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Mission name: Forbidden Theft
Mission rank: S
Objective: Retrieve the stolen scrolls and return them to the hidden vault.
Location: Sunagakure and it's Wilderness
Reward: 1000 ryo
Mission description: Two shinobi have stolen the forbidden fuuinjutsu scrolls and are heading outside of the country.  Stop them before the scrolls are lost and the village's powerful and most sacred fuuinjutsu seals are used against the innocent (and possibly Suna).
Mission details: Both shinobis are A ranked and are masters of Ninjutsu.  Their names are Burū and Midori.  Burū can use A-ranked Suiton and knows all Suiton jutsu from the Suiton Jutsu Library.  Midori can use A-ranked Fuuton and knows all Fuuton jutsu from the Fuuton Jutsu Library.  You will find these two in the wilderness as their tracks lead straight to where they are.  3000 words minimum.

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