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“Wake up!”

Nanashi's eyes snapped open, staring into the endless darkness that swallowed the room in a single massive gulp. The lone reptilian organ quickly adjusted to the lack of light, the blinds having been thoroughly closed, preventing any form of it from penetrating the confinements and disturbing his sleep. The man couldn't sleep when there's light – at all. Looking across the room, the silver head man noted that everything seemed to be in place, just like he had left it before going to sleep. A quick check underneath a pillow, his fingers coming in contact with something cool and hard, confirmed that it was still there as well. If one would have taken noticed of the man's eye, they would realize the tiredness and wariness that's associated with someone just waiting up was absent –n fact the single eye was wide awake and alert though this could be contributed to his occupation.

White linens slid down from his frame, Nanashi having sat up in the bed, exposing a tan chest that have numerous scars – most coming from some form of physical confrontation. Tossing the sheets off the rest of his body and swinging his legs to the side of the bed, Nanashi stood up and walk towards the closed blinds. . .opening them. Almost immediately the lone eye closed before slowly opening back up, the sun rays assaulting him, illuminating the room and providing warmth. From the confinements of his room, and behind the barrier that was the window, Nanashi watched, n seemingly disinterested, the people of Iwagakure no Sato go about their daily lives. It's fascinating how they seem to not realize that truth of their existence. How fragile their existence really is. How –

Can't think about that. . .

Like a cork being used to plug up a leak, Nanashi stopped his train of thought from progressing further down that path. A path that shouldn't even be there in the first place but nevertheless was. One of many roads that were created as a result of fighting in a war. A war that wasn't even for his own country. A war being fought within Kirigakure no Sato. Nanashi and many others had volunteered to aid the village in the mist, with some of the higher ups being given orders to strengthen ties between the two villages – he being one of them. Though he didn't complete the latter of his objections at least not everything was lost. . . at least he returned home alive. Yes, Nanashi were one of the few Iwagakure shinobis that came back from the hell hole alive – while all the others came in a scroll. . .if they were that lucky. At the beginning he thought he could handle war. He thought because of who he was, war wouldn't effect him. He thought wrong! War affected the man but to what degree . . . he himself wasn't for certain. The Jounin passed all the psyche test with flying colors with the evaluators saying that there wasn't anything mentally wrong with him. In all tense and purposes Nanashi was healthy and fit for duty.

“Tsk. . .” Turning away from the window, silver hair swaying from the sudden movement, Nanashi made his way out of the room and headed towards the shower – a scowl etched on his face.

Fucking shrinks didn't know anything. The war did changed him. . .

Not surprising to see the streets of Iwagakure busting at the seems with activity. While the weather of itself left much to desire, being slightly colder than many were use to, it wasn't intolerable. Dressed in the stereotypical shinobi attire, Nanashi made his way through the crowded streets his long, purposeful strides never waving as he weaved through the masses with uncanny ease – heading towards the village gates. The man didn't pay any attention to the gasps of civilians nor the slight widening of eyes from fellow comrades who passed the man. What was causing them to react this way?

For the first time, since his eye had been destroy, Nanashi allowed everyone to lay eye on the diagonal centipede scar over the left eye socket. Besides the insect like appearance the scar measured roughly three inches in length and bulged slightly. A disgusting sight for some but for most a realization of what people like him go through for them. He really didn't know why he decided to forgo the black eye-patch – it having been something he always wore. There wasn't any thought placed within allowing others to see what was behind the patch. In short it was a spur of the moment idea. One that he didn't regret one bit.

“Are you enjoying the view of my ass, Tei-sempai?” Nanashi said, his voice cutting through the silence like a hot knife through butter, having made it passed the gates of the village and into apart of the wilderness a mile or so before stopping and confronting the woman who have been following since he had entered the market district.

As he patiently waits for his mentor to show herself. . .

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The silver haired Jounin didn't have long to wait before his mentor to make their presence known to him – in their own unique fashion. At first glance many would assume that the individual before Nanashi shared the same sex as him – this is not the case. The person before the silver haired male was in fact the opposite gender than him – simply put Nanashi's mentor and former teacher were a female. Juugo Tei, a former Jounin of Iwagakure no Sato, is and always will be the only person, excluding family, that Nanashi recognize as a teacher and mentor.

But how could a missing-nin been a teacher?

The answer is quite oblivious. At one point in time Tei was a member of Iwagakure Shinobi corps, an up and coming medic who held promise like no other, but unlike many of those who choose the path she didn't follow the creed that all medics oblige by – she finding pointless and useless. The fact that she thought like that didn't cause her to become a missing-nin. No, the reason she became a missing-nin is because she brutally slaughtered two members of her genin squads – finding them weak and a liability. And who was the member that got sparred? Well. . .

“Hello, there Nana-kun.”

It would be almost two and a half hours before the pair of respected shinobis parted – going about their separate ways. The pair having talked about insignificant things, catching up for old time sakes along with going over their future plans, though not going into great details about such – they were shinobis after all. His mentor did shared some interesting tid-bits of information with him, some which Nanashi will be giving a lot of thought to.

”Guess I should get a move on.” Nanashi mused to himself, the once rocky terrain of Tsuchi no Kuni changing to lush greenery associated with Hi no Kuni. The man had just reached the border of Fire Country and was heading towards the Village hidden in the Leaves. The man didn't have a specify reason for going to Konogakure no Sato – he just felt like going there.

As Nanashi's lone eye looked towards the giant gates of Konoha, the man couldn't have known that upon entering the gate he would be meeting some interesting people.

As he walked through the gates, the man wouldn't realize the truth that he will discover about him.

Yes, Nanashi's world is about to turn upside down.

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