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1 Kill or Capture the Gorila!! (C-Rank mission) on Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:34 am



Mission (underwear) Briefing:

Mission name: Kill or capture the Escaped Gorilla
Mission rank: C
Objective: Take out or capture the gorilla
Location: Konoha
Reward: 180 ryo alive 140 dead
Mission description: A gorilla escaped from the inclosure, in konoha and you have been instructed to either capture it or kill it,they would pay you more though for a live gorilla.
Mission details: The gorilla in held up in the small forest, terrorizing the animals in the area and destroying plantlike also.

The skies of Konoha were beginning to slowly grow cleared as Aethir walked though the forest. "Man," Aethir sighed, a lazy look present on his face, "Konoha sure is easier on the eyes than Kiri..." He took a deep breath, listening to the birds chirp and feeling the gentle wind upon his skin. "I wish I had actually picked Konoha to begin my journey in..." the boy sighed, looking over to his left shoulder to see the mist ninja headband wrapped around it. It shimmered as the sun began to beam on the wet metal, reflecting into Aethir's blue eyes. As the sun continued to reflect into (And blind) his eyes, he was greeted to a piece of history in his life...
"Konoha?! What the hell am I doing back here?!" Aethir turned to a boy shouting at another boy. The three boys had traveled a ways from home to get to Konoha, simply because one of the boys had offered them an invitation to swim. "Now now, the lake should be around here somewhere..." "How would you know?! You're blind!!"

The young Aethir watched as the two argued, eventually the blind boy pointed over yonder. Just as he suspected, a large pool of water was present before them, the shouting rude boy being struck with awe. "B-But how did you-" "I can see with my other eyes..." Aethir turned to the blind boy, who turned back to him with a smile. He placed a hand on Aethir's shoulder and gave a simple nod, as if urging him to go on ahead and jump into the pool...

Aethir gasped, snapping out of his thought as he heard a loud roar from somewhere. "What in the- WHOA!" Aethir ducked quickly as a large log flew right over him. He looked back at the log, then back to the direction it was throne, panting quickly. If he hadn't of ducked, that... that might have actually killed him! He spotted the source, his eyes widening a bit, then returning to normal, remembering what he was doing out here in the first place.

Another loud roar came from the direction Aethir was look as a large black gorilla soon stepped from behind a tree. "So that must be the gorilla I'm looking for, huh...?" Aethir said to himself as the gorilla pounded the ground once and ran off into the forest. "H-Hey! Hold on, I- ...I'm a gorilla..." Aethir stared wide eyed, not able to believe he'd be doing that ever during his life time.

As Aethir ran after the gorilla, he checked around himself to try and hear which way it went. Eventually, he saw another large log fly towards him, the boy panicking for a bit until suddenly, he placed his hands around his lips as if playing a trumpet. As quickly as he did this, a large torrent of water came out of Aethir's mouth, forcing the log back to where it came. "I'll never get used to that..." the boy sighed, drooling a bit from the water jutsu used. As Aethir spoke to himself in a joking manner, he felt something slam against his back with great force. He grunted and groaned as he rolled in a direction, soon coming to a stop and was now in a crouching stance.

Behind him, the gorilla had sneaked and attacked him while he was off guard. "Ugh...That's...That'll hurt..." Aethir coughed, standing back up. As the gorilla roared to him, Aethir was thinking of ways he could put this gorilla down without killing it. Soon, the gorilla charged right for the boy, Aethir gasping as he searched his mind of possible strategies. He suddenly thought back to the large lightning jutsu he was capable of doing, soon shaking that idea out of his head. 'No...I can't risk it not working right now!' he quickly told himself mentally as he simply pointed at the oncoming gorilla with both fingers.

As he did this, he narrowed his eyed, feeling a light tingle in both tips of his fingers. Feeling the tingle in both fingers surprised the boy as he usually only used this jutsu with one finger. "Come on...Charge...!" the boy pleaded, eventually imagining a gun in his mind. As he pictured his fingers pulling the trigger multiple times, small lightning projectiles shot out of them, towards the gorilla. The charging gorilla suddenly slowed down, wildly swinging at the shock bullets as Aethir continued to fire. Eventually, the boy gasped, looking at his fingers. "W-What?! That was faster than last time!! What...What's going on?!" Aethir spoke, soon being hit with an idea. 'Maybe...the charge fades the more fingers I use...!'

As Aethir mentally cursed at himself, he quickly looked up at the angrier sounding gorilla, slowly pacing over to Aethir. It roared, soon breaking into a charge again, Aethir going back to the other jutsu in his arsenal. 'But what if it doesn't work...? What if-' At this point, Aethir spotted the puddle of water from his water trumpet. He grinned, soon using a jutsu that created a rather thick mist.

The gorilla breathed heavily, looking around as Aethir used the hidden mist technique to sneak away from the battle, towards the puddle of water. "I'll just make four of me..." As Aethir said this, he focused his chakra the puddle, soon having a body rise from it. In the center was someone were two people who looked exactly like Aethir... No... They were Aethir! Both Aethir clones looked over to him with a curious face as Aethir whispered to him. "You use the water trumpet to make another puddle! And you make another...Um...Us!"

The clones nodded as the prime Aethir turned behind him to see the bewildered gorilla checking around himself. As he heard water splash, he turned back to the puddle of water present before him. "Alright. Now you don't have any chakra, right?" one of the clones nodded to Aethir, "Then go out there and make sure the gorilla didn't hear us!" The clone smiled, running through the mist, a loud roar being heard as a sign of the clone being spotted. 'Alright, this is good...' Aethir spoke to himself mentally. "Now you make another Okay? Then go after the gorilla!" the clone nodded, focusing his chakra as the puddle began to bubble. Aethir took this as the opportunity to get into position.

Now in a tree, Aethir had the lay of the land. He saw his clone mocking the tired gorilla, easily dodging his attacks. He soon turned to spot two other Aethirs standing next to each other, a puddle of water being left over from the cloning. "I have all the time I need to try to get this to work..." Aethir sighed, pushing his wrists together. He took aim as the gorilla was now greeted with two more additional Aethirs.

As the boy focused, the voice of a man filled his head. Rippa, a friend he had recently met. "Now what I want you to do is direct your chakra to effect the candle in some way." Aethir closed his eyes, remembering how he did it the last time. 'If I pour it all into my hands...instead of my fingers...' As the boy did his, a soft buzzing came from his palms, the boy smiling wide as he heard this. 'Okay! This is the sound! Now-' a grunt came from below him as a clone was finally defeated. Water flew around the gorilla as the other Aethirs soon followed suit, only one surviving currently.

'No...! Come on...!!' Aethir closed his eyes, picturing the gun in his mind. His fingers were around the trigger, but they just weren't pulling... 'Pull it...!! Shoot it...!!' the finger slowly squeezed the trigger, as if having trouble... As if the trigger was rusted. The Aethir clone slowly backed away as the gorilla crept towards him, breathing heavily to the boy's clone. When the mental gun had fired, Aethir's eyes snapped open as he readjusted his aim on the gorilla. "Fire!!!" he shouted, the gorilla looking up in the tree to see Aethir's now glowing palms, a bolt of lightning surging towards the ape.

A large flash emerged from within the misty forest, a loud 'boom' being heard, along with a roar of pain. The enraged gorilla slowly collapsed onto the ground, Aethir quickly hopping down to check if it was alive or dead. He had hopped it was alive, and this was confirmed by the animal showing signs of life by breathing. "Phew..." he sighed with a smiled as the clone walked close to him, mimicking his worried look.

The fog slowly began to dissipate as Aethir and his clone stood where they were, looking down at the ape. "Now how the heck are we going to-" Aethir's clone smiled, tapping the prime Aethir's shoulder as he performed the water trumpet jutsu. "Oh!!" Aethir smiled, performing the water clone jutsu to summon two more clones from the puddle, a total of four Aethirs helping each other out to move the gorilla back into Konoha. "Alright! All together!" the prime Aethir said as all four of them grunted as they began to slowly move back to the city, having to stop a few times due to exhaustion.
Word Count: 1580/1000
Gorilla Status: (ALIVE)


"It's 3 AM."

"Oh Hey."

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+1 speed (Taijutsu)
+2 Reaction (SCs)
+10% WC for specs/element training


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