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It has been a few days since Kyouma has settled in. He had wondered what he should do first. Maybe walk a dog or help an old woman? He thought about it for a few minutes until reaching for a conclusion. "No.. no... no.. Ah, here. I guess I'll choose this one." While accepting the mission he thought to himself whether this job is worth the effort or not. Well, enough thinking he thought. "Time to  paint walls." As he walked towards the administration building he remembered something. "I forgot...the...paint..." He went back to retrieve the paint. "Dang it, I am going to get scolded for this."

He managed to get the paint; however, he was already 30 minutes late. Seems like the overseer is not happy. Suddenly, a fist was the only thing Kyouma felt on is hand, the overseer's fist.  Damn brat! Come in early next time or I'll work you like a dog.""Tsk. Yes sir!" So, with no hesitation, Kyouma went off to paint these walls. It was rather nice, he thought. The feeling of the brush sweeping this uncolored wall. It was like a person with no name. "This is going to take forever. Should have taken the Dog mission." Regardless, he needed Ryo to eat. His hunger was quite big. He even almost painted a dango on the wall. "Dammit, this hunger is killing me." He wondered if he had all day to do this. As time went by he saw everyone- people, ninjas and even workers going back home. The streets became quiet. It started to get dark.The stars. They're especially bright tonight. Such a beautiful si-" Again, the same fist hit Kyouma. "What am I paying you for! Stop gazing at the stars like a fool. Get back to work!" And so, he began to work again. His hand became tired due and began to hurt. So he put the brush down and began to whistle for a while. Eventually, he resumed. Just a few more sweeps until I move on to the next one, he thought. 

The full moon was out and the relief of almost finishing almost broke a smile in his face. Yet, there was still one more wall to do. Kyouma starts to climb the ladder and almost fell. Phew... That was close." With sweat dripping down from his face, he could finally see the last few strokes. As he finished, he notices a few kids ruining the wet paint."Tsk, I just painted that." The kids ran off without any care in the world. So, he finished up the current wall before fixing the other one. He walks down the stair, carefully, and stars repainting the wall. Fingerprints where everywhere. Hand marks as well. As he starts to finish, he remembered the day learned how to draw. It was weird, he thought. Why would I remember this? He then finally finishes. Waiting for the overseer to check. As he waited, he went to the nearby dango shop. He wasted his last bit of ryo left on dango and tea. "Finally something to eat." He savored each bite and sip. Ince he was done, he payed the shop for the food he ordered. He saw the overseer walk by with a content look on his face."There you are. I was looking for you. Not bad for your first mission shrimp. Not a bad job at all. With a sigh of relief, Kyouma walked away. Hm, my first mision completed. Guess I'll sleep the whole day tomorrow. Maybe I'll do another mission in a few days, he thought. "The painting was annoying, but at least I got paye-" He just remembered that he forgot to collect his reward. "This night cannot...get..any


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