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1 The days roll on [open/no-kill] on Wed Jan 29, 2014 5:57 am



The air heated by the midday sun warmed the surface of Soron's skin. The slight breeze that past by every few seconds kept the heat down but at the same time the air itself was also warmed. Soron often ventured into the hidden leaf villages forest in search of a nice spot to relax but this time this was not the case. In fact he was just out for a stroll hopping from branch to branch up high in the tree tops. The leaves fluttered down from the branches they had rested on, to be then carried off by the breeze.

Soron landed on an unstable branch while lost in his own world and it snapped off the trunk. As it fell to the forest floor Soron caught himself before he was able to hit ground. Because of his fancy maneuvering he was able to land on the ground like a feather. He sighed and took a deep breath before jumping back up to the tree tops and continuing his journey closer the forest center.


"Emotions are feeble concepts only created by the human psyche to give meaning to things otherwise meaningless."

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