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1 Permission to travel. on Thu Aug 23, 2012 2:11 pm




The mist was thick, a giant haze of a silver atmosphere, masking over all of Kirigakure; the wind breeze was fairly light as small clouds overshadowed the sky. Birds were singing songs of melody to the ears of everyone listening as messenger birds took over the skies to deliver messages from other villages. It was early in the afternoon, hence why the mist's powerful fog defeated the sky; something so very common in Kirigakure. It was a lavishing aroma in the sky, topping it off with the scent of food along the way. Citizens were out minding their own business, a busy crowd in Kirigakure nowadays.

Jurou was among the crowd, walking around, usually during his afternoon strolls around the village. He held his wakizashi inside its sheath horizontally on his lower backside as it was hanged by a rope, wearing the traditional Kirigakure jonin flak jacket. He decided to just walk around and whoever he sees that is unordinary to the village, he just simply pass by with no words to say. Nothing was unordinary in Kirigakure to say the least. Just only new citizens coming from different backgrounds. Jurou ignored it all, indicating the fact that today was a dull day with little to no excitement.

Heading toward the Administration Building, he wanted to exchange a few words with the Mizukage. His permission to travel to any country of the Mizukage's choice. Walking up the long stairway, he finally reached Hikou's door. His wakizashi on his lower back while his Aaasra Barshun above the wakizashi. He knocked twice, hoping for a response.

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