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Takigakure, 0530.

Soma ducked an oncoming branch, leaping and weaving through the foliage from foot hold to foot hold on his way home. In Takigakure, the Village Hidden by Waterfalls, they keep their Genin late. As a village which is so remote and with a much lower population, special care is taken to ensure that each aspiring Taki Shinobi is given the absolute highest quality training before they embark on missions for the village. Today was the first day that Soma was allowed to take a mission for the village. For that alone, the young Shinobi was thrilled, but there was another detail that made the prospect even more exciting. He was being taken on the mission by his brother, the prodigal Senju Tohin, well on his way to advancing to Chuunin in the village. Since as far back as he could remember (well, maybe not that far back), Soma had stuck to his brother like glue, and even though Soma and his brother specialize in much different areas of expertise, Tohin always managed to be just the right teacher for the young Genin.

Free of the Academy now for three weeks, Soma had plunged head first into getting all of the paper work finished to make him eligible for missions and today was the day it had finally been approved. Soma cleared the wall of trees and found himself heading straight for the edge of a familiar rooftop. He planted his right foot down and rolled forward off of his shoulder into a sprint which would allow him, by the time he reached the edge of the roof top, to leap the gap between the alleys and continue his elevated path. It wasn't long before his swift gait brought him to a roof top overlooking the wider courtyard area in front of the Takigakure administration building. He was here right at five thirty to make sure he would have first pick of a good mission. Despite the fact he would be accompanied by his brother on the mission today, the two were not actually in the same squad. It was, in truth, at the behest of Soma's step-mother that they were to be together on Soma's first ever mission.

He pushed through the doors at five thirty two in the morning, the man at the desk in the lobby had taken his seat as soon as the door opened, steaming hot coffee only just placed home on the desk top. He looked up from behind wire frame glasses and smiled broadly, as he did every day. He couldn't have been more than twenty, one of the many children of the land of Waterfalls who chose to walk away from the path of the Shinobi.

"Hello, young man, how can I help you today?" The man behind the desk said cheerily, fresh for his first charge of the day.

"I'm here to pick up my assigned mission, my name is Senju Soma," The Genin said enthusiastically, putting his arms up on the front of the desk and smiling widely.

"Senju... Senju... Soma here," The man behind the desk produced a slim folder of documents and handed it over the front counter to the Genin standing there, who gripped it in his fingers and eyed it intently for a moment.

"Thanks," Soma snapped as quickly as his lips would move before he turned on his heel and bolted towards the exit in a sprint. He practically shoulder tackled the doors open and burst out onto the street with what must have looked like a hyena's twisted grin on his face as he ran down the street away from the administration building courtyard, directly towards home.

The family home was situated a little way out of the central city, beyond some orchards and small patches of forest, out where you could consider rural. The house was built on a section of peach orchards which at this time of the year were in full swing with branches heavy cradling plump, ripe fruit. Soma came to a stop outside the house and pushed the door open, his nose filling with the scent of bread. After his adoption, it hadn't taken long for his step-mother to figure out that if it doesn't taste sweet or isn't covered in sugar, Soma probably won't eat it. So there she stood, pulling loaves of sweet dough from the oven and rolling it through a light cinnamon dusting to be served with Soma's usual disgusting morning cocktail of chocolate milk and cream soda.

Soma gulped down his drink and snatched a long roll of still warm dough from the counter, trotting off down the hall without so much as a good morning (aside from a nod of the head) to either of his step-parents. On any other day, that might have bothered them, but they knew his mind was in another place today and left it be.

A loud stomp echoed through the bedroom of Soma's older step-brother, Senju Tohin. Soma swung the door open with little regard to his brother's still sleeping state and stomped into the room with a dizzying display of loud karate noises and exaggerated poses. Soma flipped sideways onto the foot of his brother's bed and posed charismatically.

"Tohin!" Soma barked "Wake up! I wanna go beat up some bad guys and Mom said you had to go with me so,"

Soma inhaled deeply.

Takigakure, 0547.


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Between the borders of two major villages lie the minor village of Takigakure; the village hidden by the waterfall. A single exited voice's boom seemingly silenced the entire earth as it pierced the air and Tōhin's ear-drums.

"GET UUUUUUUUP!" Shouted the excited young genin toward his limp and unconscious older brother. Soma, unaware of where his brother had been throughout the night, took no care nor worry about the matter. On a usual circumstance Tōhin might have glared into his brothers eyes with a fierce look to try and scare him off. But this day wasn't like any other. The young genin for the first time was being granted the duty of taking on a mission for the village. This was a day Tōhin had kept heavy in his heart for what seemed like years. It was finally here.

Tōhin's mother had asked him to accompany Soma, but in truth she never had to do such a thing. Tōhin was protective over the little rascal and knew his duties.
Tōhin stood up, allowing his blankets to fall off of him and drag across the floor, then promptly folded them and made his bed to perfection. Still not saying a word he entered his closet and gathered up the pieces to his fathers flak jacket and made his way toward the shower, stopping only to say "Soma, I think you're forgetting something." Then pointed to the headband he held in his hands.

It was Tōhin's standard ritual to clean himself each and every morning. Uniformity was key in his life, and besides that, his muscles ached fiercely from the training he had been doing throughout the night. He had only slept 4 hours total. For him that was sufficient.
The hot water eased his pains and left him refreshed and ready to take on a simple mission with his brother.

He exited the misty room fully prepared and geared for combat. One might have saw an image very close to his father at a younger age. The characteristics of his mother were too finely blended for that, however. He entered the kitchen, still slightly groggy and carefully prepared a fruit blend to drink as breakfast.  He looked over and saw the sugary-death drink his brother had consumed. A grotesque mixture of more sugar than Tōhin would consume in a week, and one mostly unhealthy for a boy Soma's age.

"SOOOOMA! What have I told you about drinking this stuff! You're going to be diabetic!"

All in all he hadn't let himself take the time to consider what might happen or what could go wrong once they entered the force of real danger. Reason being; he refused to allow anything to befall his little brother. The watchful eye of Senju Tōhin would be the last an assailant might see before death.

For this mission Tōhin would not be able to show or tell that he would protect Soma, for he needed to gather information to see if Soma was capable of this type of thing himself.  The more capable Soma proved to be, the less Tōhin would have to worry about him.

Tōhin would stand at the door awaiting his young sibling. While waiting he began to shout across the house

"What kind of mission have you chosen? I'm assuming you followed my advice and took a D-ranked one to be safe?"

He asked with relative sarcasm, because he already knew based upon the past that Soma hadn't followed the advice and had likely signed them up for an S-ranked mission. However, he also knew the man working the administrative building, and had instructed him to give nothing above C.  

Tōhin reached over toward the table and snatched up the scroll which had the mission written and it's details. As he scanned the page his eyes widened. Soma had made a relatively bad choice. But not one that they couldn't clean up.

When his brother arrived at the door Tōhin began to speak again to him.

"You do realize, Soma, that you've...we've been assigned to deal with a participant in the drug ring, right? Meaning that when we deal with said individual we will have painted targets on ourselves for his goons. Let me make this clear Nii-San. Nobody who witnesses what we do today leaves that place without my O.K. We will not be having hooligans harassing our parents, or you when I'm not around, understood?"

These interrogation and nagging motions would continue for the next 5 minutes before they would finally leave the house and continue the questions on the way to the place they needed to go.



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Soma finished yelling and stood triumphantly above his brother as he shocked him into the waking world with his immense noise. The younger boy jumped off the end of the bed and waited while Tohin got out of bed. The next few minutes were nothing short of excruciating. Soma waited and watched in silence as his brother slowly crawled out of bed and lazily pottered around the room doing whatever he wanted, keeping Soma waiting for as long as humanly possible. Soma must have looked like he badly needed the bathroom with how anxious he was to get out there. For three years now he had to watch Tohin going on missions by himself and not being able to help or enjoy them like his brother, but now he was finally getting what he wanted and Tohin seemed to be doing his very best to keep the young Genin waiting.

He watched as Tohin gathered his things and made his way to the door, all without saying a word, and thus keeping Soma completely in the dark. Continuing his silent treatment, Tohin seemed to be going to have a shower. Soma sighed, he should have expected that, Tohin had always needed a shower before he could properly function in the morning. Resigning himself to waiting, Soma began to walk past his brother back into the kitchen when the older Senju spoke.

Soma glared and moved back towards the bedroom, having been reminded to get his Hitai Ate. It was good that Tohin reminded him when he did because as Soma rummaged through some of his belongings beside and around his bed, his Takigakure forehead protector was nowhere to be found. Soma finally came upon it around the time he heard the bathroom door open and heard his brother's footsteps down the hall towards the kitchen. From the front of the house, Soma's eyes narrowed into a grimace as he heard Tohin yelling at him from the kitchen. Soma scooped up his Hitai Ate and walked out of the bedroom, storming back into the kitchen and downing the dregs of his sugary breakfast drink and produced a loud burp in the direction of his brother.

"I'm not going to get diabetic, the medical examiner last week said I have very high natural blood sugar so buzz off," Soma retorted after recovering from his belch.

Soma wasn't really angry at his brother, but the two did like to give each other a hard time. Truth be told, despite the fact Soma was trying his best to act like this was going to be just like any other day, it was going to be anything but. The Genin was very nervous, even though he'd never admit it (especially to Tohin), he knew he got high marks in the Academy but he just wasn't sure how he would apply that training when he got into a real fight. For that reason, he was a little bit glad that his step-mother was sending Tohin with him, Soma knew that even if he froze up and forgot his training, his brother would be strong enough to make sure they were okay.

Soma walked with his brother to the door, and even as Tohin snatched the mission details from the bench, he didn't leave his brother's side. The chilling morning air gave way to the rising slivers of golden hued light creeping from just above the thick canopy and would do more so as the sun would rise higher into the sky, though for now those golden fingers were cut short by the low angle of their progenitor.

Soma listened along as Tohin spoke about the mission. It seemed that his older brother had concerns about the difficulty and possibility for violence and future problems. Soma had considered all those things himself when he was applying for missions the day before and his reasoning for choosing a C-rank, and one with a high chance of violence at that, was simple. Soma needed to be sure that he was capable of staying collected and remembering his training in the face of real danger, and he wasn't going to get that out of delivering groceries or helping paint fences for old people. Ever since before he was here, Soma wanted nothing more than to be a great ninja and he needed this mission to prove it to himself, to his step-parents and to his brother that he was capable of it. That's probably why his excitement was overshadowing his nervousness this morning. That and the sugar.

"Alriiiiiight Tohin," Soma whined in response to his brother "D-rank missions would be too boring for you anyway, you're a real ninja," Soma said looking down to his shoes for a moment before perking up again.

"So we need to pretend to be delivery men. You're older so I thought you could go to the door, and then when he signs for the package, I'll use my Genjutsu so he can't fight back when we try to arrest him. I bet between me and Nise, we can confuse them long enough for you to knock them out cold. They might not even see me, and they'll only see you in disguise!"

As Soma spoke, he raised his right hand heavenward and from the nearby branches of peach trees, the fluttering of wings could be heard as the generously sized raven burst into view from the green dark. Nise erupted forth all wings and red eyes for a moment before perching gracefully on Soma's hand, twitching his head back and forth before beginning to preen. Nise knew Tohin well, and the bird supposed that Soma's older step-brother was the only other being in the world that he had something in common with. Tohin would know by now that Nise's life was forfeit for Soma's at any time. Ever since his step-parents brought the six year old Soma home with them, Nise had been tucked away in his arms. The bird had been there longer than even this family, so perhaps Nise's presence would give Tohin confidence that his brother would be safe. After all, an aerial scout is about the safest form of surveillance.

The edges of down town began to swing into view as the rural paths ended almost abruptly. It wasn't that much further until they reached where they needed to be. Soma was sure his brother would start things off himself, to limit the young Genin's involvement as much as possible.

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Tōhin walked with his young sibling through the village toward the delivery point. As they walked a wave of complete confusion washed over him, he was going to have to let his brother take the lead on this mission even as much as he didn't want to. The village would expect him to take things like this on alone in the future, and Tōhin knew just how much Soma hated living directly in the shadow of his more trained sibling. The surroundings in front of the mans house were pretty crummy, it was a bad part of town. There were about 10 meters between the front door of the run- down shack and a bench. The bench was almost directly across from the front door. This would play a crucial role in the plan. It was just an adjustment to Soma's plan, which had been quite excellent in its composition, however soma was forgetting that this was his mission, and that Tōhin was only there to ensure safety.

He placed a gentle and caring hand upon Soma's shoulder and said

"This mission is about you, not me. We know I could turn this shack into a forest and subdue this guy right now, that's not important. We need to see if you're capable of turning this place inside out in your own way. I have planned this out so that I will never be out of range for any of my techniques. If trouble happens just expect a spike to come flying when I shout "move!" Understood?"

It was really hard to that. Tōhin would prefer to just send his little brother home to be a diplomat with his mom. But soma possessed a fighting soul. He wouldn't be chained down by a simple life. And that might have been Tōhin's fault in itself for always showing off and bragging. Tōhin slid the clipboard to his brother in which they would need a signature on, then took his seat on the bench. A wooden spike slid gently out of his forearm, remaining out of site, tucked inside of his sleeve.

Tōhin felt the wind blow gently and looked up toward Nise, the raven which had watched over Soma even before Tōhin did. He could relate to that bird, as they both had great worry for the fresh ninja. And they were both watching very intensely as Soma walked toward the door of the shanty shack.

On the street people walked back and forth, some looking homeless and poor. Others appeared to be completely shot up on drugs. The bystanders could even end up being a problem on this mission. The fact of the matter was that they were capturing a man involved with very powerful drug lords, and should those people show up, even Tōhin wouldn't have thought to try and take them on. The scary looking Hoshigaki man wasn't even a partial concern. He was likely foolish and would sign for a free package instantly. Most druggies were that way. In particular the ones who were using the hard stuff, like what he was selling. He was destroying the youth in Takigakure. The fact of the matter was that Iwagakure and it's harboring of criminals was bleeding off into the smaller villages like Takigakure. The youth of these nations wouldn't have the chance to become shinobi because they wouldn't pass a drug test.

There were a plethora of things that could've happened when the door swung open and Tōhin had been going over just about every single one of them in the passed minute. This was it. This was Soma's test. A lot was riding on this and whether or not he handled things smoothly would determine how Tōhin would respect him as a shinobi. The door must have creaked open in what felt like 200 years.

He watched in bitter anticipation for what would step our of that thresh hold.



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These parts of the city made Soma a little nervous. Though, in general, the city of waterfalls was a nice place, there were areas which were less than desirable. The streets looked darker here, even as the sun spread more and more of itself into the canvas of the sky with each passing second, the whole neighborhood just looked bleak. To the boy's left, boxes and paper rustled as a clowder of stray cats came storming from an alley hissing and scratching and disappeared down another street as quickly as they came. Soma looked around, making sure to pay attention to his surroundings. He was a little anxious. He had a few questions and felt a few different ways. Firstly, he wanted to know whether the guy who was getting this package, only a young Shinobi though he was, had any friends around who were working for the big bosses and whether they'd be Chuunin, or maybe even Jounin. The boy also wanted to know exactly how he planned to deal with this guy if he did have to fight him. The Hoshigaki clan were known for their Suiton jutsu, which made Soma nervous because he heard they could be quite painful, or even deadly, worse still, his lineage left him completely unfamiliar with Suiton Chakra and were it not for his current home life, he wouldn't have any experience with it at all. He knew they also possessed an unnaturally high amount of chakra, but he felt okay about that because between him and Nise, the two had more than enough chakra to outlast anybody he knew of.

The brothers arrived at the house at a quarter past six in the morning, the first real morning light was illuminating everything around them. The contrast of the run down wall of buildings and littered streets made Soma feel nervous and uncomfortable and the sparkling dew left on the few plants which grew around (even in the city, trees are common as Takigakure is a forest village) made Soma feel a little more at ease, like the morning sun was his night light. Soma was shaken out of his thoughts by a hand on his shoulder. He turned his head and met eyes with his brother who was looking down at him, looking a bit concerned, and preparing to speak. Soma nodded along and listened carefully. He swallowed hard and opened his mouth to reply.

"Alright, I have a plan for doing it on my own then, watch this," Soma said , feigning confidence to look strong for his brother, he grabbed the clipboard out of his brother's hand.

Soma steeled himself and made his way towards the door, Nise perched on his shoulder. He put on the hat which bore the local mail insignia which had been provided in the folder, and tucked his headband beneath it. He came to the door and turned left, walking a few steps down the street. He bent down and picked up a discarded box which lay at the mouth of an alley. It was a plain cardboard box, probably only sat there for a few hours over night, still sealed on one end. Soma supposed it had probably been thrown out of a window sometime in the late evening. The Genin flipped the box over to the open end and gestured to the bird on his shoulder with a simple nod of his head. Heeding the command of his master, Nise jumped down from the boy's shoulder and flapped his wings as he gently lowered himself into the box, folding up his wings and ducking his head. Soma closed the top of the box and with it tucked under his arm, clipboard in the other hand, he approached the residence, rehearsing his lie in his head. He knew that the man inside wasn't going to believe that some kid was delivering his mail, so he had to open with something believable that would explain why a boy who was freshly out of the Academy would be delivering a package to him. He thought he had something in mind, and he hoped it worked.

Soma reached out and knocked on the door. In the moments that followed, Soma was met with silence. The boy waited almost fifteen seconds listening for the sounds of movement or reaction in the house and when he heard nothing, he reached out to knock again. The door swung open as Soma's knuckles touched wood for a second knock, and the person who the folder had briefed stood before the boy. He was tall, probably nineteen or twenty, blue skin and a mane of blue hair with a set of visible gills on either side of his face. Soma breathed deep and opened his mouth into a wide, innocent smile, even tilting his head in an effort to make himself appear younger and less threatening. Then the boy spoke.

"Hi, mail is really busy today so they're having Academy students do parcels this morning for extra credit. We have to get you to sign for everything we deliver so..." Soma trailed off and thrust the clip board forward towards the man in the doorway, who still seemed a little confused. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and grabbed the clip board.

"Alright I guess," he muttered, his voice low and tired. He made his mark on the clip board and handed it back to Soma before reaching up to clear some sleep from his eyes.

Soma readied himself. He had a signature for the package, and his mission said he had to detain the suspect and bring him to the police, which was going to be the tough part. It seemed only logical to try this without any violence first, and Soma certainly didn't want to make the first move anyway. The young Uchiha reached for his hat and tugged it backwards, pulling the hair away from his forehead and revealing his Hitai Ate to the man before him. He narrowed his eyes and spoke firmly.

"Hoshigaki, Kakine," He began "I've been instructed by the office of the Kage and the Takigakure police to bring you in for questioning if you sign for a package this morning,"

The command was met with a slight snicker, though the concern in the Hoshigaki's eyes was real. He was feeling a mixture between arrogance and fear. He knew that whoever this kid was, he probably didn't pose much of a threat to him, but whether he went with the kid or not, the police would still show up to arrest him themselves before too long. The only option seemed to be erasing the evidence, which meant he had to get that clip board. The kid being roughed up a little bit out in this neighborhood wasn't a far fetched story, and without that signature, the police wouldn't have anything anyway.

With his mind made up, the Hoshigaki lunged forward for Soma's hand, aiming to snatch the clip board from the Genin's grasp. Soma flinched and stepped backwards at the display of aggression, dropping the clip board and reeling off his back foot, spinning his body and throwing the box containing Nise towards the Hoshigaki. With his hands free, Soma brought his hands to his chest, the swift movement catching the suspect's attention in the chaos. Soma's hands formed the shape of the Rat hand seal for a second before stumbling back onto his knee and stabilizing himself with his hands planted firmly on the pavement. Without any time to even process what happened, the box crashed into the chest of the lunging Hoshigaki and spun violently as within, Nise panicked and begun to flap and thrash his wings about. The bird righted himself and came soaring from the open side of the box, flapping and cawing in the face of Soma's opponent before flying upwards to get away from any potential attack, all in one motion.

With Soma's Genjutsu applied, the Hoshigaki stumbled to one knee, placing a hand on his forehead and adjusting to the new spinning and tumbling sensation which was permeating his vision and sensory experience. By now, two others who lay dormant in the house had roused with all the commotion, talking, crashing and cawing. The two other young men ran past the doorway, one of them stopping to attend to the Hoshigaki and one running towards the Genin who kneeled ready on the street, his eyes firmly set on harming the young Shinobi.

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Tōhin could feel tension swelling in every moment that he watched his little brother approach the drug fiends front door. Soma had devised a little plan involving his bird nestled in the delivery box. It didn't take a genius to see what that plan was. A bead of sweat flowed down his forehead as the first set of knocks sounded upon the door. His eyes could have tore threw the door with raw strain practically. He began to feel sick to his stomach and all of his power was focused in his knees, ready to pounce  from that bench to come to Soma's aid. A foul air came out in a plume as the door opened. The smell of many things. Drugs, sex, alcohol. The tall Hoshigaki stepped out onto the porch, holding the door open with one hand. Soma presented him with the clipboard and the seemingly confused Hoshigaki took it and signed. Finally, Soma began to explain that he was going to need to bring the man in for questioning. It was then that the man sprung forward I an attempt to grab the clipboard away.

Tōhin sprung from the bench, watching as Soma tossed the box at the man, and Nise flew out disoriented and confused. Tōhin passed by his little brother whom was using a genjutsu on the Hoshigaki and kicked one of the approaching younger shinobi whom were approaching in the mouth with such force as to knock several teeth out. He then turned to see another running toward Soma. This was the first mistake Tōhin would make that day. He turned his back on the Hoshigaki to pay mind to his brother.

He shot a large wooden pike from his forearm into the ankle of the shinobi who was approaching Soma. As he did this the Hoshigaki behind him wrapped his hands around Tōhin's waist and prepared to do a suplex. Tōhin formed a handseal and sprouted 3 large wooden spikes from his back, piercing the Hoshigaki, who then releases him and fell down into his own blood. The damage was nowhere near fatal, after-all he had to be taken in for questioning. Without checking to see how soma had dealt with the injured young one, Tōhin choked out the Hoshigaki into unconsciousness then tied his arms and legs together. It wasn't until Tōhin noticed that the boy he had kicked in the head was missing that he broke a sweat.

He dropped the Hoshigaki onto the ground and jumped atop the house, looking all around. The boy was gone. And he knew exactly what Tōhin looked like. He knew what Soma looked like. And he also knew that they had raised the place and taken the Hoshigaki captive.

Tōhin ran his fingers through his hair, his heart best was the loudest the loudest thing he could hear. The fact that this wasn't the end of this by any means. That the end of the mission wasn't the end of this fight. Tōhin looked into Soma's eyes with a glare that foretold doom.

Chakra 145/150:
Name: 木遁: 木刀幻境 {Mokuton: Moku Togenkyō ~ Wood Release: Tree Blades Impalement}
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-Rank
Type: Offensive
Element: Mokuton
Range: Can Extend from the body up to 18 inches. Can be launched out with force up to 10 meters.
Specialty: Nin/Tai
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Turns used+3
Description: Tohin begins by forming the Ox hand seal. After this, Mokuton chakra in his body is formed into solid wood and creates four wooden stakes which can be protruded from any area on the skin as long as there is room enough for its size in the space surrounding the area. Each post, Tohin may re-position the stakes anywhere he pleases on his body which also meets the physical space requirement. Retracting the spike takes 0.5 seconds and re-protruding it takes another 0.5 seconds. The spikes can pierce up to three inches into flesh and can not harm bone. The spikes can be broken by a direct hit (or two glancing hits) from any offensive technique or by one direct basic strike (or two glancing hits) made with C-rank strength or higher or with a C-rank weapon or higher.

[End Combat/Exit Thread/Mission Complete]

[1000/1000] Mission~
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Everything seemed to go well at first, despite his lack of finesse, Soma managed to ensnare the Hoshigaki in his Genjutsu, which would probably mean that they were okay from here. Soma's mind drifted back to the Academy. Of all those in his class as he grew up, he was one of the very small percentile who favoured Genjutsu over Ninjutsu at his school. He knew from years of sparring with his class mates and watching them practice, seeing the techniques they could use and watching them control their chakra, that he could never overpower a Ninjutsu user in head to head combat, but if he was able to confuse them enough to layer Genjutsu after one another until he could subdue them. This was the plan here, he would disorient the Hoshigaki and then subdue him.


Soma's eyes widened as he saw the two companions of the Hoshigaki burst through the door onto the street, his mind raced. He could use Nise's Genjutsu and hope he hit both of them coming out of the door, that might work, though if he missed one of them he would have to expend another jutsu to get out of the way of the second one. He could use another Genjutsu himself to escape and wait for Tohin's help, but something told him that his brother wouldn't be impressed if he asked for help right away. At that very moment, as if to solve his problem for him, the blurred form of his older step brother rushed past him and swung a thunderous blow right into the mouth of the backmost Shinobi, causing him to grunt and tumble backwards onto his ass. Soma braced himself to enter close quarters with the approaching man when he saw he too, lose his footing and fall face first into the pavement, a wooden steak lodged firmly in the back of his shin, not too deep but very painful looking.

Soma stood and held his hand up, prompting Nise to find his mark and descend onto the boy's arm. The bird ruffled once and flapped its wings, a strong gust of wind enveloping the man laying on the ground, causing him to begin rolling and swatting at invisible crows. It must have been terrifying for him, laying there being swarmed like that in his mind. Soma shuddered at the thought, but knew the man would be alright in a minute or two. Soma rushed past the man sitting on the ground to see Tohin leap onto the roof of the building. The young Genin looked around, it seemed Tohin had subdued the Hoshigaki and seemed to be looking out over the street with a concerned look. Soma narrowed his eyes and considered what could be wrong.

In the mind of the younger brother, everything had gone perfectly. He was safe, Tohin was safe, and they'd completed the mission. It was still early too, so maybe there'd be time for some more mundane, safer missions later in the day, possibly followed by a real one again tomorrow. Soma presumed it would depend on what Tohin told his step mom about how well he did today.

"Hey what's wrong?!" Soma called out up to his brother "We did it, right?"

In the cherry pink sunrise, Soma must have looked elated with the completion of his first real mission.


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