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The bells had all been tolled, and it was time for Chisaki to head home. She had been in the Hidden Mist for over a week, and was finally ready to return home. It was mostly clean up stuff now anyway, snuffing out the final signs of the rebellion. She had awoken that morning with a small smile, she was ready to rest, and continue her training back in the Hidden Leaf, the place that would always be her home, no matter where she went. Chisaki was walking along the docks now, sighing in relief somewhat. War would never be her thing, she was much more at home in the hospital. Chisaki stepped onto a boat, one that was destined to take her back to the very same port she had originally set out from, ironic really. The journey by sea was calm, the mists eventually began to thin, before they broke entirely, and Chisaki saw everything, more than she had in a while. Breathing in, she smiled brightly as the sun shone down on her, hopefully promising brighter days ahead. The journey was extremely tranquil for Chisaki. She spent most of her time sat on the desk, gazing across the vast ocean, or simply looking up to the sky. The Mist was a strange place, but she had liked the change of pace, for a time anyway.

Chisaki found her thoughts wandering to the many different people she had encountered while on this campaign, some from her home village that she had never even met, yet some from the Stone, the blend was quite extraordinary. She found it interesting to see the Villages working hand in hand, to save a village that wasn't even their home town. She smiled at the memory.

The ship arrived back in the Land of Fire soon after, Chisaki gratefully stepped off the boat, breathing in the familiar smells that came with this port. The atmosphere was different, the people here were happy. Chisaki gathered her belongings off the boat, and gratefully thanked the captain, who smiled at her before going of to do boat things. Chisaki sighed slightly. Her ink black hair fanned out behind her, like the sail of a ship. She was home, almost, but not quite. She began to run.

Chisaki's feet pounded out a rhythmic beat onto the ground below her. She was determined to get back to her home, as soon as she could. The landscape all fell away around her, meadows and fields giving way to the forest that Chisaki loved so much. The shinobi paused for a moment, and listened. Song, birdsong, her favorite noise, and something that told her she was home, at last. Rejuvenated, she continued on, the bird song and drumming of her feet making her smile. Soon, the village was in sight. Chisaki felt a smile spread across her face, at last, her home. She slowed off her pace, into a steady walk, she held her hands behind her back, and approached the gate. The shinobi on duty waved to her, welcoming her home to the village, she nodded politely, before making way for her home. Chisaki arrived at the Senju compound, and eventually her own home. Almost giggling, she sat down on the floor there and then. She was home.

551/500 [Travel complete!]


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