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That... that little bitch. It was a known fact that Kuroka Shinji was a physically frail and easily distracted, not to mention clueless. But he was still Kiku's twin brother and therefore it was her duty to protect him from... from... People like her! Kiku gave a scrutinizing look to the blonde in front of her and her obnoxiously orange clothing. It wasn't usually in Kiku's gentle nature to judge people like that, much less challenge them to a fight, but when it came to her family all of her traditional rules became void. "You may have Shinji fooled, but not me! I know you're only using him to get close to the Kazekage!" Formal as always, Kiku referred to her mother by title when talking about her to anyone else.

The young girl tried to remember what her mother had taught her during their long hours of training. She drew her weapon - a common scythe that was just about her height. The blade was about three feet long, proportional to the staff's length. She stood on guard, waiting for the other girl to move first.

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Wha- What did I do?!
The audacity of this girl! Here she was, spouting out nonsense when all Kin was doing was talking to her brother! Is that such a crime?

Kin stood up straight from her former position of leaning forward at an angle, with her palms having rested on a small stone object. With some flare added to her abrupt turn of the head, she looked at the twerp and furrowed her eyebrows.

Kin couldn't help being good looking; was that a crime too?! Just because she actually had some cleavage, doesn't mean "imouto-chan" had to get into a hissy fit!

It's not like I'm in the wrong! Just trying to have a friendly conversation! To accuse me of trying to get close to her mother; such, such insolence!

This brat needed to be taught a lesson, no doubt about it! But messing around with the daughter of the Kazekage.... Kin wasn't the smartest around. In fact, some imbeciles have even gone to the extent of calling her stupid! However, she had enough intellect to know not to start a physical quarrel with a relative of the Kage.

Heh.. that's right. I can't start a fight with one of 'em. So I guess I just can't be the one to intiate. Hehehe...


Kin instantly put her palm over her mouth, realising she had thought her laugh aloud.

Ahhh!! Stupid, stupid! You're so stupid Kin!

The young Uzumaki spat out a couple curse words under her breath, barely making a sound and hardly moving her lips as to make sure she was the only one who had heard.

Heh.. Anyways. Time to get started!

Kin stood tall and proud, annunciation her height advantage before the younger sibling, pushing out her chest to show the wide difference in breast size alike. Trying to make her previous laugh sound on purpose with her next set of words, Kin spoke with a tone of condescending attitude.

"What's wrong, Imouto? Are you thinking that the only special thing about you guys is the relation with your Mother? Does nothing else about you two stand out, so you're being self-conscious and accusing me of just trying to get closer to her through cute little Shinji?"

Kin might've not been the smartest kid on the block, but she had always known just how to piss someone off.

Serves her right.

Kin continued her venture into the lyrics of provocation and scooted over to Shinji's side, wrapping her arms around his own.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm certain Shinji has his own set of talents."

Widely grinning, Kin looked straight into the eyes of Kiku and quickly shifted her gaze at the lower half of Shinji, before switching back to Kiku's furious visage.



Shinji was no doubt enjoying the attention. The thirteen year old's eyes sparkled with a sense of mischief. His ulterior motives regarding the blonde next to him - defined curves, nice bust, lovely facial features - with her arm around his shoulder. He sneaked his own arm around the girl's waist, placing his hand on her hip suggestively. "Mind your own business, Kiku, can't you see I'm busy here?" He asked, a smirk creeping across his features. Oh yes, he was enjoying this greatly.

Kiku let out an almost feral growl. "Fine, I'll leave you alone if this bitch manages to beat me!" Kiku yelled, pointing a finger directly at the blonde whose name she didn't even know. Did the girl even go to the Academy? She didn't look like much, maybe she was just one of those dropouts. Kiku's face scrunched up at the girl's comment. Imouto? How dare she call her such a term when she didn't even know Kiku? Damned social climbers. Not only that, but like everyone else, she was assuming that Kiku lived only off of her mother's reputation. Little did she know that the younger girl's training regiment was twice as rigorous.

Kiku was subjected to all kinds of her mother's brutal training routines almost every day. It was hard conditioning, but it was completely worth it. She gripped the scythe in her hand and kept her stance - a basic one, of course, seeing as her skills with weapons were nowhere near those of the experts of legend. She waited for the blonde bimbo to accept the challenge. In the meantime, Shinji rolled his eyes. "You really need to get yourself a hobby, Kiku," he sighed, but relented knowing that his sister wouldn't back down. That, and he was too lazy to try to convince her. Besides, if she lost, he would get to make fun of her for it for weeks to come. And if Kin won, well, he would send his sister away somehow and act like her knight in shining armor, taking care of her wounds and maybe getting something more out of it. Really, it was a win-win situation.

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