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1 Painting the walls [mission, D-rank] on Sun Feb 02, 2014 9:12 am




Mission name: Paint The Walls
Mission rank: D
Objective: The walls of the Administration Building need a fresh coat of paint. It will be your job to finish applying the new paint before nightfall.
Location: Konoha Administration Building
Reward: 60 Ryo
Mission description: Just a simple painting job. The most dangerous aspect is using the ladders to reach the undersides of the balconies.
Mission details: Just make sure nothing gets into the wet paint before it dries and all will be fine.

It wasn't really the best of days for the young Kunoichi, for she had already been late to arrive for her first mission and also because the very nature of the mission.

In stead of something fun, like trying to find someone's pet or something really active, she got stuck with nothing more than an ardeous chore, which apparently was beneath the skills of the village's finest.

Why they didn't ask some actual laborers to do the job eluded Risu's mind, as it seemed that they found it rather normal to ask a budding shinobi to do this work and look at it as a real mission.

"Hey you," The overseer yelled at Risu, throwing three buckets of white paint and a bucket with brushes at the young woman, which she only narrowly avoided from crashing against herself by swiftly grabbing the buckets before they fell to the ground. "I want these walls done perfectly, no splashes, no smears, nothing that should not be done. Oh yes, be carefull with the ladder, it's old and not that balanced very well, dont want to be responsible for your life, missy."

This kind of behavior did agitate the young kunoichi to bo end, as she almost used the seals of her clan's sacred Koka doro no hebi jutsu, but she luckily managed to calm herself, cursing the overseer in silence while she grabbed the brushes and the paint, taking them to the area she was ordered to paint.

"Why dont you ask for a mission, it helps you grow," Risu repeated the words spoken to her by Enaka, her clan's senior advisor, who acted as Clanleader until Risu would be an adult. "If that idiot knew what I had to do on this mission, he'd be laughing his head off."

It wasn't like she had not painted things before, but painting a few walls was entirely different to painting a small sketch of the garden or trying to replicate the image of the small vase on her nightstand.

Painting the lower parts of the walls werent really a problem, as she placed the first layer of paint on the wall with much ease, using the designated primer paint per instruction of the overseer. However, just as easy as the lower section was, such a hard task was doing the upper half of the walls, as she constantly had to keep her balance on the ladder and her reach and speed were not admirable when she was painting the upper half.

"Note to self, kick Enaka when I'm reporting to him," Risu gave a slight smile, thinking about how it would feel to kick the elderly man, though she didn't really want to return to the main house, she was fine on her own.

Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by a squishy and squirming feeling on her head and hands, in her mental abscence the ladder had knocked against the gutter of the roof, resulting in a bunch of old leaves and insects to drop on her, a Whole bunch of insects...which was not good.

Screaming like a banshee, Risu started swinging with her arms wildly, trying to get rid of the spiders, snails and other insects and arachnids, yet as she moved so sudden, the ladder lost its balance and both it and her tumbled down, with the result of the young girl landing right on her behind and a few insects to reach down into her clothes, causing her to run around like a mad woman.

After a few minutes, she finally managed to calm down, pull off her black shirt and tie up her hair, painting the last inches at the gutters, avoiding to knock at those filth ridden things ever again and when the job was finally done, she only managed to go to her own rented room downtown, ashamed of how she had acted and tired because she had acted like that...she still hated insects and spiders, now even more.



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