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Mission name: Old Mcdonald had a ai oh
Mission rank: D
Objective: Help the farm
Location: Land of fire, outskirts of konoha
Reward: 70 ryo
Mission description: A farm(s) needs help on getting things back together, so help them manage the daily task as well as repair.
Mission details: When you get there you will either come across the farmer or the farmer will find you, the farmís problems are up to you. Was it harmed by a storm? Attacked by bandits weeks ago? Or just your usual funding issues? You can decide to help repair and do the daily chores on the farm and decide the outcome of the farm.

When Risu went to the Hokage building to get herself a new mission, she bumped into an older man, who excused himself in a rather boorish manner, but just as she was about to move on after having straightened her clothing, which had ruffled in the moment, the man turned around and promptly grabbed her shoulder and asked if she was a shinobi in search of a mission. When she nodded in agreement, the old man, who went by the nickname Old McDonald told her that he had just the thing she needed and if she simply told the people at the mission board that he had asked her help, she would have the mission to help him and his farm.

Glad that she had such an easy opportunity to earn herself some much-needed Ryo, the young kunoichi quickly hurried herself inside to ask the mission board if they did not have a mission issued by a man going by the name Old McDonald.

After a positive answer and the approval to undertake that mission, Risu quickly hurried back to the old man, who despite her appearance seemed to treat her like any other person, giving her a friendly handshake to seal the deal and go on their way to his farm, which was located a few miles outside Konoha.

"Aye," He exclaimed, when they had reached his farm, which looked old, crooked and in dire need of funds. "This be me farm, missy. Me pride 'n joy, got it from me ol' man and me dear Ma."

He gave a broad smile and took Risu all the way to the main building, which was a wooden structure of ten on ten meters and counting two floors and a basement, a small farm indeed.

"Back in the old days we helped the shinobi of yer village by supplying them with food, but these days I deliver rice to the local bakers, so they can make noodles for the ramen shops."

When hearing that the man actually helped in the process of the creation of her favorite daily food, the young woman smiled, only to notice that the entire field of the farm looked barren and dry and wasn't normally a ricefield wet and muddy?

"Aye, the soil's dry as a dried prume," The old man sighed deeply, looking with sorrow toward his dry field. "I've been desperate, but the droughts have ruined my field and without good soil, I hardly make any money and now I really hoped for a shinobi who could help me in any way possible."

"Aren't you the lucky one here," Risu chuckled, only to straighten her face immediately when she noticed that the old man did not understand why she was laughing right after he had told her the harshness and sadness of his farm's future and its history. "What I mean is, that you could not have gotten a better shinobi within my rank to help you out on this job. After all, I'm good with suiton and doton techniques, meaning that I might be very well able to restore that dry patch of land, which you once called your ricefield."

After hearing that, the old man almost cried, hugging the young kunoichi all of a sudden and in such a heartwarming way that it even brought Risu to shed some tears for the man's happiness.

Telling McDonald to get himself the necessary ricestalks to cover the field, she herself would hurry to the field and do a quick inspection of the land before doing even anything, after all even with the jutsu she had, it still wasn't just anything she was going to do.

Her plan was to use the Starch Syrup Field technique to first place a layer of nutricious water over the field and then plow it with a consequent use of the Koka Doro no hebi technique, which should cover the entire field in fertile soil and moist mud.

When she started doing as she had planned, the old farmer had already returned from the barn with a cart full off ricestalks and when she finished her task, he was the first to inspect the land, after being amazed by the young woman prowess with the aforementioned elements, just like she said.

"My dear, as I said you are a gods gift," The farmer said with another of his broad smiled on his face. "I only hoped to get a shinobi for some repairs, yet you simply saved my farm and my future with this, I could never repay you enough with the money you get from doing this mission."

Risu only smiled, gave the man a soft kiss on his forgead and a hug, telling him that it was all good in her opinion. After all, this was a mission and you're supposed to be doing the best you can to accomplish it.



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