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1 The War Against Death on Fri Feb 21, 2014 9:12 pm



The sun floated down at its usual pace. The darkness swept over Takigakure unusually fast however. This night would be a long and terrible one. Tōhin looked incredibly somber in this night and his mood was not in good spirit, even moreso than usual he was depressed. One of the many signs Soma should have picked up upon by this point was that Tōhin was silent when he was in despair. Silence was his way of coping, and of quietly thinking out everything.

The situation is it stood was that they had succeeded upon a mission, yet failed simultaneously. It was by Tōhin's opinion that they had failed. After securing the suspect successfully, one of his associates managed to escape undetected. The man who escaped would give details to the upper level drug-ring leaders. This would set off a series of unfortunate events regarding the presence of these men in the lives of the freshly graduated Soma, whom stayed late after each day in practice as a genin. Children go missing from time to time in the shinobi world. Most are never found, this alone sent shivers up Tōhin's spine.

Though they had conversed about the matter time and time again, Tōhin just didn't think Soma understood the situation they were in. Perhaps he WAS overthinking all of this. He shook his head once more, snapping himself out of the depths of his mind. He was waiting outside of the family home for Soma so that they might make it to the next location they needed to pursue finishing what they had started. Tōhin had payed off the clerk at the Administrative Building to lower the actual ranks on all of the missions regarding the drug trade so that he and his brother might end what they had started before it could even escalate. That was ideal thinking.

Tonight was a stakeout. Hours of waiting in the dark for a handoff at a specific location. It was going to be the most boring mission of all more than likely, or perhaps they would be captured and killed. Either way he was prepared to leave.

He swung his supply pack over his shoulder and stared at the ground waiting for Soma. His dreams all whizzed by in his head, giving him a high dose of confidence and strength of will. He remembered pushing Soma on a swing and conversing with him.

"One day..," He paused, giving another push, "We are going to kill death!" Tōhin said with enthusiasm as a very young boy, fresh into the academy to his young brother.

Soma would laugh and tease in disbelief and rejection of the idea.

The swing would go to such an inverted angle that Soma would plummet off of it, backwards toward Tōhin, who dove to catch him gently.

"See? I just defeated death brother! I socked him right in the mouth!" The two scattered off into the field to play, laughing at the antics and pretending to punch death in the face.

It wasn't until he heard Soma's voice that he snapped out of his memory and looked toward his brother, accidentally murmuring a bit from his  vision "kill death..." He said aloud before shaking his head and snapping to reality.

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2 Re: The War Against Death on Sat Feb 22, 2014 12:06 am



The sun was a honeyed arch on the horizon, bulwark to the sky. Light bathed the hillside, running up and down ruined stone and lush canopies like a group of carefree children. All around the city, settlement pressed inwards but always kept a respectful distance. It was a historical place, but more then that it hummed with a forgotten but terrible power. The safest parts of the city kept a bustling tourist trade while other sections, dark and half finished, impressed a deepening sense of dread.

It was quarter to ten in the evening when Soma woke up, having slept all day in preparation for the mission he was going on tonight, another mission with his brother but not just his this time, Tohin was on the form for this too so he would be helping in full capacity. Soma stretched and enjoyed the first few moments of wakefulness, yawning and rubbing the sleep from his eyes before reality set in. The euphoric first few moments of conscious thought had been a deceptive lure to dash his hopes with expert precision. Tonight's mission wasn't something Soma would have called fun, it was a steak out, sitting hidden in the shadows for hours and hours with no talking, no making noise, no fighting, nothing, just silence and watching. The young Genin couldn't have imagined anything worse to do on any night. He pouted in his bed for a few minutes and then got up, Tohin would probably be waiting for him.

By the time Soma was ready, he had showered and gotten dressed, as well as eaten in the kitchen. The Genin was dressed simply in dark clothes, a hooded black jacket zipped all the way up, with his Hitai Ate slung lazily around his neck. He grabbed a soda from the fridge and walked towards the door. His brother had a habit of waiting outside. He was always thinking and brooding, contemplating something or someone and (Soma supposed), trying to make sure he still had control over the situation. Soma knew exactly why his brother chose this mission, he wanted to steak out the meeting in case the people they'd be watching were affiliated with the guys they saw the other day. If they were, then in the hours upon hours that the brothers would be waiting, they'd surely mention the incident, and then Tohin and Soma would know exactly how much they knew and if they were planning to do anything about it.

In the growing darkness, a few lamps cast a soft glow over the lightly wooded front yard of their house, which tonight was a paradise of stillness amidst the perpetual motion of the city. Soma stepped out into the cold and still and saw his brother standing alone, lost in his own little world like usual. Soma meandered onwards, reaching Tohin just as the Senju snapped from his daze muttering a pair of words Soma had heard his brother say a lot over the past eight years. Killing death was something Tohin used to tell Soma about to make him feel better and stop him being afraid. In fact it may have been that reassuring theory of beating death and loss that gave Soma the confidence to pursue becoming a ninja with the gusto that he had. Soma smiled up at his brother and walked past him, looking over his shoulder and taunting:

"Waiting on you now, jeeeeeeeeez you're so slooooooow" He said, exaggerating his words and making wild gestures with his hands above his head.

As he walked, something popped into the boy's head.

"Oh," Soma said, turning around all the way and stopping his games "Tohin,"

"I was wondering if you could go over the plan with me, I didn't really have time to think of something myself,"

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His little brother'a iconic, always cheery personality was something which Tōhin sometimes couldn't remain serious in the presence of. Tōhin sighed and gave a half smile to Soma. The boy was dressed much more dark and ominous than usual, a hooded black coat of such a deep ebony that he blended with the darkness behind him. His headband was wrapped around his neck in an awkward fashion.

Tōhin looked at Soma and began with...

"This mission, Soma, is a mission we have taken for the simple fact that we ruined the last one. Drug lords are not forgiving and likely have more than sufficient means of handling young people like us. Even further they would target what we care about more; our parents. The reason I demand that we take this mission and all of its follow ups is so that we can always be preemptive to what they could do. We will always have the inside information."

Tōhin checked himself for any sort of thing that would give him up in the darkness and without another word he began walking toward the gates, the gates on the end of town which housed the poor and unfortunate
of Takigakure, but also the criminals.
It was as they walked in admiration of the torn apart piece of the village they'd grown to love that they heard the shallow mumbling of many men, coming from within a large, out of place white warehouse. The lightning within revealed shadows sitting across a table in lazy postures.

Tōhin signaled to Soma to scale the large oak tree which had thick branches which Jung directly over the warehouse. Perched on a branch that was sturdy enough to support more weight than six Tōhin's and Soma's combined, they waited and listened to the talking from within.

The first voice was high pitched but gravely, for a man. He began~

"So what we know is that two scoundrels working for the village roughed up our operation. They managed to bring down three and take in two of our men. By now Ole Landshark has likely been interrogated and had spilled everything he knows. The good news is that we have someone who knows what they were able to do and what they looked like. Meaning we can make sure this doesn't happen again."

The man stopped, and someone else with a much deeper, stronger sounding voice picked up~

"That source should be here within 3
hours. He has been being interrogated by our best. When he gets here the real talk will begin, for now, go watch the perimeter.

14 men left the building, the last one remained created in the center of the room. The two boys held tight to the limb, making not a sound as the men passed beneath them. They all carried some form of weapon, be it a sword or an axe. Fortunately not one of them checked the trees.

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