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Mission name: Kill or capture the Escaped Gorilla
Mission rank: C
Objective: Take out or capture the gorilla
Location: Konoha
Reward: 180 ryo alive 140 dead
Mission description: A gorilla escaped from the inclosure, in konoha and you have been instructed to either capture it or kill it,they would pay you more though for a live gorilla.
Mission details: The gorilla in held up in the small forest, terrorizing the animals in the area and destroying plantlike also.

It was quite the interesting day for the young kunoichi going by the name Orochi Risu, as for the first time in her entire life as a proud member of the shinobi of Konoha, she had been granted to embark on a rank C mission and not just any mission, but one with a rather dangerous edge, as she was ordered to capture or kill a large and wild gorilla which had been terrorizing the forest after it had escaped from an inclosure, endangering the wildlife of the forest, as. Well as its safety for humans alike.

Even though she was quite certain her skills would allow her to deal with this matter effectively, she still needed some time to prepare as well as to think off a decent, failproof plan to capture this animal, as she did not wanted to kill it unless if it was impossible to avoid a fatality.

Sitting on a bench on one of the roads leading out of the Konoha main gates, Risu looked at the sky, noticing that it was actually quite a good day, with a clear blue sky and not a single cloud in sight, the perfect day in fact to establish a name for herself, because she was certain that she would be getting her promotion to Chuunin in no time.

Sadly for her, her time of trying to decide on which strategy she would take had been cut short when a traveler ran out of the forest nearby, his clothes torn and his face completely bewildered as he ran towards the young woman, screaming that he had just been attacked by a massive beast.

Knowing this to be the gorilla she was supposed to detain, Risu wasted no time nor any effort to calm down the poor slob and hurried herself towards the forest. Walking up the first tree on her path, leaping from branch to branch, waiting for a particular sound.

When she had almost reached the center of the forest, she stopped and waited atop a thick treebranch, as she heard the deep grunt of a large animal down below.

"If that isn't the sound of that angry, hairy ape, I'm a jester," Smiling softly because of her inside joke, she clambered down, though halted her progress when she heard a loud roar, followed by a drum-like noise and another deep grunt. The gorilla was close, that was certain, yet no matter where she looked, she could not see the animal, which frustrated her, knowing the ape to be a lot bigger and broader than herself. "Come one, where is that gorilla?"

It was then that it all went awry, as the massive ape, who happened to be not just any gorilla, but an actual silverback, ran towards the very place were Risu was waiting, jumping up at the oportune moment and slamming its massive arms at the branch where the kunoichi had been sitting.

With a loud snapping sound, the branch buckled under the brute strength of the ape, throwing Risu to the ground in the process.

Cursing that she could've seen this coming, the girl had to skid backwards when the gorilla tried to smash its fists upon her just a moment after its initial approach, making the ground shake and tremble when it displayed its massive force.

"Wow there," Risu yelped, jumping back yet again in order to avoid being pummeled and tossed aside by the great ape. She knew that if this gorilla would be able to hit her once, her chance of succesfully capturing this magnificent animal would seriously deminish, not to say it could actually kill her, given the fact she wasn't good in endurance, not with the frail body she had.

After yet another attempt of the gorilla to brutally crush her into tiny bits, Risu decided to leap upon a treebranch again, but made sure to climb even higher, ready to quickly react to the ape's tantrum with her own special set of skills.

From atop a higher branch, she made the necessary handseals to unleash a widespreading mist from her mouth, covering the entire open area in which the gorilla had been trying to attack her.

Jumping down again, the kunoichi performed another set of handseals, spouting a sticky fluid from her mouth over the same area as the mist was covering; the famed Starch Syrup Field technique, which she hoped to be enough to slow the gorilla down, while her Hidden Mist technique would rob the ape of its senses like sight and smell.

A loud roar came from within the mist, followed by the pounding of fists on a massive chest. The ape seemed unimpressed by the kunoichi's skills and used every technique in the book of wildlife to taunt and impress the opposition, something which actually did work on Risu, as she started to doubt if the gorilla had been caught in her dual-jutsu tactics.

However, the constant drumming, beating and pounding of the ape also had an advantage for Risu as well, as it was quite easy to discern the gorilla's location by following the bellowing roars and the furious pounding noise.

With yet another combination of handseals, the young woman's arms became enamored with long, whip-like appendages made out of clear water and as she ran into the thick mist, she could already see the shadow of the ape's impressive form not far from her own location.

Without any hesitation, the young woman made her way through the mist, speeding up only several meters away from the confused ape and as the distance between her and the ape had been reduced to not much more than a single meter, she soared through the sky after a single jump, spinning around in midair, lashing out against the gorilla with her water whip jutsu, using it to its full effect by using the centrifuginal force of her spinning jump.

As the gorilla roared in pain, confusion, but most of all anger, Risu made a perfect, silent landing, elegantly crouching down right in front of the massive ape, while making a final combination of handsigns to create a rather large snake out of mud, which crashed violently against the ape, knocking it down onto the sticky layer the kunoichi had created earlier and with a swift and accurate jab to the broad neck of the beast, Risu managed to put it to sleep, after which she dispelled her Hidden Mist technique, as well as her star syrup field technique and used another mudsnake to harden and encase the ape for long enough, so she could report the capture of the animal to the shinobi on guard duty at konoha's main gates.

Another job well done and this time, she finally had to actually use her skills, something which only made this experience all the sweeter.



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