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1 Store Security! [C-Rank] on Thu Feb 27, 2014 3:31 am



Mission Fruit Salad:

Mission name: Store Security
Mission rank: C
Objective: Protect the establishment from would-be robbers and burglars.
Location: Konoha - Market District
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: The shopkeeper of a weapon store has contacted us due to a recent string of break-ins and burglaries. Catch the burglar(s) in the act and arrest them using non-lethal force. The sheer massiveness of the store's stock makes it a popular target for many different burglars, so this mission may be (and most likely will need to be) taken more than once.
Mission details: Discretion in both your appearance and actions is necessary for this mission, as to not deter or warn away the offenders. The burglar will break-in the second night you are assigned to the shop. Although a civilian, he will attempt to escape using some of the weapons in the store (notably shuriken and makibishi).
Aethir laid on the roof of the shop, staring up at the night sky. "Ugh...Can't say I'm enjoying this mission..." the boy sighed as the night clouds slowly traveled across the skies. He's been here for hours, waiting for a break-in to happen to the store he was guarding. He's been here before, both during the daytime and at night. During the day time, he'd walk by the store, browsing the weapons on the walls, available for buying. And during last night, he was guarding the shop, looking out for a thief that never came. The boy yawned, growing a bit tired as he continued to look up at the starry sky. He noticed some stars are brighter than others, using these brighter stars as dots that he'd trace mental pictures of things in his mind. As he did this, the boy smiled as he saw his own face with a goofy smile, a few other faces smiling away as well. "Man," the boy sighed, closing his eyes, "I wonder what they're up-"

The boy gasped as he heard loud shuffling, causing the boy to lean over the edge of the building. He saw someone in a black rob crouching and looking around. As the robed person looked up, he saw the starry sky, Aethir already rolling back to where he was lying. 'And there he is...' Aethir nodded to himself as he heard the shuffling again. As he leaned over, he saw the last bit of the black robe crawl inside the shop.

Aethir slowly placed his hand on the side of the wall, soon crawling down it, as if he were a lizard. Keeping quiet, the boy peered inside the shop, noticing the thief was taking rather large weapons, and even the smaller projectile weapons! 'It's as big of a shop as I remembered...!' Aethir stared wide eyed at the shop, taking note of no one else being inside but the thief. 'And he's all alone...' the boy smiled as he crawled back up the wall, the thief quickly leaping out the shop, running down the road. As Aethir saw this, he smiled, quickly leaping from the wall, onto a nearby structure's walls, using his chakra to maintain his 'stick'.

The thief continued to run, panting heavily, failing to notice a leaping silent shadow trailing him. He made several turns, continuing his running, soon stopping to look around himself. He noticed no one else was trailing him, soon taking note of the stolen goods he had taken. 'Pretty sure now would be a good time to drop in...' Aethir nodding, leaping off the wall, silently landing on the ground. He quietly sneaked towards the thief, a huge grin on his face. As he got close, he saw the thief quickly glance behind him, causing the boy to frown. 'He knows I'm here...but...' Aethir continued walking cautiously towards the man.

Suddenly, he swung a bastard sword to the boy, Aethir quickly leaping high into the air and away from the thief. 'I knew he'd pull something like that...' As the thief ran with the stolen goods, Aethir placed his palms together, getting ready to fire a wave of lightning to him. Then, the mission came back to his mind.


Aethir stared at the ninja informing him of the mission that needed to be done. "You may use any technique of hiding or disguising yourself. But whatever you do, and we stress this," Aethir blinked, looking to his left at the weapon store. Soon he looked back to the ninja, hearing him clear his throat, "Do NOT use lethal force on the target!" Aethir gulped, nodding. As the ninja walked away, Aethir shrugged, walking away as well... However, the boy soon had a question, turning back to the ninja. "W-What would be lethal force-" he asked, the ninja already gone. "...Great..." the boy sighed, continuing his walk. "Well what the heck IS lethal force...? Is it shock bullets...? Does that count...? It's just a tiny burn, isn't it...?" The boy was genuinely lost, trying to figure out what is and what isn't lethal force. "Well how am I going to catch this guy then?!" the boy sighed heavily, crouching down as he scratched at his head, irritated.

"How AM I going to catch this guy...?" the boy sighed, clasping his hands together as the raiton chakra in his palms began to fade. He broke into a sprint, chasing after the thief as he took many turns again, soon both of them passing the weapon shop again. "Eh? Where's this guy going?!" Aethir panted, still running after the man. Soon, it happened... The illness he was born with soon kicked in from all of this running, causing him to pant and wheeze heavily. "I can't let this guy get away...!!" Aethir nodded, putting his hands to his lips as if playing a trumpet, water soon spraying from the lips. As the water was rolling on the ground, Aethir panted as he formed two clones from the puddle of water. "G-Go! Chase him! Then shoot a bolt of lightning in the air when you get him...!!" The clones nodded, taking off running. The good thing, Aethir thought, was that these clones could probably keep running and running without the illness kicking in for them. The boy gasped and wheezed, putting hands to his sides as he slowly walked after the clones.

Time passed, Aethir sitting on a roof with three other Aethirs. They all were looking in one direction, keeping an eye out for lightning. "Where's the lightning...?" Aethir sighed then gasped as he saw water suddenly rise on a random road of the city. "What...?! That's not lightning! How could we notice that?!" Aethir sighed, taking off towards the clones, the three other clones following.

Aethir noticed the clones running after the tired looking thief still, soon the roof clones dropping in front of the thief, cutting him off. As the five Aethirs surrounded the thief, the prime Aethir jogged over, staring at the thief. "W-What happened to that lightning?!" Aethir spoke, the clone informing him of the raiton jutsus failing. "What...?" the boy stared wide eyed, soon realizing something. 'Can...Can water clones not use raiton jutsus...?' the boy stood in shock, not knowing this for the longest, then gasped as one of his clones were pierced. "Restrain him!" the boy commanded, the clones grabbing and restraining the man's movements. As one of the clones shouted 'knock him out' Aethir gasped. "N-No! No lethal force!!" Aethir nodded as all of them, minus Aethir,  soon dragged the struggling man away.

In front of the weapon's shop, Aethir panted as he was surrounded by a pool of water, former clones of himself. The thief was tied up with rope from the weapon's shop, the sun soon rising. "My word...!!" Aethir turned, hearing the shop owner run over. "Is this the thief...? My...My uncle...?!" Aethir blinked, soon turning to the thief, the shop keeper's uncle. "I just wanted your store to be popular... More business, you know-"  "I have more than enough business!! You didn't need to do this at all!!" Aethir stared at the thief with a curious look on his face. "I'm.....I'm sorry-"  "I'm sorry too!  What am I going to do now?! I don't want to turn you in, but this chuunin...!" Aethir stared for a moment, soon crossing his arms, thinking.

"So you're telling me," Aethir smiled with the shop owner and the uncle, the mission ninja staring with a sarcastic look on his face, "That this this large bastard sword. Right? That's what you're saying?"  "That's correct~!"  "DO I LOOK LIKE A GOD DAMNED IDIOT?!" Aethir flew back with a large smile as the ninja shouted at him. "W-Well...No, but it's the truth!" Aethir signaled the ninja to lean closer, the uncle and shop keeper leaning close too.

"Ah...!! A dog?!" Aethir stared wide eyed at the tiny dark hooded white fuzzball of a puppy with a large bastard sword in it's mouth. It growled as it eyed Aethir, the boy staring with a serious look on his face. "This will be tricky..." Aethir narrowed his eyes, soon darting over to the dog with magically appearing clones. "BWAAAAAAAO!!!" The dog howled as it slashed at the Aethir clones, Aethir gasping as the tiny dog darted towards him. "Uh oh...!!" The boy jumped back then-


"Enough." Aethir blinked as the uncle was on the verge of bursting out laughing, ruining the whole lie completely. The ninja sighed, lowering the tiny white puppy, soon pawing at the uncle's pants leggings. "Well, while I can't take a dog to jail...I suppose I should just fine this unrelated stranger for keeping such a dog. Right? Unrelated?"  "Right!!" the shop keeper smiled to his uncle. "Shame on you stranger man guy!!"  "Me?! Well...I suppose you're right..."  

As the ninja long left, Aethir smiled to the uncle, the shop keeper, and the dog, soon backing away from the laughing group, walking away to claim his reward.
{Mission Results}
Word Count: 1558/1000


"It's 3 AM."

"Oh Hey."

(C) - (J) - (L)

+1 speed (Taijutsu)
+2 Reaction (SCs)
+10% WC for specs/element training


Sui - S/ Rai - S / Kat - A
Tai - S/ Nin - S/ Fuuin - B

D: 7 - C: 6 - B: 3 - A: 3

[Required Missions for A-Rank]

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A: 1/1

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