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Julian did not want to pass up this opportunity; even if it were just a rumor the chance to train under someone of such skill would be something the genin wanted to get in on. It was said that a blind taijutsu master had come to the village hidden in the leaf, for what reason the sixteen year old Genko had no idea but he was willing to train with the man while he was here. If he had to guess he figured that the man was in the Small South Forest as that was what latest information suggested, if it were true Julian wondered how he would approach the man about training under him.

The genin had dressed for combat that day, but not intense combat and as such he wore clothes to match that activity level. He wore no boots, but had black pants which were a thick cloth like his overcoat which he chose to leave at home today. Instead he wore a simple short sleeved white shirt that would allow him to be comfortable during the warm day. By the time he had exited the village Julian had begun to feel the heat seep into his flesh, while it did not reach uncomfortable levels it was noticeable by the genin. Soon he was crossing into the forest and the shade provided by the trees allowed him to shrug off some of the warmth he had collected earlier like a ninja sun panel.

That day he had brought no weapons with him and instead thought about what kind of person he should be looking for, he wondered what type of person he would run into. This thought brought a new consideration into his plans; Julian had just assumed that he was someone he could get along with however, if he was not then Julian did not wish to train under him, and that brought up a thought that put a pause into his figurate skip in his literal step. Hopefully that would not be the case and the genin was fairly certain he would not have heard such good things about a person that he would not at least wish to meet. One thing was for certain, and that was that Julian had to find out this man at least to appease his hunger for knowledge of the unknown.

Walking through the Southern Forest the young ninja could hear the sounds of animals and looked across the forest floor where rays of light graced various groups of underbrush along the path he was taking. It was a nice sight, but little did he know he would see the person he was seeking that day. Even though his senses were to their maximum potential the older ninja would be able to figure out the Genko was nearby before the genin would ascertain that information. This meant that as Julian was walking along this blind master of taijutsu would hear him approach before Julian could find him.

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Tsuyo had moved into the Deep parts of the forest. His bandages around what were once his eyes. The darkness was hindering but he had decided that all that he could do for the time being was get attuned to his other senses. At first it had been difficult. Navigating through the forest had hit him with branches and bushes. As time grew on though he began to hear the wind whistling around the leaves. He could smell the wood as it got closer. His sense of touch feeling the slightest shift on his clothing so he could pause and move around it. He refused to wander with his arms out stretched. Within himself he pushed down the panic of wondering where he was. He could feel the warmth of the sun on his face. So long as he returned before nightfall he could use the heat of the sun as a compass. His fingers brushed over the mold on a tree. Even more of an idea of what direction he was going. He smiled at his own endurance of the darkness that was his vision. But he needed to meditate. He needed to gather his thoughts while he could be alone.

Tsuyo was wearing the most simple garb he had worn in some time. A pair of shinobi pants and a black upper body Karate garb. The black belt tied around his waist tightly. He seemed small but his body was toned. One his feet he was wearing Shinobi sandals. But no head band. Tsuyo didn't feel the heat of the day so much anymore. He was used to harsh weather. Still he found the area he had trained in as a child. A moss covered boulder twice as tall and three times as wide as him. The top flattened out with rocks set around the edge. He moved closer and placed his hand on the old Boulder. A soft smile of fond memories flowing over him. Before he quietly jumped up. He knew the measurements from a touch memory so he landed on one half fairly easily. Before sitting cross legged. Half the rock was open but he wasn't going to sit in the center. He was far more comfortable on one side. This was a rock he had meditated on with an old Sensei long passed. Quietly he began placing rocks along his lap, shoulders and on top of his out stretched fore arms. Before holding it there. His balance was flawless. He didn't even flinch as he heard a noise crashing through the forest. Too loud to be an assassin. Less the person be overconfident and if so a sign of a failed assassin. Still Tsuyo waited till it was a close enough sound to speak. After all it had aroused his Curiosity. Was it a boy? A girl? A shinobi? Why had they come? And how had they found him? So many questions. It was simple just to get these answered by being polite. Still a shift in the wind brought him the sent of the person. Sweat. So they had not yet peaked into physical endurance. Still Tsuyo spoke without turning his head.

"Good morning. May I ask your name?"




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