launch an aerial assault. This was the reason he had been the top kid in the academy.

She regained her composure as she dashed towards him, he could not use that same tactic again as he watched her swing he barely evaded it with a back step. She followed up with a whirling spin as kept taking fast back steps he lost his footing and fell down. That was when he noticed for a moment as he dashed in missing the timing a bit as she managed to knee him in the face when she stopped her spin a bit early. He picked up on her techniques weakness but was just not fast enough to match up to it. As he was flying upwards slightly blood flowing from his nose as his eyes were barely open. She seemed to pause which was the second weakness, the reason she missed her thrust after the technique before was because stopping took a lot of her strength. As she was ready to slash aiming her blade at him he dropped his sword and used Raiton Kangekiha close range aimed at her face. The shock to her eyes hurt a lot and her swing went a bit too high just barely missing him. As he landed he was still a bit dazed as he placed his hand on her tummy, she realised she was in a bad situation as she felt the water sphere begin to surround her, she flicked open a compartment in her blade and a charged battery device falls electrifying the both of them but disrupting the sphere.

As he fell back he struggled to hold on to his blade as she then looked at him coldly. She took a bit too much damage and she realised she had gotten sluggish since that attack with the kunai earlier. She realised she was a bit too careless and it was coming back against her hard. She then took a deep breath and immediately he knew this meant trouble as he swung his blade to the side to allow him to move a bit fast just barely dodging as she released a laser like Katon technique he had never seen before. Leaving a severe scorch mark on the ground he was sweating, but it had only just begun as swung her blade at him explosives came out of the blade falling towards him. He tossed his explosive and set it off early as he blocked the force of his own blast flying back the rest of the explosives also exploded similar to fire works. This battle was heating up as he looked and noticed there was a shard of a rock in his arm. Meanwhile Kitara was breathing heavily as she was beginning to tire out.

"You the best student i ever had, first one not to be dead after all that but i am sorry to tell you, my technique is finally ready". When he heard that his heart began to race, would this mean that he was going to lose his life in this battle. He had nothing else left anymore there was no way he could win, what could he possibly do now in this situation. What could he do when he had nothing left and his opponent had now begun to fight.

Training Words left = 1917 + 361 = 2278
Chakra = 145/220(lowered due to taking place before promotion on day 5)


Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

Yuzu Ren


The serious battle had finally begun between Ren and his old academy sensei Kitara. She dashed towards him even faster then she was before as she swung her blade faster than he could ever dream of keeping up with, he fortunately at the last second noticed he had lost one of his shoes sometime during the battle, not wasting any more time to think on using it he performed the replacement technique as her sword knocked the shoe several hundreds of meters away. The sweat and tension of the situation did not have time to build as the technique may have avoided him being cut in half, she managed to reach out near instantly to grab his throat he had managed to lean back just a bit having his shirt grabbed violently by the collar. Had he not moved away in fear she would have crushed his throat and not wanting to stay within her range for too long he slid out of his own shirt. Not only that but he dropped his sword as he grabbed it mid fall to slash for her open torso area. She was too good for that as she parried the blade with her knee leaving Ren's guard completely open and at her mercy. As she swung her heavy blade downwards leaning back so that it would go down the middle of his head to split him in half. He fell to the left rolling out of the way as the blade hit the ground the force of the impact uplifting some of the earth as it hit him in the back.

He did not even notice when she rooted her blade in the ground but she unleashed a violent fire jutsu Katon Karyuu Endan which was aimed for his head as he fell back. The fire just passing over him this was like madness, he could not take a fire technique at this range and survive and some of his hair got singed in the process. He looked at her then noticed the earth was moving as he took off his other shoe tossing it right at her. The knock to her face made her miss her aim slightly as Earth Spikes shot up from the ground piercing a near by rock and scraping his right leg. He lost his option of escape and his leg was now bleeding, he did not have anymore time to play around as she could easily just wear him out. She was enraged by that cheap tactic as she grabbed her giant sword and jumped in the air to kill him with one final meteor like slash from the air. Forming some quick handseals water shot up from around him in the shape of a water dragon as it hit her square on her ribs damaging about two of her ribs as she ended being pushed back by the water dragon.

He had bought himself some valuable time as he began to attempt to stand but he realised the pain in his leg was too much, he needed a way to even the playing field as he was sure she could not have much chakra left either with all the flashy techniques she had done already. He took this time to perform the hidden mist technique then relaxed a bit as he allowed water to form around his eyes in a special way allowing him to see through the mist. She was a bit upset as she growled at him and shouted. "If all you can do is hide then you might as well accept death, you know that i could just attack that entire area to make sure it hits you!" She was provoking him or more like she was trying to take away any hopes he had of surviving this battle, she was tired and it would take her a while before she could pull off any more major techniques, her increase in speed tooks it toll on her and was meant to end the battle then and there. She had forgotten just how tricky and sneaky this kid could be and she knew that a long battle was in his favor even with his injury.

He was lighter with a good amount of chakra and his weapon was not as heavy either. Even with her superior endurance she spent far more energy moving around and attacking then this kid who did not move much to begin with. She took a deep breathe then began taking out a large scroll as it whirled around her. As she focused she began to toss hundreds of kunai into the air, fortunately being able to see Ren was able to hit the kunai out of the way even though he had not gotten up completely yet. Using only the sound of Ren's blade clashing against the kunai and the sound of blood splashing as a few hit him she dashed towards him and was about to slash when she paused as she heard a kunai displace itself. He had willed himself to get up the swung his blade at her to which she just blocked, before she could reply again she felt a second blow, and then a third, but just as she thought it would end she felt a forth stronger hit and a fifth and a sixth hit and finally the seventh hit as she fell back for a moment. Ren was still breathing heavily as he could nearly not move his arms anymore.

This was his moment when he began his final slash but all of a sudden he could not move, he was captured in a full nelson by her clone which he had actually forgotten about in the heat of the battle. The clone did not have much chakra as it was similar to his water clone just a fire version. Even if he could beat the clone it would just burn him anyways, as he tried to think of a way out. She began to laugh as she used her giant blade to help her stand up as she then said. "Bye bye, Yuzu Ren" As her blade swung towards him he struggled violently but could not break free and took his only chance to survive. He performed his raiton technique Hiraishin as the clone was destroyed his back caught on fire receiving 2nd degree burns as he scream as the swing missed again. He took out the last item he had left tossing it at her face. Metsubishi made contact with her eyes as she was now in pain screaming. "Aaaarrrggghhh, you damn kid, i am so going to kill you for that" as she swung violently just barely missing as he lied back to put out the fire. He could barely breath and the mist was still thick he had bought himself some time as he thought to himself if he could still fight. He could barely even lift his sword anymore and the mist would not last forever and neither would the pain in her eyes. This very well could be the last fight that Yuzu Ren would be destined to have.

Training Words = 2278 + 1195 = 3473
Bukijutsu Training B > A = 3000

Training Words Left = 473
Chakra = 75/220(lowered due to taking place before promotion on day 5)


Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

Yuzu Ren


"Kitara-sensei" taking deep breathes as he looked at her then closed his eyes for a moment. She was still in pain having moved quite a distance the pain, disorientation and the mist clouding her judgement and disrupting her train of thought. As she began trying to calm down as she grit her teeth the burning sensation in her eyes not wishing to go away. She took calming breathes as she now tried to discern the location of her former student. She then finally spoke seeing as there was not much else she could do if he kept quiet. "No matter where you hide or how strong you have become, this will be the last time you see me." She dropped her blade and began forming rapid hand seals, he gasped as his eyes opened wide for he knew the technique she was going to use. He had heard rumors of her once being able to wield an intense fire jutsu that was so powerful that it had damaged her own lungs. It was a natural fire that was a more advanced form of the great fireball that many flame users used. He was not certain of how powerful it might be but he had no choice but to fight back against it, he had to stand up to her overwhelming power as he stood slowly.

With a clear and determined look in his eyes he looked at her one last time then said. "Farewell, Kitara"

"Will Yuzu Ren please stand up?", a small boy stands up slowly then looks towards the teacher with wondering eyes. The boys short blonde hair hanging freely as he looks at her then says, "Hi, Ki...ta...ra.. sen...sei". Some of the kids laughed while others grunted at his arrival at the academy. He was only seven but they were already putting him in the academy section with the ten year olds. People did not like geniuses much as they felt they were snobbish or lazy. As they stood there she finally ticked him off. "Okay, you may sit down, next one..."

Weeks had passed and he was falling behind the rest of the class. No one wanted to work with him or help him. The other instructors were jealous or hated him giving him tougher tasks that were not suited for him. He was not very good at ninjutsu as no one stopped to explain it to him correctly. She took him one side then spoke to him carefully as he looked down not able to look her in the eyes. "Ren, not everyone gets to be a genius and while i would not mind having you struggle how about i train you so you can be so far ahead they can not hold you back anymore". The young boy looked up at her tears filling up in his eyes as he resisted it. She then asked him if he was interested in receiving her training and he nodded. "Okay then here we go"

She trained him in focusing his chakra every day after academy hours, he had no family waiting for him at home. As she continued to teach him he enjoyed his academy days more with her there, even when in the later years he would graduate at the top of his class. Even making friends with the equally talented Uchiha Tora. She hugged him some days even though he resisted most of the time, she actually wanted to love him. However this was the world of shinobi and getting too attached may kill you.

***Flashback End***

"Farewell, Yuzu Ren...secret art..." The mist turned to steam as there were random flames all around as there stood Kitara above the young defenceless Ren's body as he was no longer moving. He was still breathing as she smiled as she looked down as it began to rain. She cried as the rain was falling on them the tears flowing uncontrollably from her eyes. "Who said you could use that technique again hey" as she coughed some blood then turning him over as she held her hand on his throat. "I could kill you now, but a draw would count as a loss for our village" as she held both hands over his somewhat burnt chest and knees and even his shoulder. She used the remainder of her chakra to heal him as he coughed a bit as he began to wake up and looked at her. "Why are you saving me?" as tears flowed he looked to the side. "I lost so i should be dead". She then slapped him as he was nearly fully healed as he noticed a deep wound in her chest. "Hey Ren, do you remember what i told you when you graduated?" as she began to lose consciousness he said.
" I am the best and everyone should know it", she smiled and nodded as she fell on him. Some time passed as medical shinobi arrived on the scene and took her away along with him. He would not clearly remember what happened, but what he learnt would remain with him forever.

While in the shadows of the hospital room he was in a woman would look over at him, "Nice move, Yuzu"

New Training Word Count 876 + 473 = 1349
Training Raiton B>A = 1349 + 1880 = 3229/3000
1880 received from thread linked below

Chakra = 8/220


Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

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