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1 Escaped Gorilla [Keigo/C-Rank Mission] on Sun Feb 09, 2014 3:31 pm

Keigo Uchiha


Another day another mission for Keigo Uchiha. He was assigned to Capture or kill an escaped Gorrila from the village. He preferred not to kill wildlife but then again he had already killed human life once before so if he deemed the situation a killing one he would not hesitate to do what needed to be done. Keigo stood in the middle of the forest looking around for an enraged gorilla. "Should not be hard to find a gorilla i hope." Keigo jumped on a near by branch for a higher view of the area. There was no gorilla in sight, so he continued his way deeper into the forest searching far and wide. Keigo stopped to jump down from a branch he was standing on not wanting to spend anymore energy rushing, so he decided to walk knowing he had to be patient and the gorilla would reveal itself sooner or later . As he walked he he saw dears, birds, rabbits all in their natural element doing what wildlife normally does in the forest. He continued to walk looking left, right, high and low wondering maybe the gorilla as resting on a tree top or under the tree leaves. He was a bit surprised he did not hear the gorilla thinking an animal like that would normally keep his presence known through out the whole forest area. Keigo scratched his head thinking how could finding an animal such as a gorilla turn out to be such a hassle for him. "Wow this gorilla must be a ninja because there is no sign of it anywhere so far." As Keigo continued his search for the gorilla a sound of something or somethings had crossed his path. He steadied his guard not knowing what it could be that was heading his way, but to his surprise it was a family of deer that seemed to be running away from something. Then Keigo heard a bunch of birds from above and it seemed like they to were running away from something. Keigo hoped it had to be the gorilla that was scarring them and not something else that had nothing to do with his mission. Keigo dashed toward the direction where the animals were running away from. He wanted to see a gorilla when he got there so he could get this mission over with and head back home. Keigo assumed he had arrived to the area where the commotion had started but he did not hear or see a gorilla which kind of ticked Keigo off a little. "Yea this gorilla has to have some sort of ninja skill this is amazing." He continued to look around the area just to make sure he did not miss any spots when looking for the gorilla. Keigo began walking again searching every tree he believed the gorilla was resting on. He still could not find the animal he was looking for and just didn't know what to do this was a first for him looking this long for such an animal especially a gorilla which is not hard to notice.

Keigo made his way deeper into the forest wondering when this goose chase would end. He decided to sit under a tree and wait for anymore noise that seemed unnatural in the forest. Keigo waited for thirty minutes just sitting under the tree with his legs crossed and his hands behind his head. When keigo was about to get comfortable in that spot he heard a loud noice fill the forest air. He stood straight up and knew that was the sound of his target. It was bout time the gorilla let it's self be known because the day was going by fast and Keigo wanted to spend some time with his little brother. Keigo listened careful and waited for the gorilla to reveal itself once more so he could find it's location.  Keigo hard the loud scream of the gorilla once again dashing west of where he was standing. He decided to jump on the branches of the trees to take higher ground and surprise the gorilla before it noticed him. Keigo made his way along the tree tops continuing to hear the screams of the gorilla guessing it decided to have some fun on its on or it found something fun to mess around with in the forest. Keigo had yet to decide whether he would just restrain the gorilla if he could or just kill it, but he would soon decide what to do since the gorilla was soon in Keigo's field of vision. He landed on a branch five meters behind where the gorilla was standing. It seemed the gorilla was harassing a few deer. It seemed like the gorilla was just a bully in this small forest and liked to pick on the weaker animals. Keigo didn't want to kill the gorilla so he thought of a plan involving the clone technique and him knocking out the gorilla. This was a sure fire plan plus Keigo needed the extra ryo for bringing it back alive. Keigo jumped down from the branch and used the "Doppelganger Technique" which created 5 clones of himself. He then spoke loud at the gorilla,"Hey you beast fight somebody your on size." the gorilla turned to see the five clones of Keigo, but just before the gorilla had turned around Keigo quickly made his way up some tree branches out of the gorilla's sight. Soon after the gorilla had charged the five clones and slammed it's fist at each one of the clones that quickly turned to smokes after each slam the the gorilla was confused and Keigo used that opportunity to jump from a branch 5 meters above where the gorilla had attacked the clones and hit the gorilla with a leg chop using the force of the fall and the heel of his ninja sandals to deliver a power blow to the top of the gorilla's head. The gorilla was stunned after that blow losing it's balance, so Keigo took the opportunity to dash at the gorilla after he touched the ground then sent a powerful kick to the temple of the gorilla knocking it unconscious. "Well that's over time to take you back to the village."

Mission Complete:1056/1000



Ninjutsu: S Taijutsu: B
Elements: Katon: S Fuuton: C

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