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Katari Fantomusodo

Katari Fantomusodo

One day you will unlock the secrets of the Fantomusodo Clan. Katari remembered his father telling him this as a child. What exactly did this mean? Katari hadn't a clue, but he felt that until he found this out, he would never have to skill to become Tsuchikage, so what was he going to do? He was going to train. He'd already asked Satoshi Sensei if they could meet at the Fissure Training grounds to train. Now he just wondered where they were. "Satoshi Sensei! Cazan! I'm ready to start my training!" Still nothing. Well I should start training by myself. Katari started by striking some punches and kicks. That was a bit weak. I should try harder. He continued training his attacks more and more. Not fast enough. Must move faster. After he finished training by himself, he noticed that he'd left a sweat puddle. He looked in the puddle and saw his own reflection. Why are my eyes purple, even though Satoshi Sensei's aren't. My dad's eyes were purple too, but other than that, I have never seen another person with purple eyes. Katari pondered this for a while. He knew that this phenomenon had more to it than genetics. Maybe this was the secret that dad was talking about. He then recalled something that his father once told him. The greatest influence on the mind is the eye. Suddenly, he had a partial understanding of what he must do to find the clan's secret within himself. My eyes have power. I just have to unlock it.

Fantomu no noroi 267/1500



Satoshi moved casually as he walked through the Fissure Training Grounds. The last time he was here, he saw Cazan's abilities and strength as a ninja. He also saw his drive to become great, even if it was a little to strong. He thought back to see the boy's arm fall into the lava and sighed. Hopefully, nothing like that would happen this time. He quickly looked around to see if Cazan was present yet, but to no avail. Focusing a little bit on a figure off in the distance, he noticed his newest squad member training by his self. Though the genin didn't know it, it probably wasn't a good idea considering how much how much energy he would need for the training, but he appreciated the drive. He could relate to it.

Walking up to Katari with a look that radiated authority. He didn't necessarily want to scare the guy, he just wanted to be sure that he knew Satoshi was the alpha dog. "I'm here. We need to wait for Cazan before starting. Once he gets here, I'll inform you of what this training session is going to be like." He spoke quickly and plainly as he moved over to a rock and sat down. Now all he had to do was wait.

Fire Style: Great Dragon Flame Training : 712/1500 (Continued from here )


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