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1 Hot Raiton~ [Sudden Jutsu Training] on Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:55 pm



Steam rose into the sky as a strained moan could be heard from within the male section of the hot spring. A young man was stretching, letting lose a grunt of some sort. "Hmm~ ... This is way better than a cold river in Kiri..." the mist genin ninja stretched more, sitting in the warm water. As far as he could tell, he actually had the springs all to himself!

"Hmm..." Aethir, who had a huge smile on his face, checked over to where his clothes were. He took note of the Kiri headband on top of his jacket, shirt, and pants. As he was relieved to see them still as he left it, he laid back against the walls of the hot spring, his head resting on the wall as well. He took a deep breath of the seasoned hot spring, sighing as he began to relax anymore. As his lazily opened his eyes, he thought to how life had been so far. How he stopped a gorilla from rampaging in the forest, helped an old woman out, and met his first ninja from another city.

"He was a lot nicer than I thought he'd be..." Aethir smiled, turning his head to the right as he watched the water's light ripples crash against the wall gently. "But," Aethir grew cold, shuddering as he thought about the river of blood he saw, "What the hell was that about...?" Aethir didn't question this much as he floated over to where his clothes were. As he got out the springs, he left his clothes where they were except the pants, Aethir putting them on.

With just his dark blue jeans on, Aethir closed his eyes to think back to the lightning jutsu he's slowly been learning to do. As he opened his eyes to check around himself, he once again noted that he was alone in the springs. "Alright...Now's a better time than any..." he said, smiling sheepishly as he focused his chakra into his hands. But... He suddenly stopped, thinking to himself. "Aren't hand signs meant to multiply the power of jutsus or something...?" Aethir scratched the side of his head curiously, before quickly weaving the hand signs he knew. As almost twenty minutes passed, he started to stare with a bored expression on his face. "H-How do I know I have it right...?" Aethir laughed nervously, finally stopping on a random hand sign.

Assuming his usual 'Wave of Inspiration' posture, Aethir focused his chakra into his hands...But unlike what happened with the gorilla, nothing happened this time. No tingle, no buzzing sound, nothing... "E-Eh? ...Did I do something-" Suddenly, before his palms, electricity began to form. Two rods of what Aethir guessed were electricity were next to each other, Aethir slowly separating his hands as the lightning rods flowed, each hanging by both his sides. Looking to his sides, Aethir blinked at the lightning rods, as if hearing a buzzing that wasn't coming from his left or right... This caused him to look up to see a third electric rod buzzing above him!

"W-What jutsu is this...?!" Aethir gasped, then yelped as the lightning rod nearly touched his face as he rose his hand to his lips. As he stared at the electric rod, it began to levitate towards his side, the spear next to his other hand doing the same. "W-Well alright, this is cool, but what do I do-" as Aethir shrugged with his right hand lightly being tossed, the electric rod on his right side went flying towards the direction the hand flicked in. Aethir yelped once again as he saw this, the bolt flashed brightly, leaving nothing behind but a scorch mark on the spring walls.

"Huh...!!" Aethir blinked, then stared at his other hand. He turned slightly, so that his left side was facing the wall, the boy flicking his wrist to see if his hypotheses was correct. As he expected, the left spear went flying and also flashed brightly, leaving another scorch mark...FAR from where he intended the rod to hit. "O-Oh my..." Aethir sighed, staring at his way off course shot. As the boy looked up, he noticed the third bolt hovering above, waiting for instructions. As the boy flicked his right hand, then his left hand, the bolt just refused to move...! "Eh...?" Aethir blinked, then tilted his head curiously. He then had the idea to use BOTH hands, pointing them both towards the wall with his index finger extended, the final electric rod rushing and flickering as it made contact with the springs wall.

Aethir stared absentmindedly at the three scorch marks. "Huh..." Aethir pointed with his hands at the directions he flicked his hands. The rods were way off to where he had designated the targets, but noted that the third rod was actually...dead on! He took a while to think to himself, until he came to the following. "The center is dead on... But my right is leans to the right more... and the left leans to the left more...!" Aethir nodded with a smile, trying to focus his chakra again.

Instead of the rods forming, his palms began to buzz, Wave of Inspiration beginning to charge. "W-What? N-No! I want the new one!!" Aethir complained like a spoiled child, thinking back to the steps he had taken to get the rods. He remembered weaving random hand signs before the rods began to form, also remembering the amount of time it took to come to a stop. He couldn't remember the hand sign order going forward, but what if he worked backwards...? He spent five minutes, working backwards and then charging his chakra to see if the rods would form...Finally, he got them to.

"I see... So it's this combination..." he smiled, quickly redoing the hand signs over and over again until he was extremely well at forming the signs with ease. As the rods buzzed closely to his hands and soon levitated to his sides like last time, Aethir slowly pointed his right index finger to a spot on the wall, trying to focus as if he was preparing to shoot his shock bullets. He took aim, staring intensely to the spot he was hoping to hit. "Now, if I just aim it like I aim my shock bullets..." Aethir narrowed his eyes, preparing to picture the mental gun in his mind... but then soon snapped his gaze to the side as soon as the mental trigger was pulled, watching the bolt of lightning quickly surge towards the wall.

"W-What the?!" He cried, noticing the bolt...was directly where he pointed! He stared at his index finger, taking mental notes of what just occurred. The bolt had launched itself as Aethir had pictured them to be the same as his shock bullets! 'So then... if that's the case...' Aethir mentally spoke, pointed his other finger right above the scorch mark. He waited, noticing the bolt refused to move... But when he treated it as a shock bullet, the bolt went flying, shocking the part of the wall right above the first scorch mark! "I see...! So I don't have to flick my wrist! I can just..." Aethir went silent as he pointed both fingers to a spot, above the second scorch mark. As he fired what would have been two shock bullets, the third javelin went flying and made contact with the wall.

"So that's how it works, huh...?" Aethir smiled, staring at his index fingers. All he had to do was think of them as shock bullets, but he was limited to only three shots! As for the shock bullets, he still didn't quite know how many shots he had. He figured he'll try to figure that out after he relaxes a bit more~

Aethir sat on the ground, taking a deep breath. "That's quite a hunk of chakra though..." Aethir sighed, staring at his fingers...Then, he gasped. He looked at the scorch marks, then at his finger, getting an idea. Curious, he took aim at the spring's walls with his right index finger, firing his shock bullets away from the large scorch marks. As he finally ran out of shock bullets, Aethir stared, blinking curiously as the amount of scorch marks on the wall.

"One...Two...Three..." Aethir nodded his head with each count, flicking his fist as he pointed at a mark, "Ten...Eleven...Twelve..." he smiled, nodding some more, eventually sighing. "Fifteen...Fifteen shock bullets, huh...? So then, what did I run out so quickly when I used..." Aethir raised his other finger, putting them together as he thought back to the gorilla encounter. 'W-What?! That was faster than last time!! What...What's going on?!'

Aethir had his eyes closed, thinking back to how he reacted be he used multiple fingers for shock bullets. "Seven...for each fingers. Plus one to whichever gets it first." he suddenly spoke, talking about the fifteen shock bullet limit. As Aethir laid on his back staring at his finger, he had a look of curiosity. "I wonder what would happen if I used these jutsus while in my other form-" As he was speaking, a loud man was shouting at him, Aethir staring curiously at the man, then curiously as to where he was pointing... The scorch marks... "I AM SO SORRY, MISTER!!" Aethir quickly got up, bowing repeatedly, getting his clothes, and running out of the springs while being pelted with buckets and spring cleaning tools...

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