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1 Relax, sit tight, accelerate! on Mon Feb 24, 2014 3:24 pm



A time to relax, breathe, and set out in this miserable shinobi world. Indeed, such a time had existed. Where the feeling of having to do something important, was no more. Where one could relax peacefully, no distractions, noises, or anything else that might bother a person. Such a time though, can only happen when someone isn't busy of course.

Waking up in the middle of the night to nothing but an old, diminished cottage, Ushiba began to grasp for air. It was as if he had to manually breathe before he had finally come back to his senses. A weird dream he had experienced, the intense feeling and emotion he felt from it. Now, with his legs hanging from the side of his cramped tight bed that had stood in the corner of the room, he observed his surroundings. Still, had been living in the same trash he had been left with, such a small collected room at that. In the corner, he looked at the leaking water that had fallen onto his had.

"Damn water.." Ushiba had murmured under his breath.

Sighing, he laid back down in his putrid smelling bed, not bothering to think about changing the sheets. Ushiba had no time to do such a thing, for he had been more focused on his own well being. Thinking each and every single night of the person he had become, the life he was living, the hell of a shinobi life he dreamt to have as a child. But yet, all he woke up too was a cold, hard, and a sickish life full of obstacles he didn't know how to deal with. Staring hard into the ceiling, he noticed cracks in the concrete that had never been there when he had got the place. Laughing a little, he slowly and carefully lifted himself himself up, to finally meet the concrete with his face. Raising one hand, he touched the cracks in the concrete. Feeling the way the concrete had been cracked, remembering the things that he had done, why he had done them, and asking himself was it worth it. But, he didn't know the answer. Such answers only lied in what the future held for him.

But of course, he wasn't going to wait for that future to come to him, so he insisted he must do something in the mean time. Sitting around, slacking, smelling bad, and not getting out doors was really bad when you thought about it. Getting out of his bed, Ushiba stretched like never before. His bones all cracking, and him feeling revealed. It had seemed like a somewhat lifetime since he had completely stretched his bones. The feeling that went through his skin, bones, blood, it good. These are one of the feelings he hadn't managed to feel for years. Who knew a basic stretch could make a guy feel so alive? After this marvelous stretch, the young Sabaku headed for his shower. Nearly amazed at how clean his bathroom had looked, he compared it to the rest of the filth he had laying around. But then again, he wasn't all surprised, since he hadn't used a shower in around one-thousand years. Entering the shower, it had brought back memory's. The smell itself had been the same he had remembered from long ago, the smell of soap, shampoo, and other bathing materials that had been left behind. Smelling in different directions, Ushiba had felt somewhat at home. He had came to realize that he might be closer to the future he would imagine in his head. Such an imagination needed a reality though, so he decided to take a shower as soon as possible. Washing the numerous amounts of body parts he had, he once in a life time felt the hot water that would run down his ski. This warm sensation he was feeling, it felt so great. The soap that had formed into bubbles on his skin, washing off the filth that had been on him, he couldn't come to believe how dirty he had been. On the floor of the bathroom, all that he could see was black and a brown mixture of water. In his head he imagined if someone had dared used his bathroom, how embarrassed he would be. In a kind of laughing relief way, he chuckled to himself. Such thoughts were silly, besides, who could have remembered the lost Sabaku, Ushiba. After coming out of the shower, steam had raised above the whole diminutive cottage, making everything look fogy. Ushiba himself couldn't even manage to see within the mirror, and was kind of pissed about the fact. Waving his hands in different directions, the middle aged shinobi tried to get rid of the smoke. He didn't want the smoke to deprive his precious looks from encountering the mirror. After the smoke had gone to such a level that it was see able, he walked towards the mirror. What a shock he had encountered, he looked..clean. His skin had returned to it's normal complexion, his old, dry skin had returned to it's smooth tender state. It was absolutely amazing. Though, Ushiba couldn't see his full face, it had been time for a total make over.

Opening the cabinet that had been on the right hand side of the mirror, he picked up a razor. He had an overgrown beard that he just had to get ride of. Carefully and steadily, he shaved different piles of hair off of his face. About half an hour had passed, until he finally finished shaving. Looking at himself, he touched his face. He had looked so young that it was unbelievable. Such a long time it took indeed to fully be clean, shaved, and looking like him old self, but through this whole process he figured out where he had wanted to go. It's name was Takigakure. Not many have really heard of this place, but Ushiba had known it's location. Ever since he was a kid he knew of it's location, in fact, this would have been his second time going there for years. Thinking of how the village's condition was made the young Sabaku shed a tear. Quickly, he put on his clothes, and started running towards Takigakure.

"Do not worry my fellow friend, I am coming.." he said to himself.

Passing many nature like objects, and earth, he had finally managed to make himself too Takigakure. There he would wait, for an unknown face he may or may not see. For only his future would determine his likeliness of encountering someone.

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Closing this, or exiting, whichever. Heading over to Konoha.

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