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1 Bigger Missions for Neci on Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:59 am



Mission name: Take Down the Bandits
Mission rank: B
Objective: Find and Kill a Camp of Bandits
Location: Konoha
Reward: 250 Ryo
Mission description: Go and Find the Bandits and kill them.
Mission details:Their is a League of Bandits in the Forests of Konohagakure running amok, take them out.
There is 10 bandits.
Name: Bandit
Age: Varied
General Appearance: Grizzled and Haggard men in scraps and rags, wearing Bandanas and cowls.
Personality: Mean and tough
Motivations: Money
Fears: Death and Prison
Other: All wield B rank weapons of some sort, and have B rank taijutus of assorted fighting styles.
Mission name: Clan Rivalry
Mission rank: B
Objective: Take a Side in a Clan War
Reward: 250 Ryo
Mission description: Take a Side in a Clan war, you have been given a letter from both clans.
Mission details:In the village there is two clans at each others throat, the Gakimi and the Sasio, each of which is picking 10 members for a death match to prove whose clan in better, they have also been aloud to pick one outsider , you may pick a clan to help out.
You are being paid by the clan you side with.
The reason Neci is being picked or more so asked is because first of all the two Clans have heard of the Legendary Uchiha clan and have heard of him, both clans have sent him letters regarding the match.
The winner of the clan death match is given superiority over the area the two clans share.

Name: Sasio Clan Member
Age: Varies
General Appearance: Ragged looking ninja who have been through war and hardtimes in their life, and who are willing to die for their clan.
Personality: Honor and Respect
Motivations: To be Superior
Fears: Dishonor
Other: All memebers of this clan Wield B rank Tantos and can use up to B rank Raiton

Name: Gakimi Clansmen
Age: Varied
General Appearance: Younger more fresh ninjas who are eager to prove their worth.
Personality: Solem when in battle and jovial.
Motivations: To earn the respect of Veterns
Fears: Dishonor, being weak
Other: All have 10 kunai and 10 Shuriken and use B rank Suiton libary jutsu.

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2 Re: Bigger Missions for Neci on Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:58 pm



Take down the Bandit Camp
-Need an NPC Template Filled out for the NPCS(the bandits). Though you don't need to do ten templates, one will be significant, just for ages put 'varies"
-When can bandits use Ninjutsu? In most cases bandits don't have any shinobi knowledge. Change this to them having C or B -Rank taijutsu along with a weapon. Or throw in a missing-nin or two.
-Also you didn't use the mission template correctly, Mission details, is missing.

Clan Rivalry
-I like to see more in regards to why "Neci" was chosen for this mission. Or even how he came about getting it. Expand in the Mission description, please.
-Again NPC templates for the Gakimi and Sasio ninjas, along with their ranks(saying they can use up to B-rank in the jutsu library doesn't tell me much).
-Again, forgot the mission details.

Are these repeatable or no?


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