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1 Kill or capture the escaped gorilla [Mission] on Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:41 pm

Uchiha Susumu



The trees danced along with the wind that passed through the area and the waves of the ocean at the village's dock clashed with the solid ground surrounding the ocean. An individual was standing on the dock, looking out into the open environment in front of him; being here with only one purpose. In order to gain some experience, as well as passing time, he wanted to succeed in a certain mission, which involved capturing or killing a gorilla. Of course, this individual would choose the latter instead of the first option, completely due to his nature. His expression was emotionless and there wasn't even a sparkle seen in his eyes. This individual's name is Uchiha, Susumu, a wandering ninja, aiming to be the biggest threat the world has ever seen. He didn't move an inch for a few minutes, before suddenly turning around and heading into the direction of the small south forest of Konohagakure. It was the forest where the gorilla was supposedly roaming around. While being cautious, he set foot into the forest, keeping a close attention to every bush that he passed on the way, so there wasn't going to be an ambush. In the report for the objective was stated that the gorilla was on some sort of rampage; ruining the environment around it and other living beings within the forest. Susumu wasn't there to prevent that, however. This was part of his training in honing his own skills. The gorilla proved a positive challenge, hoping that he won't be disappointed once he located his target. Many living things passed him on the way, but not even the slightest trail of the rampaging gorilla. This is what he found strange; normally destructive strength leaves behind a trail. Could it be possible he was searching in the wrong direction? In the distance, he noticed multiple trees that have been broken down right in the middle and blocked the rest of the path ahead. The first indication of the gorilla had been found. On the way over to the broken down trees, he made a crunching noise by stepping on the twigs broken down from the trees surrounding him, which could attract attention. It didn't matter to him. It'd even be better if the gorilla just followed Susumu's noise instead of the other way around as it would save him the trouble from finding the gorilla himself. Once he neared the destroyed area, the ground shook multiple times. This had to be his target. The birds in that area where the noise came from flew away, all in different direction as they chirped and the sound they made eventually faded into the horizon.

Slowly but surely, Susumu made his way over to the suspected location of his target. There wasn't much place to hide, except from the trees that had been broken down. It'd cover most of his body, though it'd be impossible to hide all of it. The bushes in the area had also been crushed and numerous cracks were in the solid ground. The gorilla had been raging and hit the ground a certain amount of times. It had great strength, far greater than Susumu's in terms of physical abilities. The gorilla didn't spot Susumu yet, even when he was only partially covered. Even now, Susumu is still a great distance away, but close enough to observe the gorilla's movements. He had to avoid getting hit by that strength and the body mass that the gorilla has, also needs to be taken into account. The speed is unable to be discovered, because the gorilla isn't chasing anything. It doesn't seem to bother, but just likes to destroy. For some reason, Susumu didn't hate the personality of that gorilla, but he wasn't here to gain a pet. Susumu had to discover the gorilla's speed on his own. With that in mind, he stood up and jumped on one of the horizontally broken trees, as soon as the gorilla had turned towards him. A sinister smile appeared on his lips before the gorilla's eyes turned red with rage, as if one of the veins snapped inside of its eyes, and rushed over to Susumu. The speed of the gorilla wasn't that remarkable, but Susumu's speed didn't differ much from it. Normal hand-to-hand combat wouldn't work on a berserk animal like this, so he had to rely on his techniques for now. His Sharingan swirled into his eyes, revealing the Tomoe 1 that he had previously achieved. This would allow his reaction speed to be slightly higher, rivalling that of a Chuunin ranked Shinobi. As soon as the gorilla was about to land a hit, Susumu jumped right over his target, causing the gorilla to crash his fist right through the tree that Susumu was just standing on. That could've been Susumu, getting crushed like that, but fortunately it wasn't the case at all. This was his chance to counterattack, hopefully without failure. As soon as Susumu landed back on his feet, behind the gorilla, he could hear the sound of the gorilla turning around and immediately rushing over. In an another attempt of crushing Susumu into the ground by the gorilla, the raging animal swung its fist widely, allowing Susumu to pass right through with a spin, the fist narrowly being dodged by Susumu and crashing into the ground. Right now, Susumu is in there at a point-blank range, his Sharingan deeply gazing into the gorilla's black eyes. In that motion, the handseals he was performing had been successfully finished, the chakra molding right inside of his chest, allowing it to slowly move its way up to his throat. "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" He said, before the chakra exited his mouth and exploded into a wave of flames, resembling that of a flame-thrower, extending itself 15 meters out in front of Susumu, engulfing the gorilla completely. The flames disappeared and only smoke remained, allowing Susumu to gain distance and keep his distance. There was a terrible smell of burned flesh coming from the midst of that smoke. The gorilla had fallen and crashed into the ground, not moving an inch. He was badly burned and unable to move; it wasn't even breathing anymore. The heat must've been enough from that close range. The mission had been accomplished and Susumu left the area, on his way to report his succession.

Word Count: 1098

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