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Mission Turkey:
Mission name: Catch The Cat!
Mission rank: D
Objective: Locate, catch, and safely return Madam Chiasa's precious cat.
Location: Konoha, Dense Forest
Reward: 70 Ryo
Mission description:The pet cat of a rich Konohagakure noble has recently gone missing. The owner, known as Madam Chiasa, has requested that her cat be found. She suspects that the cat may be in the Dense Forest, where it often runs off to. The cat's breed is a Devon Rex and “answers” to the name Maybell. The cat is very unfriendly and feisty, and will most likely run upon being found.
Mission details: Madam Chiasa is very protective of her cat, and if there is any damage to her, half of the mission's pay will be deducted. The mission-taker would also be met with a long line of offensive language and potential abuse. The cat will also do everything in it's power to escape from whoever catches it, and hasn't been de-clawed. Good luck to whoever takes this mission.

Name: Madam Chiasa
Age: 58
General Appearance: A short and pudgy woman who is covered from head to toe in fine clothes and expensive jewelry.
Personality: She acts very noble-like, however she constantly sounds condescending and arrogant due to her position of wealth.
Motivations: Seeing her cat brought back safe and sound.
Fears: Losing her cat(this happens often), Her cat being harmed or damaged.
Other: /

Aethir walked through the dense forest, casually whistling. He didn't feel afraid since he practically spent three days in this place, the boy smiling away as he whistled. As he turned, he saw a large centipede crawl across the ground, past him. "Hey there!" Aethir waved with a smile as the centipede continued crawling. As he continued, the boy gasped, remembering what the mission stated. "The cat responds to Maybell" Aethir nodded, putting his hands around his mouth, shouting the name. "Maybell!! ...Maybell? Maybellybell~!" Aethir smiled, then grinned, hearing a low tone cat groan.

Aethir jogged forward, noticing a rather...upset looking cat. "Hey May!" Aethir smiled to the cat as the cat perked up it's ears to the shortening of it's name. "Maybell! You're-" The cat's ears lowered as it groaned, glaring at the boy again. "Er...Maybell-" The cat screeched, clawing at the boy, the boy quickly jerking his once extending hand away from the angry cat. It hissed, Aethir staring while blinking at the cat as it crept away.

Suddenly, Maybell took off running, the boy gasping as he saw the cat doing so. "Hey, wait a second!!" the boy cried as he sprinted off towards the cat. As he did this, he was careful not to hit any branches, or trip over any roots. As the cat made many twists and turns through the forest, climbing up trees and jumping from tree to tree, soon climbing down, Aethir mimicked her every move. "Slow down! Hey! Maybell- WHOA!!" Aethir gasped, ducking as Maybell leaped back towards the boy's face, soon taking off again. "Ah, where'd she go...?" the boy checked around himself.

The boy went silent, soon hearing light trotting, Aethir grinning while taking off towards the source. As expected, Maybell was at the source, hissing at the boy as it took off again. "Hey! Come on! Stop!!" Aethir cried, still running quicker, "Come on! Ah...H-Hey! Why don't we just go home, May?" Aethir stopped suddenly, staring at the stopped Maybell with it's ears perked again. "...May...?" Aethir called out again as the cat lightly meowed, slowly approaching the boy. "...May...Does Maybell prefer that name instead of-" The cat screeched as it ran away, Aethir taking off after it, but soon turned, seeing a large black panther glaring at him. "U-Uh oh..."

Taking off with the panther behind him, Aethir gave chase to Maybell, soon using the Water Trumpet technique. "Go!!" Aethir shouted, soon creating two clones from the puddle, the clones nodding in unison. The three Aethirs soon ran in between each other, the clones and the prime Aethir soon running off in three directions. One Aethir ran after Maybell, one decided to try and cut off Maybell, the third tried to lead the panther away from an Aethir, but noticed it wasn't working, so that Aethir gave chase to the panther.

"Okay!! Let's go!!" Aethir smiled as the clones were in their positions. All the Aethirs nodded as the panther suddenly leaped behind itself, clawing off the boy's face...or rather, the clone's face as it became a puddle of water. "Fire!!" the panther turned, noticing six water balls flying towards him, all the balls making contact with the panther, sending the poor feline back. As Aethir smiled at this, the clone gave chase to the fleeing Maybell, diving to capture it. It squirmed, bit, clawed at the clone's skin, did everything it could to leave it's grasp. As the clone gritted and clenched it's teeth, Aethir nodded to the clone. "May..." Aethir called to the cat with a smile as the cat stared at Aethir with...a calm look on it's face.

As Aethir held the calm Maybell to the fat wealthy woman, she quickly snatched the cat and proceeded to roughly pet it. "OH MY MAYBELL~!" the cat groaned, then eyed Aethir with a look that practically shouted 'You betrayed me.' Aethir bowed to the woman, the woman spouting condescending insults. "Don't you have commoner things to do, boy?" Aethir stared at the woman with an annoyed smile, then looked at the cat, simply nodding to the cat, the cat looking a bit if happy to understand where the cat was coming from, and why it ran away. No doubt, the cat would run away again... and once it did, Aethir won't bother capturing it again since the owner was- 'What a snob.' Aethir sighed, continuing his walk.
{Mission Results}
Word Count: 761/600


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"Oh Hey."

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