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Mission name: Catching a Prankster
Mission rank: D
Objective:  Catch the kid who sprayed graffiti over the whole city.
Location: Iwagakure > General Forum
Reward: 80 ryo
Mission description: A boy has been putting graffiti on the wall of buildings. He has thus far managed to escape custody, and posses skills equal to that of an Academy ninja, able to move around on rooftops to escape capture. Now it is your turn to try and capture him, good luck!
Mission details: The boy has the skills of a Academy Student. He can jump over buildings.

Wow it seemed as if this village was almost as pathetic and shameful as Kirigakure but in a different sense so to speak. Kirigakure hiring under experienced ninja to take on their difficult ass missions that to a normal Genin would probably have killed him or her within a matter of seconds with their inexperience. Now today having arrived in Iwa not even a couple hours earlier the two brothers quickly took upon the opportunity to find some sort of mission they could take on here. They were given a mission alright but Tee wasn't sure weather to take it as a joke or if Iwa really needed help with something as simple as this. A young delinquent not even of Genin stature was apparently causing trouble going around lying graffiti on buildings for whatever reason. Part of the reason Tee didn't like this mission was because their goal was to capture the boy and not actually kill him, had they been able to kill the boy then the mission would probably be more entertaining, Tee able to torture and maim the kid so he would never lay graffiti on another building again. In fact the kid wouldn't even think about doing graffiti anywhere ever again if Tee had a say in it, but sadly they were only allowed to capture the kid and that's all Tee would be allowed to do.

But first there was the case of locating the boy, capturing wouldn't be all that difficult given the fact that he would be ay a number disadvantage as well as being at a disadvantage in every other aspect especially in strength and speed. Tee contemplated something lite light perhaps breaking the boy's arm for fair warning but that probably wouldn't be allowed either and Tee wasn't going to get chased out of a village because he had broken a kid's arm who had well deserved it. But as soon as Tee began to contemplate how to find the kid and had almost asked his brother who was standing right by him near the mission building outside, Tee heard a spraying noise.

It sounded like somebody was spraying something and Tee was curious as to what exactly that sound was.

"Yo bro, you hear that, maybe that's the kid" Tee would whisper while creeping around the corner hoping to catch the kid by surprise. However as soon as Tee crept around the corner the kid climbed up a seemingly convenient array of items that led to the top of a low roofed building and Tee deemed it best if they would follow.

"Lets go Bro, that's our guy, he shouldn't be all that hard to catch slipping since he's only an academy ninja." It was as if there was some sort of a divine being on their side that would aid them in capturing this individual. Tee himself would take this upon himself to capture the kid since his brothers help wasn't a necessity however it would make things way easier than they already were. Tee could see the boy running away from him roof to roof when Tee got to the top, however the difference was that Tee was way faster than that academy ninja was and would use that to his advantage. When he was within range he would extend his arm threads being the only thing keeping his arm and hand connected to the rest of his body and clutched the kids shirt in his hand pulling the kid back.

"C'mon Bro we got em lets go back to the mission place and turn em in" Tee would say this considering his brother had followed him atop the roof and would then leave the kid to be brought in by his brother whom Tee trusted.

[Mission Complete]


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Here they were the two brothers had just arrived at the Iwagakure. The village itself wasn't all that impressive to Jabo and seemed to be the same as Kirigakure. The only real difference was the color among other things in the village. Along with the type of weather that they had there. Unlike Kirigakure it seemed at the moment that Jabo and his brother didn't have to take on a extremely difficult mission like last time. Jabo didn't necessarily mind it, it was just a lot of work sometimes to get missions done along with trying not to die. Especially with the type of missions that Kirigakure was send him and his brother on. Today what they had to do was pretty simple, not even an hour or two after they got in they got there first mission. Which was to capture a kid that had been spraying graffiti all over the village. This reminded him of the tales that had been told of the legend of Naruto. It was a book that Jabo remembered reading when he was a little boy and it told of how one of the most legendary ninja was a delinquent at a young age too. But, this was all in the past and today's objective was to focus on the task at hand. Jabo knew it wouldn't take that much effort to catch a simply academy student as him and his brother were relatively faster than the ordinary genin let alone a academy student. The only thing Jabo was really worried about is that his brother would attempt to over due it. He knew how his brother was and hope that he wouldn't attempt to kill the little boy or something of that sort as it would resort in them getting kicked out of the village.

The two brothers stood in the middle of the town shortly after receiving their mission. Suddenly Jabo's brother had said "Yo bro, you hear that, maybe that's the kid." Jabo wasn't paying all that much attention because after a while he tended to space out. But, when he focused he could hear the faint sound of spraying and concluded that that was what his brother was talking about. Tee attempted to catch the kid by surprise by sneaking around the corner. Jabo followed behind him but as they did this they saw the kid climbing up a variety of items that led to a roof. Tee had then said, "Lets go Bro, that's our guy, he shouldn't be all that hard to catch slipping since he's only an academy ninja." After that Jabo took a back street to go cut the boy off. People stared at Jabo as he ran through the street at full speed. Jabo figured his brother would do something to catch the boy so this should be enough to distract the boy. He didn't plan on killing him or anything as he wasn't like his brother when it came to these sort of things. Jabo cut the boy off in the middle of him running. Then Tee had extended his arm to grab the kid and pull him towards him. Jabo then hopped off of the roof down to his brother who told him, "C'mon Bro we got em lets go back to the mission place and turn em in." Jabo looked at the young boy as he pouted at him. He knew how it felt to be sort of troubled and to act out for attention. He smiled and patted the kid on the head. Afterward Jabo and Tee took the boy back to claim their reward.

Word Count: 618/600


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