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1 Clan listing(WIP) on Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:32 pm



Note: Feel free to post feedback as I continue working on this. Plans include, naturally, getting the rest of the clans in here, separating the villages more distinctly, and doing that little thing where words are clickable links to the clan, soon as I get around to looking up how to do that again.

Looking for clans based on your favorite specialization, element, or both? Search no further, for below you will find all the clans, their specializations, and their locations all in one spot!

Clans that have split paths will be listed in all places a path covers, so some may be listed more than once. For clans with special abilities(advanced elements, kkgs, etc.) a one or two word descriptor will be given, and for those with simple buffs/specifics to whatever specs they have, simply the village will be listed.


Sarutobi(Konoha, Fire element)
Nara(Konoha, Shadow element)
Kumonosu(Konoha, Glass element)
Fumiska(Konoha, Shuriken ninjutsu)
Senju(Konoha, Wood Release, requires water and earth)
Chi(Konoha,Blood Control, also requires med or genjutsu)
Kokuou(Konoha, Chakra Manipulation)
Kimura(Konoha, Fire element)
Hatake(Konoha,Requires Bukijutsu or Taijutsu, lightning element)
Graeae(Konoha, Sensory)
Murasaki Hoshi(Suna, requires Bukijutsu, wind element)
Fennikkusu(Suna, Fire element)
Kansen-Suru(Suna, Magnet Release)
Kanetsu(Iwa, Lava Release, Requires fire and earth)
Yamada(Iwa, Crystal Release, requires earth and wind)
Kyoga(Iwa, Wind and either fire or lightning)
Tohon(Iwa, Chakra-infused ink)
Yamamoto(Kumo, Storm Release, requires lightning and water)
Kyouki(Kumo, requires bukijutsu)
Ryuzoji(Kumo,Electrical current perception requires bukijutsu, lightning)
Daseki(Kumo,blind with chakra sight requires taijutsu, wind, earth)
Taosu(Kumo, requires fire)
Genko(Scattered, requires lightning and earth)
Kongo(Scattered, Steel Release, requires earth and fire)
Aburame(Scattered, beetle manipulation, requires earth and wind)
Shikyo(Scattered, requires bukijutsu, kenjutsu)
Kishimoto(Scattered, requires either taijutsu or bukijutsu)
Kaneko(Scattered, Plasma Release, requires wind, fire, lightning)
Ishido(Scattered, Phase Shift)
Uchiha(Scattered, Sharingan, requires fire, special reqs, see clan)
Houkyaku(Scattered, requires genjutsu and either earth or wind)
Sabaku(Scattered, Sand Manipulation, requires earth, wind, water)
Raijer(Scattered, Chakra Emission)
Nemutteiru Ryu(Scattered, requires earth, lightning, summoning)


Sarutobi(Konoha, Fire element)
Hyuga(Konoha, Byakugan)
Hatake(Konoha, requires ninjutsu, lightning element)
Karisuma(Suna, Stunning Eye dojutsu)
Koga(Suna, requires fuinjutsu)
Etame(Suna, static mastery, lightning and earth elements)
Kazako(Iwa, requires medical and wind)
Yanagi(Iwa, requires earth)
Yukimura(Kumo, requires lightning)
Daseki(Kumo, blind with chakra sight, requires ninjutsu, wind, earth)
Dakuchairudo(Kumo, cannibalism)
Ishido(Scattered, Phase Shift)

Chi(Konoha,Blood Control, also requires med or ninjutsu)
Hone(Suna, requires med,bukijutsu)
Hirotan(Kumo, redemption eye, requires either fire or lightning)
Chikara(Kumo,Genjutsu Block, requires bukijutsu(kenjutsu),lightning, and wind)
Dakuchairudo(Kumo, cannibalism)
Nekito(Kumo,Damasu dojutsu, requires lightning and wind)
Uchiha(Scattered, Sharingan, requires fire, special reqs, see clan)
Houkyaku(Scattered, requires genjutsu and either earth or wind)


Sarutobi(Konoha, Fire element)
Hatake(Konoha, requires ninjutsu, lightning element)
Hone(Suna, requires med,genjutsu)
Mori(Suna, Kyujutsu,(archery), wind element)
Koga(Suna, requires fuinjutsu)
Murasaki Hoshi(Suna, requires Ninjutsu, wind element)
Kobayashi(Iwa, Kenjutsu)
Kyouki(Kumo, requires ninjutsu)
Ryuzoji(Kumo, electrical current perception, requires ninjutsu, lightning)
Kyodara(Kumo, kyujutsu, requires lightning)
Zetsumei(Kumo,Kenjutsu, Bloody Eyes, requires medical)
Kuroka(Scattered, chakra weapons)
Strife(Scattered, requires kenjutsu, water)
Shikyo(Scattered, requires kenjutsu, ninjutsu)
Kiryu(Scattered, requires taijutsu, seijutsu as third)
Ishido(Scattered, Phase Shift)
Akata(Scattered, requires ninjutsu, kuchiyose:birds, wind, lightning)

Medical Ninjutsu:

Chi(Konoha,Blood Control, requires ninjutsu)
Mikami(Konoha, requires summoning, water and fire)
Hone(Suna, requires bukijutsu,genjutsu)
Yoisha(Suna, lightning element)
Zetsumei(Kumo, Bloody Eyes, requires bukijutsu, kenjutsu)
Jiongu(Scattered, Earth Grudge Fear)
Nishimura(Scattered,requires genjutsu, water,wind)

Chikamatsu(Suna, requires Kugutsu)
Hirotan(Kumo, redemption eye, requires either fire or lightning)
Kurosaki(Scattered, cloth control)
Ishido(Scattered, Phase Shift)


Rinji(Kumo, bats)
Nekuro(Scattered, Necromancy,requires Medical)


Chi(Blood Control, also genjutsu)
Chikamatsu(Suna, requires fuinjutsu)
Sora(Suna, Kumo, or Kiri, Kite-flying, requires wind)



Inuzuka(Konoha, Dogs)
Kuma(Scattered, bears)

Miscellaneous clans:
Akumasureiya(Kumo, Dojutsu of buffs)
Yuurei(Scattered, hide from sensory)
Fantomusodo(scattered, dojutsu of buffing themselves and other people)
Iki(Scattered, Light of God)
Seitenkan(Scattered, Sex Change)

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2 Re: Clan listing(WIP) on Tue Jan 28, 2014 9:42 pm



Got distracted as I often do, but updated. Just need to do the scattered clans whenever.

-Nemutteiru Ryu-


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