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1 Friendly Spar [Private, Scene_kid] on Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:06 pm



Arufa walks down the road with his sword on his shoulder. He had recently had to deal with a few Inuzuka dogs that attacked him. He didn't kill or injure them too badly before they ran away, though he kind of wanted to.

He enters the hotsprings in a place where no one is located, and attempts to train. He would do 100 upward slices with his sword, 100 downward slices, 100 horizontal slices, and then repeat. He did this for about an hour before he decided to take a break. He wasn't too winded, as the katana was fairly lightweight, but the slight ache in his muscles told him he should take a break.

He sits down and decides to eat some of his bento.


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As Skito decided to go to the hot springs since he felt so tense. Before he walked in to the spring, he saw a young, little boy who seemed very hyper. He watched this young boy eat some of his bento, and decides to do something about this.

Skito walks behind the young boy to tap his shoulder. When the lad turned around Skito took his food and ate it, then shortly took the boy by his throat and with extreme force threw the young boy into the water.

Peering over him, Skito stood there and laughed with self-pity for the defenseless boy. He then said in a very sarcastic childish voice, "Awwww, whats the matter? Did somebody bully you? Then throw you under the water? Yeah? Well stop being so useless and make something of yourself." He patted his chest to indicate for the little one to attack him. But he wouldn't he refused to and stayed in his position. Skito began to laugh at him and shortly afterwards left.


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