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1Farm work! [D-Rank] Empty Farm work! [D-Rank] on Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:30 am



Mission Spaghetti :
Mission name: Old Mcdonald had a ai oh
Mission rank: D
Objective: Help the farm
Location: Land of fire, outskirts of konoha
Reward: 70 ryo
Mission description: A farm(s) needs help on getting things back together, so help them manage the daily task as well as repair.
Mission details: When you get there you will either come across the farmer or the farmer will find you, the farmís problems are up to you. Was it harmed by a storm? Attacked by bandits weeks ago? Or just your usual funding issues? You can decide to help repair and do the daily chores on the farm and decide the outcome of the farm.

Aethir took a deep breath as he stood where he had fought the gorilla. "Huh...It's been a while..." he sighed, soon taking off towards the destination the mission spoke of. As he did, he noticed ruins further down the way, oddly placed where his mission is meant to be. "W-Wait a second..." Aethir narrowed his eyes, taking note of a man walking about those ruins. "This...This isn't the farm, is it...?!" The boy stopped walking for a moment to stare, soon breaking into a sprint.

A man stood where he was, looking around the ruined farm, animals trotting around freely without borders. "E-Excuse me!" Aethir called out, soon slowing down. The man turned to the boy curiously as he panted. "I'm...I'm here to help! Anyway I can, sir!" †"And what makes you think I need your help now? Look at this place!" Aethir blinked, soon checking around the ruins. He had reason to give up hope, wasn't THAT bad Aethir thought. But it wasn't until he started moving with the man, the man pointing at spots of destruction that Aethir started to feel a bit hopeless as well.

"Well? How can you help?" Aethir gulped, nodding to himself. "Well, I can try to put this togeth-" †The man quickly leaned close to the boy's face, glaring into the boy's blue eyes. "...You aren't lying, are you...?" Aethir blinked as the man leans back, away from the boy. "You're actually telling the truth aren't you...? You really want to help..." The old man sighed and turned away from the boy. "I appreciate your help and honesty, but I don't think this is the work a simple single boy can repair-" the man turned as he heard multiple clearing of throats, noticing many Aethirs smiling to him. "We're here to help!!" They all saluted, the old man staring in are at the boys.

Before the man, he felt as if time stood still, the Aethirs repairing the house, barns, and animal fences, guiding the different species to different pens. The man would speechlessly point at points of the farm, the boy guiding the species in question to the point the man pointed. As the animals were now in place, Aethir panted, watching his clone straighten up the man's home. "Phew...!! So far so good, sir!" the man nodded, the prime Aethir running off to assist.

As the farm had now been fixed as good as new, Aethir smiled to the man, now back to being a single boy. "S-Say," Aethir smiled to the man, tilting his head, "How did you... How did you do that little trick there...?" Aethir frowned, not knowing what he meant at first, soon smiling as he summoned another water clone from the puddles of his clone. "Ah, this is a water clone." †"A water clone...? What-" Aethir smiled to the man as the clone reached out to shake the man's hand. The man appeared shocked as the clone shook his hand, introducing himself. "Aethir Lamdem...? Well I'll be... I guess there are some tricks left in the world to see, huh...?" The clone smiled, nodding to him as the man appeared to be looking at something.

"Kirigakure..." Aethir blinked, seeing the man staring at the clone's headband. "This is where you've been right? I know this headband..." Aethir stared for a moment as the man cleared his throat. "I apologize," the man sighed, Aethir smiled to him again. The clone soon broke down into water, the man looking as it did this. "I am Mcdonald. Just Mcdonald. Care for some food? If the fridge was intact still that is." †"O-Oh!! If you don't mind, sir!!" Aethir bowed, his stomach growling. To be fair, he hasn't eaten since getting out of that cursed Konoha jungle...!!
{Mission Result}


"It's 3 AM."

"Oh Hey."

(C) - (J) - (L)

+1 speed (Taijutsu)
+2 Reaction (SCs)
+10% WC for specs/element training


Sui - S/ Rai - S / Kat - A
Tai - S/ Nin - S/ Fuuin - B

D: 7 - C: 6 - B: 3 - A: 3

[Required Missions for A-Rank]

B: 2/2
A: 1/1

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