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They were everywhere 


Tapping against the tree trunks, drumming away on the hardened earth. She could hear the muffled pitter-pat footsteps scratch their way through the littered under growth of this stranger place.
Insects cried out unheard warnings to one another, the early morning chills rustled the crisp high leaves. Feelings crept through grass, bark cracked where it clung... And yet nothing changed. This chorus of chirping and chortles, the melody lulling around on a light hearted breeze. It all stayed the same. Even as the cautious female tip toed her barefoot footprints over the warmly softened forest floor, brushing anxious fingers over the roughly armoured wood; feeling, smelling her way down another new path.. Even as Shizuka Houkyaku made her way blindly through the protective forest of Konohagakure these sounds....these feelings. They remained simply perfectly the same. They were just as she had remembered them from that other life.   
Familiarity: Was an oddly.....powerful calming force. 

How...did I get here? 

It's what she would usually ask herself when finding herself in these situations. Wandering around in a place so different to the comfortably safe shoe box house she came from. Not knowing east from west, or which obscure direction her foot prints were pointing. Which direction they were leading her.  But this time....Shizuka knew exactly how she had got here.
It had been almost a week since she had been released from the hospital. Which meant that it had also been a week since her... encounter with the Lord Hokage, Mitsuhide. Initially it had only been his curiosity about the Shinobi Mitsuo that drew him to her bedside that afternoon. With his stern kindness and fearless orders, the man had just come to ask some seemingly innocent questions and honest concerns about her brief moments with the anbu.
But then his questions turned to those forgotten memories, hidden in the darkness of her mind. The sparks of panic. The raw traces of fear. Hints of regret that had lead to an overbearing impulse.
And then she acted. He defended.... and with a flawless show of power he had demanded the secrets she had hid from the very earth itself....

It had shaken her that day. Threaded a thin needle of doubt within her once impenetrable resolve. Her strongly unstable sense of balance.
But in the had been for her own good. It was the wake up call she needed  Like the men who's faces had been burned in to her memory, she couldn't run forever. She couldn't hide forever. The Genin should have know that eventually...inevitably, the thing she ran from would eventually catch up. And if she was not ready for this... If Shizuka was not prepared.....

The thought was smothered, the feels hidden, and once more she turned her focus back to the sensations around her...and the reason why she had wandered out this far to begin with. 
Between these tangle of trees.....beneath the thick emerald canopy far above her senses; she had hoped to return to the place where they had found her two months ago. The blood speckled clearing where she had dropped those handful of memories after having wandered the borders for hours. Carelessly leaving them to be forgotten until they found her way back to her unconscious mind.  But; after walking around for near two hours it was starting to come clear. Shizuka was no where near that place. It sounded the same. It felt the same. But once more her superior senses had been deceived. Like this place....this stragely unique forest, it never changed.

She was lost......again. 

With a heavy sigh slipping through the soft curve of her pale rosy lips Shizuka stepped towards a break in the trees. A small opening where the warmth could cascade down through the haze of foliage and kiss the land with it's cruelly gentle rays. this moment of respite she sat down calmy at it's center, legs crossed in front of her and palms resting lightly on her knees. Comfortable Listening intently to the frightening world around her. The echoes of her footsteps as they caught up with her thoughts, the insects scattering about the leaves, the beasts hiding just outside of her curiosity. 
And yet another stranger's footsteps getting closer....and closer. Closing in...slowly, steadily on her position. 

"So..." she spoke quietly...softly to the sounds of her racing heart beat. The subtle unsteadiness of her breaths
"Why did you come here? Are you looking for something, or are you lost too?" 

Tell me I'm not alone


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The smallest of pebbles can causes ripples in the largest of ponds. Nanashi really don't know nor remember where he had heard or seen the given statement but the origins of it was the furthest thing from the man's mind at the given time. Like being hit by a tornado or a hurricane, his thoughts were in a chaotic mess that can be amply described as a war zone. He couldn't make heads or tails of the situation that had unexpectedly befallen on him. Out of all the times now his mother had to give him the information, that at an early time in his life, he had longed for. Like a baby crying wanting to suckle of their mother's breast, he had longed to know more about the parent that was never apart of his life. He wanted to know the man who gave up the life given seed, which ultimately led to his existence. He wanted to know who exactly his father was.

But those were the times of old.

And now the man could have cared less about the sperm donor. Nanashi didn't feel any kinship towards the man who laid his mother, carelessly spilling the batter need for his conception deep within her womb during a one night stand and leaving the next day – never once looking back. For the past twenty-three years he had grown up with a father figure in his life. Without a prominent man figure who was in charge of teaching him the finer points of being a man. For those years such a role was given to his mother and the members of the Geisha house that he called home. The women of the establishment going out of their way to teach him the proper etiquette when dealing with someone of their gender. They didn't have to but yet they did. If anything they were his fathers and prominent figure in his life. There wasn't need for find out about the man who helped created him. There wasn't any kinship. And quite frankly Nanashi cared less.

Or so he thought.

If that was the case than why did the information within the parchment effect him so much? Why did finding out the name and last known location of his father cause cause him distress. The man wasn't important to him, right? He didn't feel any kinship towards him, right? It was just a one nightstand, right? Like an overflowing pitcher, more and more questions and doubts dumped themselves into the man's mind, and cause his usually stoic visage to crack a little at a sudden realization. Guanyin Nanashi, Jounin medic of Iwagakure and currently Anbu member, did care about his father. Damn his mother for given him the answers to the question now!

Like floating gray butterflies, the parchment holding the name of his father, fluttered in the wind; they being set a blazed by Nanashi who had decided to destroy them. There wasn't any need to be carrying that information around on him. No there wasn't any need at all. . .

A sigh escaped Nanashi's lips as he watched the ashes flutter away from his current location, that being on the door steps of a small hospital hidden within the rollings. The man didn't know how long her stood a front of the door to his place of work, nor the amount of nurses who asked him if he was okay, as he simply stared at the piece of paper that was once in his hands. He had came her to work and train some of the other nurses but the given revelations cause him not to be interested in such an activity. Without wasting a second the man pivoted and left the area – though not before telling a nurse that he wasn't coming in this morning. The man needed some time to himself.

Amusing. . .

Of all the places that his legs dragged his body it had to be this one. The Dense Forest. In Iwagakure no Sato Nanashi had read a lot about the woodland – taking an interest in the flora that cause the place home. The variety of the flora in the area was immense and there were quite a few of them that could only be founded here – thus it made for some fun exploration for foreign medics. However that wasn't what he had found amusing. No, the fact not that further from this location there lies the land of his father. And it was that what he founded amusing – very much so.

Nanashi founded himself engrossed in the surrounding wildlife and the variety of plants that where about him. If he had some precognition ability he would have brought something to carefully harvest some of the more rarer floras that had caught his intention. He'll definitely make another trip here in the near future. But for the time being the silver haired medic will simply immerse himself in the nature around him, wrapping himself in her ever loving brace, like a swaddle child does to their mother. It allowed him to . . .

Forget about what he had learned.

Like chimes in the wind, the soft words of another playfully tickled Nanashi's ears causing him to look around his surroundings momentarily before locking on the woman sitting within the clearing. He couldn't get a good idea of her appearance due her back facing him – the only thing worth noting was the black locks of hers.

The words of this mysterious female cause Nanashi to pause slightly. Why was he here? He didn't have no urge to travel to this place but yet his legs carried him anyway. Does that mean while consciously he didn't want to subconsciously he did? He wasn't looking for anything. At least not that he know of. Nor was he lost. He simply wandering within the forest.

“A little bit of all three. I guess. “ He said, the words coming out soothed though felt foreign to him, never would Nanashi admit such things to anyone, especially a complete strange, and yet here the silver haired male was, dressed in black casual pants and a dark blue shirt with black shoes, doing the one thing that he rarely if ever did.

Opening up. . .

“And what about you? Why are you here, miss?” He asked, turning the question the woman had asked onto her now.

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"Oh....I was looking for something.
But I guess I got lost" 


It was just after dawn when she first stepped out that morning. 
She remembered the feeling of those diamond dew drops as they gathered about her ankles and the way the emerald blades brushed her soles clean. There were subtle hints of an earthly musk on the wind, and traces of an incoming rain. It was a wonderful contrast to the final breaths and frosty touches of last night's chills.
Creatures stirred in the silence, people slept through the the maple warm rays; and even though the warming globe had yet to extend it's reach out above the buildings rooftops, Shizuka Houkyaku thought it was the perfect time to wander out and make her way through the village without being judged with their seeing eyes.
And at was a good idea. It was perfect. Just venturing out while the world still slept like a restless child so she could focus better on the familiar sounds, the feelings......the memories.  But in the end, Shizuka was a fool to think that she could find anything all by herself.
You can't look when you can't see and now she was lost.

A lost thing looking for a lost thing. 

Shizuka barely flinched when she heard that voice. She barely even stirred. The only movement he would see, was when the wind tousled the long strands of sapphire ebony hair as it hung in careless tangles passed her shoulders along with the two ends of the blindfold.
The simple blue kimono hanging just past her thighs, the worn black tights underneath. The lean statuesque figure it covered so well.
This stranger in the forest would see what they all would see when looking at the young Genin. A small helpless blind girl lonely and lost.
Little had he known that this was only half true. 

Carefully. Carefully. 

Using her one un-bandaged arm, the girl eased herself up to her knees, stretching out the hours of sitting before balancing herself on the barely steady feet. Then, after brushing away the longer strands from the black material blindfold and the tired expression, she turned to look directly at the male. As if the covering tied about her head meant nothing. Almost as if she was seeing with....

"Are you from around here? You're voice....footsteps; I don't recognize them. Where are you from?"

The question seemed a little pointless. There were many people in Konohagakure, every one had a different voice, a different way of walking. Different way of looking at things and at people; 
But Shizuka remembered most of what she heard and all of what she saw. If she had come across the gentle footsteps of the Shinobi behind her, or met the softly spoken voice before. She would certainly have remembered it. And as for his eyes.....that would have to be determined later. There were only two that knew the truth of what was hiding behind the blindfold. The truth of her abilities. Shakai, the only person she could trust. And the Hokage who had ruthlessly found out by taking advantage of her weakened state. Since then though... no one would know. No one could know.

Secrets were supposed to stay secret. 

With her covered gaze still on him, Shizuka stepped carefully forward, ignoring the pain in her leg where she had been stabbed during that mission that started all this. She got closer and closer with each carefully calculated footsteps.... until she stopped barely a meter away. For just a moment....a few small seconds she stood there listening for his heart rate, his breathing....any sudden movements that could hint towards his true intentions for being out here at this time. Before slowly breaking the moment by raising her hands towards him, asking with silent permissions if she could continue.....If she could see him in the way every other did when sight was no longer an option.
Shizuka would be gentle...soft....careful even. Like she was afraid to break the things she touched. But behind those hands were a surety that only few knew about.

"Really...what are you doing out here? You can't have come out here just to find me. Who are you?" 

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“A little bit of all three. . .I guess.”

- - -




The lone yellow gem placed secured in a socket had seen the coming and ending of the past two days without any reprieve in between. The days rolled on continuous, like one an old projection film, never truly ending or being – they just kept going on. For the past forty-eight hours worked tirelessly within the confinements of the hospital – a prisoner of the establishment. Unlike a captive who had no rights, this one did, Nanashi was the leader and alpha of this little establishment – telling all the wardens that depended on him what to do and when to do it. Though they weren't as helpless as they seemed for they are completely capable of running this place in a functioning manner when he isn't around.

Though to what degree has yet to be seen.

The world slowly began to heat up via the giant fireball in the sky, newly formed diamond droplets hardening on the emerald blades reflecting the warm rays of the sun; as the birds begin to sing their melody while other animals scurried going about their morning routine – Nanashi could be seen walking amongst the hallways going about his rounds once again. A silence had descended upon the hospital only being shattering by the footsteps of the few nurses who was packing up leaving, having worked the night shift with Nanashi, despite not having to. They will surely get some commendation for their work ethic and would be getting a favorable recommendation if they decided to pursue a differ avenue or simply wanted to advance their career. The least he could do.

”Nanashi there's a letter for you.”

The grainy and scratches of the female nurse's voice, a perfect blend of her natural voice and her sickness, caused Nanashi to pause a front of a door that he was going to open.


What's this?

A letter for Nanashi?

What could it be?

Fidgeting the letter size parchment in his hands, it's sandpaper like texture rubbing against his surprisingly soothed hands, Nanashi tousled with the idea of what might be sealed inside it and if it was important or not. Was he going to open it? Of course he was. . . Nanashi was a naturally curious individual after all. And thus he opened it. A letter from his mother.

Dear Son,

. . .

Not just any type of letter but a letter that unearthed answers that he deeply wanted to known, unconsciously. Pandora’s box has been open and instead of excavating wickedness, it unrevealed truths that Nanashi didn't want to know.

“You are an Uchiha. . .”

Using the affinity that the Uchiha was known for that single parchment was destroyed and Nanashi himself left the confinements.

And now we are here. . .

The resembles between the female a front of him and a fellow geisha that he was incredibly close to, going as far as killing a group of Iwagakure civilians who tried to take advantage of her, was uncanny . . . unnerving. For the first few moments Nanashi didn't bother speaking instead simply watch the woman a front of him watching as the wind played with the black locks of her hair and revealing the ends of a fabric that seem to wrap around her face. . .more specifically her eyes.

Was she blind?

The question itself was a valid one indeed and also a sensitive one that Nanashi wouldn't dare to ask directly ask her. He has been on the receiving end of a tongue lashing when he 'mistaking' asked someone about their blindness directly. Never again . . .

”Either she's blind or she's using the wraps to train her other senses.” Nanashi mused to himself, listening to the soft, cloud like words of the woman before him. How acute of her, noticing that he wasn't from Konohagakure simply by listening to his voice and footsteps. This woman's hearing was phenomenal.

“You are correct in your assumption. I'm not from Konohagakure but rather Iwagakure. A simple man who wanted to visit Konoha – more specifically this forest, the flora here not being founded in my home country.” His words came out soothed, a little bit feminine but having enough masculinity that one couldn't question his male gender by simply hearing his voice.

“You have some phenomenal hearing and memory to be able to distinguish me from the rest of Konoha's denizen.” Nanashi complimented, his words being sincere for the silver haired man truly meant what he had said.

Nanashi didn't move from his position, a yellow eye watching as the woman, who he had stumbled upon, made her way towards him. Her steps being calculating and precise – obliviously she wasn't a civilian. With each step she took this mysterious later got closer to the silver haired male.




Barely a meter away. This lady, who ever she might be, had entered the personal space of Guanyin Nanashi something that not many people, excluding family, friends and patients, have the luxury of doing. Normally the medic would have kept a healthy amount of distance between him and a stranger – especially that of the shinobi variety. So it was a miracle that Nanashi allowed her to get this closer.

His skin involuntarily shivered at the gentle strokes of her hand as it familiarized itself with Nanashi's face. Nanashi didn't bat an eyelash as the woman meticulously painted a mental picture of him – using her nimble fingers to do so. Nanashi lone eye watched for any sign of disgust in her visage as she graced over the centipede like scar that covered the empty, right eye socket. It being a constant reminder of that day.

“Me, come for you?” Nanashi inquired, surprised that this woman thought someone had sent him to retrieve her “Must have a lot of enemies or people who care about you if you believe I was here to retrieve you.” He said, brushing and tucking away a stray strain of her ebony locks behind her ear, his movement being gentle and cautious, just in case she thought he was being hostile to her.

“My reasons for coming here are simple. I want to explore the forest and maybe harvest some of the rare flora here, seeing how I have spotted a couple that would prove beneficial in the medical field.” Nanashi replied, giving her some insight into his profession while not directly telling her that she's a medic. . .at least not yet.

“My name is Guanyin Nanashi, a shinobi of Iwagakure.” Nanashi replied, looking for any signs of recognition that might dance across the woman's face. It's not a secret anymore that Nanashi was considered one of the best medics in the Elemental Nations, people coming from other countries just to get healed by the silver haired male. It was kind of amusing to see foreign shinobi seeking him out to perform delicate procedures.

“And who might you be? And what might you be doing out here all alone?” He inquired, throwing the same questions that he just answered back at the woman before him. For a brief second Nanashi's lone eye flicked down to the bandaged arm before returning back to the woman's face “But a better question is, who did the crappy job of healing your arm?” He asked, his outer visage never changing while he was scowling mentally at the shitty bandaged job.

Being a doctor never ends. . .

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Guanyin Nanashi
Where have I heard that name before?
Sounds. Feelings.

Her fractured consciousness drifted in and out like an unattached ghost; fading between the shades of darkness, floating around those chaotic sounds. With every barbwire breath, she could feel the fire clawing at her eyes, the crackled bones, the torn flesh..... She could feel the crippling, throbbing ache slowly start to slip from her frail painted form. Slipping until all that was left; was this mercy given numbness... and an urge to sleep till the last trees of Konoha had all died away. 
But before she could give in to the better dream.... before the darkness could collect her remaining senses: their words became clear. The purely crisp air reached her lungs, the sensation returned to her skin and in that moment.... in those final breaths Shizuka heard her hope creep steadily closer.  

"What happened here?"
"Hey I think this one is still alive"
"Quick! Go get help" 

Before what was left of her mind, could fall away to the kinder darkness, she felt herself being lifted away from the shattered memories. Where they were taking her? She didn't know. She didn't care.  The pitch eternity was waiting. 

And yet....clarity came again

Scents. Taste. 

The sterile stench of anesthetic and bleach, crept through her air ways like a miasma python. Devouring her oxygen. Paralyzing her lungs. And yet not even that could over power the iron tang that trickled down her throat. 
The voices whispering foreign words in her mind. The precise fingers crawling over the shattered bones. The only familiarity from the place where they claimed her: was the darkness that had followed like a childhood nightmare and the ache that lingered about her eyes like a blind fold wrapped too tightly.
And yet...once more, Beneath the confusion of aromas and the sour bile under her tongue. Beneath the blanket of darkness consuming her world; one....small conscious fragment of her mind reached out to understand their words in a simple...perfect....moment of clarity. 

  "I don't think we can much more" she had heard one say "I've repaired most of the nerves might not be enough" 
  "I've a friend that's in contact with Nanashi Guanyin. I could..." 
  "There's not enough time for that. It's done. It's over. I'm sorry. 
I am so.... sorry"  

It would be weeks before she found the meaning behind those words.
It would be months before she accepted them. And by the time that she had adjusted to their shortcomings, Shizuka Houkyaku had found a new way of feeling the world around her. And it started...with that first touch. 



Senses. Reactions

A long time ago, Shizuka learned that your eyes can deceive you.
A scent can lead you astray and a sound can be lost inside an echo. 
But sensing.... feeling. Detecting the subtle most reactions beneath the delicate trace lines under her dexterous fingers... No mirage. No illusion. No...playful trickery could prevent her from painting a precise picture of the man who was standing in front of her.
And so far....the image of this man was not one she would easily forget. 

Naturally, the first thing that caught her attention was his voice. 
Soft, gentle. Honest. He spoke almost as if his reasons were secret and he didn't want anyone but the wind to hear those genuine compliments aimed in her direction. There was no judgment, no obvious need to know the reasoning behind her lack of sight. He simply....spoke to her. Even when she approached him with those calculated, counted steps; when she placed her unnervingly steady hands against his skin, he didn't so much as flinch. In fact the only reaction she could feel was the very slight breath of a shiver under his stilled expression. A small telling sense that he wasn't used to people being this close, touching him this gently. Well... not a complete stranger anyway. 
And then Shizuka got to his eye. 
The scar so strange under her fingers. The skin knitted together to protect the empty space beneath. Her own memories brought pause to the movements as she traced her thumb over the marring once more before continuing the familiar motions as if the thought never occurred.  Despite what she wanted to believe was no denying what she was feeling. The one standing in front of her was also missing an eye. 
   Oh yes. It had been just over a year since she had met someone with the same infliction as hers. And just like him, they too had an air light voice and softer footsteps. But this person: They wore their judgement and prying like a shining badge and used it whenever opportunity came stumbling across their paths. As much as Shizuka hated that old woman for the first months: that open attitude was what saved her life time and time....and time again.

This: Is what returned the light smile to her pale rose lips, as she dropped her arms to fall carefully at her side. 
Memories were a powerful source. It was such a shame that she couldn't find the one's that she left lying around here. 

Questions. Answers.

"Not so much I'm afraid. The people here suspect I may have killed someone before coming here so they have been trying to keep an eye on me just in case I do something...." 

Knowing that she was still standing pretty close, Shizuka took a step back. Allowing him the personal space she took before, almost tripping over the instability in her sore leg. A seemingly insignificant action which brought her attention back to something he had said. 
This Guanyin was a medical shinobi. And a skilled one at that. It was his name that they thought to call when trying to save her eyes those years ago. They thought he could restore her sight before it was too late. But it was too late. Her sight...her eyes. They were gone forever. Just like his one eye could never be replaced. 

And then he had to ask about her arm.

More memories. More pain. 
It was a different circumstance to back then. The first time they hurt her she was sound asleep. Defenseless. Hopeless. She did nothing because there was nothing she could do. That little girl had just laid there and waited for them to take her away and heal the visible scars.
This time it was her fault though. The scars they had failed to heal had started to ache and she acted like that same little girl. But this time.... this time when they came to take her away and repair her once more, Shizuka had run back to the cool shadows of her home. Deciding to deal with it herself instead of relying on them. Because even though they would bandage and feed her medicine that would null the pain.
It would only fix the scars they could see. 

"My name is Shizuka. Shizuka Houkyaku. I guess....I came out here to see if I could find the place where they found me. But that was stupid idea. Apparently it's a bad idea to run away from the hospital before they could heal my arm properly.

Have you found any plants that take your fancy. There's one over there that smells like aloe but I can't be sure. 
You know....I have always wanted to learn how to be able to use those techniques. But people are a little...reluctant to train people like me. If you know what I mean" 

Another smile. Another steady step back.
She continued to look towards him as if the blindfold was never there. 
The longer they spent time together the more she would know about him. And knowing: was key to surviving.


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Shizuka Houkyaku

We finally meet and the only thing I can say is. . .

I'm sorry.
- - -

Memories long since forgotten and buried by the sands of time were slowly awaking from their slumber, ever so slowly rising, ascending from their earthen tomb to reveal their secrets to the world once more – secrets that dealt with the blind woman before their master.

What would life be without memories? Could humans ever exist without them? Or would they simply cease to exist? That's a question no one can answer that for certain. However, one can easily take a guess. Life without memories would be a scratched music recorded, continuously skipping, never progressing further than it's current place, repeating the same thing over and over again. The human, as a species, wouldn't be able to evolve further than their most simplistic state having not the mental prowess to recall previous mistakes so that they won't make them twice. In turn society would cease to exist . . . at least in theory.

Memories are taking for granted by humans; who don't think much about the memories that have collected throughout their life. For many they find them to be a source of depression, anger, sadness, and any other negative emotions, bringing up unwanted replays of something in their life that they tried to target. On the other side of the spectrum the opposite is tree for memories allow humans to relive those perish moments of their life, the touch of their loving mother, a birthday, or the touch of a lover; they give them the chance to go back in time for a split second to relive those precious moments. Yet, despite all of this humans take them from granted.

Not Nanashi, from the good to the bad every memory is a precious to him, for without them he wouldn't be the person he's today. And it was because of a certain memory, a conversation between comrades, came forth after hearing the name of woman before him.

- - -

”Finish this sentence for me.”


“If I can go back into time – “

“I would say I'm sorry.”

- - -

I'm sorry.

A tired sigh escaped Nanashi's lips as he unceremoniously flopped down on the bar stool, the rhythmic drumming of his fingers being drowned out by the blaring music and the chatter coming from the patrons of the bar, as he waited for the arrival of his drink. The day had been hellish and the silver haired man simply wanted to relax and drain the night away with alcohol. Sadly he wouldn't be that lucky.

“This seat taken?” Turning his head towards the source of the baritone voice, Nanashi peered at the brown haired man for a split second, a grunt escaping his lips before turning back towards the bar. The man apparently taking the grunt response as a negative and thus the once unoccupied stool became occupied.

“You are a hard man to find, Nanashi.”

“Not hard enough seeing how you found me.”

“Eh, I guess so. Still doesn't take away from the fact I been looking for you.”

“Did you check at the hospital?”

“Yeah but every time I went there they said you was busy.”

“That's about right, Marise has been having me work multiple shifts along with accompanying her to various meetings. Plus she had help with a number of different surgeries.”

“Sounds like she's prepping you for something.”

“Mhmm. She took me around some of the medical facilities that she owned through a partnership.”


“Yep. Apparently I will be her successor, therefore I need to make regular visit to those facilities amongst other things.”

“Sounds like to much work for my taste.”

“It should be fun. So why have you been looking for me?”

“The daughter of a close friend of mine had her eyes badly damaged after getting attacked by some scumbags. The doctors could only repair the nerves, and couldn't save her sight.”

“You mean they wasn't competent enough to do the procedure.”


“Want me to see if I could help her?”

The man shook his head in a negative “No, whatever the doctors did they said there wouldn't be enough time, so they did a mock job of a procedure and now the girl is blind.”


“Come on, lets go.” Nanashi said, placing the saucer on the table along with the money for his drink, standing up and looking at the man beside him.


“I can come on. Lets go see this girl, I'm sure there something I can do.”

“But they doctors say – “

“Not all doctors are bubbling idiots. They said nothing can be done. I say that they are liars. “

“You think so?”

“Of course. Even if there isn't a solution right now I will find one.”

“Thank you, Nanashi.” The man said following Nanashi out of the bar, heading towards the gates.

Sadly they would never arrive, for an attack happen on Iwa and subsequently Nanashi lost an eye.

- - -

The delicate fingers of her danced across his face, painting her a visage image of the man who had stumbled on her moment of solitude, Nanashi couldn't help to think what she would think about a certain aspect of him that she was deadly close to touch. There! As the nimble fingers of this foreign female touched the centipede like scar covering an empty socket like dirty hastily filling a hole, Nanashi watched intently for any signs of disgust from the woman. Either the woman was an amazing actor or she simply didn't care about the image that's was being painted by the fingers of hers. For a split second she paused in the tracing of the scar before continuing onward, painting the picture. Nanashi couldn't help but to wonder why she paused and if the scar brought back some kind of memory.

”Must be a good one.” Nanashi mused to himself, taking note of the faint smile that ghosted across her face. The simplistic expressions can tell someone a lot about an individual – especially in a smile. The simple gesture can convey so many emotions besides happiness, one just had to look closely enough to see it. Nanashi noted behind that smile was something else that he couldn't place his finger on at the moment but it seemed like longing? Though he could be wrong.

The voice of the woman before him reminded Nanashi of wind chimes, light, clear, beautiful. A beautiful sea maiden that use her voice to lure unexpected voyagers into her grasp, that's what her voice reminded Nanashi of. If Nanashi seemed surprised by her admission of being suspected of killing someone it didn't show on his face. The truth of the matter was the fact that she could have killed someone didn't bother him at all, if anything it made him more comfortable – not like he was a saint by any stretch of the imagination.

“Trying to keep an eye on you? They ain't doing a good job, seeing how there isn't any in the immediate area." Nanashi noted having noticed the lack of Anbu in the surrounding area. If they were suppose to keep surveillance on the black haired female they weren't doing a good job. Was the Anbu shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato that incompetent?

”Another injury?” The sharp eye of a predatory locked on the sore leg of Shizuka as it almost caused her to trip. The moment causing Nanashi to almost come to her assistance but he held his ground. He could tell that this woman was a strong one.

There was a subtle shift in air as Nanashi inquired about her bandaged arm. The once calm, peaceful, aura that saturated the area became slightly heavily and a little bit darker. Nanashi wonder what exactly had cause this sudden shift? It was oblivious that whatever it was dealt with her bandaged arm. But what?

“That's a beautiful name. What does it mean?” Nanashi asked, Despite popular belief Nanashi didn't know everything, lacking knowledge in certain area, one being the meaning behind names. But being a seeker of knowledge has cause Nanashi to be naturally curiosity about things – this being a prime example. “Sometimes the things we seek will eventually seek us out.” Nanashi sagely stated.

The silver haired male couldn't help to chuckle, at her running away from the hospital, before stepping towards the woman “Maybe it was a bad idea, but it seem like luck has shined down on you. I can heal that. if you want me to.” Nanashi said, offering his assistance to the stranger. The man didn't have any reason to heal the woman, he just wanted to do it. Nothing more nor less.

“I doubt the people of Konoha would appreciate if I harvested some of those plants. After all any plants I did take would be use to grow them in Iwagakure.” Nanashi said. The silver haired man hate to admit but Konoha had a bigger variety of plants that could be used for medical purpose than Iwagakure had.

”So she want to learn?” It was clear as day that Shizuka had an urge for knowledge, as evident by her indirectly asking for training from the silver haired male. It was also clear that because of prejudice within this village, regarding her circumstances, many didn't want to train her. Fools. They were letting their prejudice nature to cloud their judgment, and not seeing the potential Shizuka has.

“Training. . .” The word hung in the air for an extended amount of time, as Nanashi pretend to think about the helping her.

“If that what you want. I will train you.” Nanashi said, opening a door way for her to walk through if she so desire.

With an opportunity to gain more power a front of her will Shizuka take it? Or will she allow the door to close? Only time will tell.


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"You sure ask a lot of questions" 


But Shizuka didn't mind though. It was not often that she could have a proper conversation with another. To just...stand there and talk as if she were one of those normal, semi interesting people with an average life, wandering about the land of Konoha. And they were just a curious person who didn't stare and gawk at her blindfold, wondering so loud that she could feel their thoughts whispering in her highly attuned ears. 
No. Here with him it was different. Better. Easier. She could concentrate on her own thoughts, her own words. Even if some of those words were rousing memories that she would rather keep to herself. 
What was it about this man that felt comfortable to be around.  Maybe it was his seemingly gentle demeanor or calm, controlled way he held himself. Or maybe he was so good at hiding his intentions that even her senses couldn't decipher his intentions. Either way, she would happily continue to answer his questions, no matter what they may be.

No. They weren't here...were they? 

"I left pretty early this morning. i don't think they expected me to leave the house when I did . That and I guess....they trust me a little more now" 

Well that was what she thought anyway. When Shizuka stepped out a little after dawn, she couldn't sense them.
Usually they were there. Just lingering outside of her radar... outside of her range. Just far enough that she couldn't attack them yet close enough to remind her that they were watching. That they could step in at any moment if she was thinking of trying something.
 But today she couldn't sense them at all. As if they were making a special effort not to be noticed, or they were not there at all. Either way, the prickling... crawling feeling that eyes were on her, watching her every movement; it all stopped the moment she breached the edged of the forest. And for the first time since she got to the village, Shizuka was completely alone.... that was until he showed up. 

My name?

It was rare to catch the black sapphire haired female off guard. Even more so to have it appear evident on her partially masked features. 
But there it was as clear as the black material binding her eyes, the surprise of the rather, out of the blue question. 

"It mean's....quiet. Silent.  My mother said that she chose it because it suited me. I wonder if she's right" 

That wasn't the only thing her mother said: 
The Houkyaku clan... her clan was little known among some villages and a mystery to others, while the rest didn't know it all.  
For centuries they stayed hidden in plain sight, buried among their secrets, and shut away from the rest of the world. Just sitting back and watching the world go by in the safety of their sanctuaries. 
But amongst these shadow people; there was one small girl who would wake up before dawn to sneak outside, hoping to catch the first rays of sun as they collided with the radiant ice capped mountain in a magnificent spectrum of glory. No one would hear the words of wonder as they slipped from her lips and no one would hear her creep back to dream about those colours. She was the most quiet of them all. 

"So how about you? What does Nanashi mean?" 

And did he know that she was seeking out someone like him? 

Once again the genteel voice caught her by surprise, but this time the only reaction he would see from her fair features was the same light hearted smile she wore when first greeting the medic. 
In this instance though, it wasn't the fact he could heal her that caused the barely noticeable shift in her demeanor. It was the offer. 
The last person to have her healed was the Hokage Mitsuhide. And it turned out that he didn't want her, he just wanted the thoughts she had hidden away. It was the same for the nurses who just wanted her to leave. Before then it was a complete stranger who wanted her to spy on someone. The only person to heal her for the sake of healing her: Was the old woman. It was always her. 

"Please don't take this the wrong way but....why?
You can see I am managing okay and just because your a doctor doesn't give you automatic obligation so...." 

A slight pause. She turned slightly to the plant which had her attention before. The fingerprint aroma, pulling her lack of vision for just a moment. His words making her linger.... but then the topic changed. His question changed and the Houkyaku was back to staring with the covered eyeless gaze, wondering where this....this being came. Why was he be so curious when he would forget her the moment he turned his back and she tiptoe danced away. Why offer her so much when most would refuse her an apple on a snowy day? 
These questions were the only thing to keep her from wandering away. 

Training too? 

"You would do that? For a complete stranger? 
If you are offering then I would be in your debt. I... have always wanted to do something more than just...survive" 

Was he honest? Was his intentions...honest?
Only time would tell

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"You're hurt both mentally and physically."

- - -

It took some time but he finally noticed it. The ever so subtle injured that were buried deeply within her body. This trauma wasn't something physical and can be healed with the skill hand of a medic, but rather mental, having come about through some traumatic experiences that she has force to endure and she came out of it scared - despite trying to portray otherwise. She is a good actor, hiding those injuries underneath a facade of indifference and stoicism. It took some time, more than he would willingly admit, but he finally managed to peel back that face, if only a little, to see the injuries underneath the bandages. He didn't have either the need nor want to fully rip these bandages off, exposing the mental trauma to ever judgmental world, allowing others to judge her when themselves are wounded. No, he simply put the bandages back on like they once were, hiding the wounds once more, allowing them to remain unknown to all but her. No matter the person, everyone was entitled to their secrets and Nanashi respected that.

He intently listen to the words spoken by the woman before him. She spewing the tale of how she lost her shadows, even if it was just for a little while. How the trust that was once lost was slowly sprinkling back in, given her more freedom. In order for a flower to grow, they must have some freedom. "Waking up early to be the first to escape the confinements of society and enter the land of nature when it's the most purest, before society can touch it?" He started in a rhetorical-like fashion. He himself being fond of taking scrolls in the wee hours of the morning

"You seem content and confused at the same time, why? Is it because I actually treat you normal?"

The blind. The disable. The evil. The damned. They were all treated with either pity and cautious, being seem as fragile porcelain, easily breakable if not handled with care; or disgust and vile, being seen as nothing but mindless monsters. How easily others forget that no matter the individual they were all human in the grand scheme of things and should be treated as such. Their sins and faults shouldn't be held against when one's having a conversation with them . . . particularly an interesting one like this.

But it seemed the notion was forgotten by those who talk to her.

Such a heinous crime. Treating a person with so little of respect and humanity that a single question could throw them for a loop. There wasn't any valid reason, at least in his mind, that Shizuka should be treated. Who cares if she was suspected of murder? That didn't give them the right to threat her like they did.

My name means silent. Quiet.

A befitting name. From the small amount of time that they have spoken, within the clearance of this dense forest, Nanashi managed to get the impression that she was quiet person by nature, and he didn't mind it at all. "Who knows." Nanashi shrugged "Parents have a tendency to name their children after a quality they exhibit, one they which their child would exhibit, or simply because they like the name. "

What's your name. . .

There wasn't any hesitation within his voice as he answered the question that was ask by Shizuka "Nanashi . . . it means no-name." He said merit hidden within his voice "At one point in time, my mother was going to name me Yuurei - ghost. But she didn't like the spelling or puncutation of it, so she name me Nanashi - no name. So, yeah I am No-name medic of the Elemental Nations." Of course there was more to the circumstances surrounding his name, but Nanashi didn't feel like getting into that particular topic right now

It was a learning experience. Being around the woman, that is. Her facial expression were extremely subtle, and if one wasn't paying close attention they could easily miss them. He himself, despite his ranking, was having trouble to catch the elusive expressions that race across her face, but ever so slowly he was able to catch them more frequently. So, it shouldn't come to a surprise that he managed to catch the look of surprise that shown on her face briefly before disappearing.


One single word that held so much meaning behind it. Why was this complete stranger offering to help someone that he had no ties, no connections, no reasons to? What did he possibly have to gain from helping this blind girl? "Actually it does give me an obligation to help all who need it, healing them physical and if possible mentally. However, you should be able to tell that obligations means nothing to me. So why do I want to help you? " He paused as the image of a black haired woman danced across his eyes "Lets just say it's somewhat about feeling guilty, for not helping someone I once knew, when I had the power to. And well my daughter wouldn't let me live it down if I didn't try to heal you. If that's not a good enough reason than how about this? What's the point of power when you can't change the world?"

Think on that my friend,

Isn't she the cautious one? Should be expected given her current situation within Konohagakure. And just like before, Nanashi didn't have a reason to help her but yet he still offered. "To a complete stranger? No. To Shizuka? Yes, I will train her but I have one requirement. You'll not try to repay me for actions. You will never be indebted to me. " He stated with conviction, meaning every word about not being indebted to him.

"Well here is your chance to learn more than to survive." He stated.

"So what do you want to learn?"



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Why? Why was he different?


She must have been standing there for at least a minute.
Just gazing through the blackened folds of the heavy material. Listening to the steady rhythm of his heart rate. The controlled pattern of his breathing. The whisper rustles of damp grass as he so subtly... subconsciously shifted weight from one foot to the other.
For that long... drawn out minute, Shizuka tried to hear...she tried to see what made him different from all the others. Why he just stood there with his sweet words and kinder offers. Why she didn't get the same feeling she did when being around all the others. 
Whatever it was... it didn't matter. The questions buzzing around her mind like a winter storm; didn't matter. For that small moment in time, Shizuka felt comfortable. Like she could let her guard down around this individual...that maybe sometime she could tell him her secret. Her goal

That someone took her eyes 
and she intended to get them back 

As she stood there and listened in her silent revere, something caught her attention. Something that pulled her from the wavering stream of thoughts and lift the soft smile to the edges of the blindfold. 
Nanashi: No name. Anonymous. Untitled.
The irony was oddly clever. Here he stood, the one medic whom the elemental nation called on when they needed help. Had a name that was no name. So when they called on him... did they really know whom they were calling for? Or were they just begging for a miracle until this male came knocking on their doors. It was a mystery. He  was a mystery and Shizuka could feel that they had more in common than missing a perfect way of seeing. 

What's the point of power when you can't change the world?"

Where have I heard that before?

That's right. It was during her first mission here. 
She and a stranger known as Shakai; had traveled for hours through wood and spirits in order to seek the council of two ancient beings. A pair whose words were laced with prophecy and truths. 
Back then, Shizuka could not have been more lost. Unsure of which path to take. Not knowing which direction to travel. Every footstep she took was on shaking ground. She needed answers, so the young female searched where ever she could. Including the places that only the spiritual and adept, would ever know existed. It was through him, through Shakai and these beings that she found her answers. They told her that though her path was not the easiest choice. If she could do something, she should. Even the Hokage himself had preached that there was a difference between those that had powers and those that used their powers to accomplish their goals.

The man with no name was correct

"So what do you want to learn?"

"I want to learn everything" she had started to say, her voice echoing with tones of calm resolve  "I want to know how to heal people if they are hurt. And cause pain to those that hurt others. To be able to give people the second chance that I.... 
I just wish to learn all that you are willing to teach someone like me"

There was no excitement in her steadily quiet voice, no anxiety or happiness. There was no sadness or anger either for that matter.
The dark haired female simply answered his question like the question itself didn't matter at all. Even if the truth knew that the lessons he would teach her would mean more to her than he could possibly fathom. Even though she had been looking to learn this ever since her old life had been so brutally taken away from her all those years ago. 
Her emotions. Her feelings. The open expressions hidden behind the passively pale mask, none would reveal the little girl inside, who was secretly falling down on her knees and begging this man, this....stranger, for the one thing she had been searching for since she got to this overgrown place.

Direction. Stability.

A clearer path. 

"I will do as you ask. You will not receive any payments from me, but... you will have my gratitude. That, is something I can not help.
There is something however, that you should know...."  
Shizuka held back a deep breath and distanced herself another step, her covered gaze still pointed towards him as it had been the moment she addressed him the first time what felt like hours ago.
Even now after he spoke of regrets, the young Genin still wondered why he was offering so much. A broken stranger. And without any thing in return... the least she could do was shine a light on her shadows. Even if it meant scaring him from the clearing. 
  "I was...hurt along time ago. Some people took something from me and one day I intend to get it back. And I will do whatever I can to make that happen. Would you still accept a student who has... will hurt someone with what I know?"

Will you turn your back when you see in to my shadows? 

Or will you be like him. 

Please be like him

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So, what do you want to learn?

I want to learn everything?

- - -

Everything. Everything. The single word repeated over and over, like some broken record or some satanic chant used in a ritual, within his mind. Why did it sound familiar to him? Why did it surge him into wanting to help the woman who stood before him? To help a blind woman, who's chance of surviving in this world was close to none? Before the question had been asked and answered so promptly, Nanashi had already came to terms with training Shizuka, though the reasons for during so were selfish; and attempt to cleanse his conscious of past mistakes.. But now.  Now, he genuinely wanted to help Shizuka. But, why? Why did he suddenly get the need to help her. Was he simply growing soft? Or was it something else? What was missing from this puzzle? It was only after she continue speaking did a piece of the puzzle settled in place.

"I want to know how to heal people if they are hurt. And cause pain to those that hurt others. To be able to give people the second chance that I . . ."

Nanashi no longer was looking at Shizuka, bur rather his younger self crying over the mangled corpse of a female, a fellow geisha, his sister in all but blood. The older male watched as his younger self wept over cooling corpse, cursing the Kamis themselves for allowing this too happen. He watched as his younger self continue to weep, not paying any attention to the the other corpse not that far away. A man, neck bent at an odd angle and terror forever etched into his face. The older Nanashi remember who that man was, one of the few corpse littering his life that he didn't forget; for he was the one to take her away from him. Like an old projection film, the images continue to roll onward. He watched as a shadow fellow upon his younger self, he looking up and meeting the eyes of his mothers. Questions were asked and an answers was given.

"What do you want to learn?"



"To never allow this to happen again. I want to heal people and cause pain to those who hurt others. I want to be able to give people another chance that --"

So, that's why he wanted to help her? She remind him of himself, somewhat. But there has to be more, right? There has to be another part of this puzzle that has yet revealed itself to the silver haired male. But what is it? If there's one thing about Nanashi, he wasn't a fool. Once he had gotten Shizuka him to open up, he found himself catching a glimpse of something else about the woman before him. But whatever it was never stayed long enough for him to grasp it.

He nodded at her words of being grateful for his guidance, she didn't have to thank him but it was a welcome gesture nonetheless.. No eyebrow was raise, nor did his expression change, as he waited to see what was something that he needed to know.

He chuckled. The silver haired male just chuckled, after Shizuka spilled her secret to him and seemingly thought that he would change his mind before of it. Such a foolish woman. Closing the distancing between them, his chuckling having dissipated, his right hand fiddling with the tail end of the blindfold "They took your eyes, didn't they? You are the Shizuka who my friend spoke of all those years ago, practically begging me to come and regenerate the eyes of a young girl who had hers taken. So, you are the Shizuka who I fail to save all those years ago. Who I commended to darkness. . ." The last part was spoken in a whisper as he untied her blindfold, uncovering what lay underneath them.

And the Abyss stares back. . .

Regret. That was the prominent emotion he felt at looking into the two gaping holes that use to hold eyes, staring back at him. He wonder, as his hand slowly caresses near the eye-sockets, what color was her eyes. What emotion would be dancing across them at this very moment? Would they be unreadable like her body? Or would they be fill to the brim with emotions? Sadly, he would never know "I never did get the chance to tell you I was sorry, did I? Not making there in time to heal those eyes, and allow you to bathe in the light. Something I regret dearly." He said, his hand falling back down to his side and simply looking at her. There was a pause before he spoke again " Do not fret. You are my student, no matter what path you walk. Kill those who wrong you, for I'll not look at you in disgust nor shame but pride. " He stated before coming to a decision "I have did things that will make some of the most harden criminals cringe in disgust, all in the name of revenge or for someone I cared about." He paused. . .

"Yes, I'm a doctor but when I die only hell awaits me."



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They took your eyes. 


It was quiet for quite some time. Quiet and still.
She could sense him still standing there.... this stranger with no name. She could  sense him... feel him looking down at her with that one eye of his, watching as the anxious hands fiddled with the hem of her dark threaded kimono, the transparent concentration etched across her visible features. The way she looked up at him as if the blindfold wasn't enough to stop her from staring right back.
But at the same time, Shizuka knew that he wasn't really watching the subtle movements and glimmer of expressions that coloured her paler form. No, not this time. Nanashi Guanyin may have been looking at her but what he was seeing was something much further away. 
And besides, the young Genin didn't need her eyes to recognize the silence of a person lost to a thought. Especially when she too, was close to wandering another time and place. 

Another time.

Another place.

She would have just walked away. 
Left them to their bitter sweet memories and disappear back on another path. Slowly crawling back to the doors she had hauled herself through that morning a life time ago, and retreat back to safety of solitude. Did Shizuka really need a teacher? Did she really need friends? Did the young girl really want to know where those thoughts carried him after he had taken heed to the secrets and pleas she so carelessly threw away. 
Whatever answers her mind had stumbled on to; the genin stayed. She simply stood there as she had been since hearing that gently masculine voice for the first time, and waited... patiently listening for the silence to end and for the world to resume it's normal patterns.  
Because then... only then she would know which path to take. The one that kept going or the one that she would have followed if this was any other time. Any other.....

"They took your eyes, didn't they?..." 


Stop. Stop. 

Everything. Stopped

The thrumming in her chest. The sighs at her lips. The feeling under her fingertips, against her skin, inside and outside all over it just.... stopped. 
No one really knew what had happened that night. No one was supposed to know. Only the wide childlike eyes of a barely seven year old girl, had witnessed those waking night terrors. The monsters that broke in to her house and shattered every memory, while driving their black knives through the old man's flesh like a butcher carving off bad meat....before beating to bloody, what was left. Only she would see them tear her mother apart piece by shredded piece, before taking her again and again on top of what remained of her father. Only Shizuka would be alive to remember the twisted nightmarish faces of the ones that beat her and ripped apart everything that she had left in this world. 
Yes. They had taken her eyes that night. They had gouged them from her screaming form with a piece of broken glass before leaving her to pray for the angels that would never come. And yes, she had never told anyone what had really happened. So how did he.....? 

".....So, you are the Shizuka who I fail to save all those years ago. Who I commended to darkness. . ." 

" It wasn't you. Even if you could have got there in time. Even if you had given me new eyes. It wouldn't be the same. are not the one who should be feeling regret. You are not the one who took....."

No. Don't look. Please

The moment she felt those nimbly skilled fingers, start to toy with the frayed ends of her blindfold. The very second she felt the pressure against her blush, slip away with the material, Shizuka froze. Every muscle, every bone...every fiber in her slightly trembling form tensed up and froze. All she could do was look up helplessly... hopelessly as the older male delicately unwound the material and tilted her head up to better see the last pieces of her they had taken that night. 
And what he would see.... was simply...nothing. Nothing but two black pits against a snow pale skin, with lines and lines of pale scars to highlight the damage they had done. It was hideous. Gruesome. And yet he placed those same gentle fingers against her features just as she had done to him and started caressing the marring that marked her wonder. Who was this person? Where did he come from?

I have to see

It was like second nature now. Shedding her chakra like a second skin, allowing it to slip away, taking with it, a piece a small piece of her mind and a smaller bit of her attention.
Within that one breath those traces of her would simply fall away. Slipping away so it could slowly...subtly reach out to him, hoping to slip in to his own mind and give her access to his sight. Just as she had done with the kage. Just as she had done with him.
This technique....this ability. It was barely there. Like a trickle of air against the back of one's neck it could easily go unnoticed and even easier fought. Just a simple break of kai would stop her entrance. 
But Shizuka...she wanted to see. She needed to see. So... lingering just under the surface, under the remains of her mind a new technique would linger. A way to break the kai that would break her attempts. 
She trusted this Nanashi Guanyin. He was her teacher and maybe...a friend. But if he didn't...if he tried... Shizuka would try too.

If she was successful, then in a matter of mere minutes, an image would form in her mind. A picture of a slight, trembling pale girl staring night pits back up at her. But he... he didn't see her the way most did. There was no fear. No hatred. No turning away in disgust at the sight. No. There was simply.... recognition? 
Whatever it was, it had her in so much awe that the female barely registered that when she spoke the voice would be in his mind and not to the wind as it usually was. That it was once more...some thing new.

"Is this how you see me? How can you be proud of someone who looks like this?"

While looking through his eyes. While seeing through him, Shizuka couldn't help but notice something she wouldn't have paid attention to had she been only listening as she was doing before. 
Without warning, the female withdrew her mind and took a step back from him. Away from his reach... away from his touch that reminded her of a warmer time. Then, with practiced procedure, she retied the blindfold, adjusted it over her eyes and turned her head back to the ground. Back to the way she was before.

"What is it? You can't train me now.... can you? You weren't here for long after all. It's okay....I understand" 

Thats right. There was no sadness in her voice. No disappoint. Not even the slightest wavering to whisper how she was feeling behind the freshly placed mask. Instead, she simply smiled that same, light hearted smile and bowed politely. She knew that he wouldn't go back on his word. His eyes were as honest as his voice. But for now she would have to wait till they met again before he would fulfill his promise to her. In the mean time, she would get stronger. Shizuka Houkyaku would continue to look for her memories and learn from the missing pieces. She would be worthy of his training the next time they would meet and she would really give him a reason to be proud.

"Next time we meet. I'll be the one to find you. I look forward to that day, Master Nanashi Guanyin. They are calling for you. So I...." 

One last smile. One last moment.
Shizuka felt a light bushing up against her arm as a stray butterfly flew recklessly past and in to the forest. That one tiny feeling. That one insignificant happenstance, reminded her of how his fingers felt against her skin. Light yet so easily turned deadly. Comforting and threatening all at the same time. She missed it already.
As Shizuka turned from the clearing, she fumbled her fingers in to the signs that felt right and focused her chakra one last time. Then...her own butterfly appeared just beside where the other had flown past. Again another appeared...and another...and another until these gently razor like butterflies completely surrounded her in a torrent like shield. 
The last thing he would see of her was the knowing smile peering through the flutter of blue wings and the voice that floated across the clearing.

"Don't forget me, man with no name.

I'll find you again" 

Words: 1521
Total: 6142

Trained and Completed. 
Hotarubi Blossom 1000/1000 
Distant Calling: 1000/1000
Genjutsu Kai Break: 750/750

Chakra 90/150:

Name: Mind Step
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E-C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Doton/Fuuton
Range: The trigger range depends on the rank.
E – 5 Metres
D  – 10 Metres 
– 25 Metres
Once the person has been affected,  the user can maintain this technique for up to 200 metres before the bond is severed and the connection lost.
Specialty: Genjutsu/Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: 5 (+1 per rank)
This technique simply allows the user to cast a strong Genjutsu which then provides an opening, or doorway of sorts, in which they can passively ‘step’ in to another’s mind and reside there for as long as the Genjutsu is in effect. Also, because of the harmless effect of this technique it is exceedingly hard to notice and even harder to break out of. And though it appears harmless at first, this jutsu strengthens the success rate for more complicated genjutsu such as the Soul Window and Mind Meld technique.  The triggers for this jutsu are as follows.
Doton – The user casts a perfect circle around them on the earth in a radius which is determined by rank and strength of the specialisation. The Genjutsu is set when the opponent steps within this circle. 
Fuuton – Similar to Doton, the user casts out a circle in to the air around them, in a radius that is determined by rank and strength. The opponent will be caught in this Genjutsu when they step in to this designated area and breathe in the tainted oxygen. 

**As a side note: The user is unable to move around while using this jutsu on its own, unless they have another jutsu in effect which allows them to do so. 
Offensive jutsu cannot be used while this technique is in effect. 

Name: Soul Window 
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D Rank
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: N/A.
Specialty: Genjutsu
Duration: Maintainable 
Cooldown: 4 Turns
Description:  Using the Mind Walk technique, the user is able to replace whatever vision they may or may not have with the vision of the person or animal who's mind they are connected to. As the vision is shared, the victim receives no penalty to their sight, or how they see normally.

Name: Hotarubi Blossom
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Fuuton
Range: 25m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3
Cooldown: 6
Description: The jutsu creates a flurrying torrent of 4 dozen butterflies which storm up from 2m around the user and fly in a swirling stream the user can control at will. However this torrent is exceedingly slow, travelling at 15mp/s but their numerous number making them potentially dangerous, cutting .3" into flesh with their razor sharp wings like paper cuts. Excellent at punishing close combat foes for being near the user, and warding off their presence.

Name: Distant Calling 
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary 
Element: N/A
Range: 35 meters
Specialty: Genjutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: 6
Description: For as long as the Mind Step technique is active, the user is able to utilize the already made connection and project their voice in to the thoughts of the affected person. 



 A Shift in Paths - (Private/Training/No Kill) ShizukaSig

Locker . Profile . Jutsu
Genjutsu S - Ninjutsu B / Doton S  - Fuuton C



He  noticed it. The look of utter shock and surprise on her face. She must haven't known about her family contacting him, in regards of regenerating the lost organs. The previous gems were stolen by thieves who care not for life, but for death and destruction. These thieves didn't care about the pain their actions caused, only selfish scum who pleasures comes from the misery of others. Nanashi didn't know every detail surrounding the incident, his friend being vague regarding the incident, not wanting to stray from the medical aspects of the request along with respecting the family's privacy. Despite this, Nanashi was able to descry enough information to get a nebulous picture of what happen. The possiblity of asking her didn't cross his mind, they don't know each other well enough for that and it would be unproductive for, he doubt, she would tell him anyway.

" It wasn't you. Even if you could have got there in time. Even if you had given me new eyes. It wouldn't be the same. are not the one who should be feeling regret. You are not the one who took....."

A smile graced his stoic features, the upward curve crescent radiating sun-light warmth as he listen to her trying to shift and lessen the blame. The words she spoke fell on deaf ears, he still blamed himself for Shizuka's current situation, one of the few things that permeated his stony, manipulative personality. And it, unknowingly to her, was a reason why he stepped up his studies in the medical field. The smile remained plastered on his face, hand moving towards the blind folds. Time seem to slow down as he inched closer.




Long digits, nimbling untied the knot that kept the blindfold secure, and once the knot was undone - the cloth fell.

Emptiness. Void. Abyss. These words perfectly describe what was staring back at Nanashi. A pair of sockets, empty, weeping for the gems that they once held. He wasn't disgusted by lack of eyes in her sockets, his eye shimmered with warmth and acceptance, as he tenderly caress the flesh near her left socket, a small pulse of chakra soothing the muscles in the given area. The intimate of his touch was to reassure her that he didn't see her any differently, that he saw her as a friend . . . a comrade. So engrossed in caressing her cheek, Nanashi brushed off the feeling of air brushing against his neck. It was only till she spoke, her lips not moving, did he come to a realize she had did something.

Surprise. He didn't try to hide the emotion that crossed his face. Did she just speak to him telepathically? How was that even possibly? Nanashi prized himself in knowing a lot about clans and their unique abilities, but it seemed like he didn't know about this one. Now how was he suppose to talk to her? Just voice his thoughts? Or should he speak verbally? One of the few times that he didn't know what to do. So, he just decided to wing it.

"I'm proud because you are surviving. When they took away your light, you could have given up but didn't. You fought and clawed your way from death's door, and now you're here standing before me, strong. If that's a reason for me not being proud then what is?" He thought, hoping she would be able to hear them.

When she moved away from his reach, blindfold wrapped around the empty sockets once more, the smile never left his face. Yes, it would seem like he couldn't train her for his time in Konoha s indeed short. He had wrapped up the majority of his business within Konohagakure, having made his rounds at the various hospitals and trained the staff to the point that they were, at least, competent. Staring at Shizuka, Nanashi noted the determination and resolved seemingly rolling off of petite frame, and then she spoke once again.

The smile on his face expand more as the words reached his ears, head nodding in understand, his own words carrying on the wind "I'll be looking forward to that day. The day when you find me. The day where I can teach you what this village would not. " He replied. He watched as butterflies enveloped Shizuka's form, a smile piercing through the warm like a ray of sun through blinds, as she disappeared. He would stand there for a few more minutes, before walking away. His words carrying on the wind for the forest animals to hear. . .

"Yes, I will indeed be looking forward to that day. My apprentice."

Total Word Count: 3635



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