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1 Fix'em Up (Mission,Private) on Mon Mar 03, 2014 8:17 pm



Kikisus day started off with him streching his arms and yawning, all the while just starting to notice the heat of the day, it was always hot as hell in this village and the heat almost never got better, though over the years and years of him living here he had gotten real used to the heat, as to he almost no longer felt it, though today was oddly warm.

He shrugged off his light sheet and hopped out of bed, on his window sill there was a note that was sealed with red and tan ink, the Chikamatsu sigil, his clan seemed to have need of him, he had no real opinion of his clan really, he liked Taksuki for he played a mean game of Shogi, the rest he had not really gotten to know that well, the letter was from the Master Puppet Maker of the clan, it read, Dear Kikisu, we have need of your tinkering and puppet making skills, one of our puppet making centers is in the slums near where you live...the one with the Chikamatsu symbol on it, come on down and go in the back and there will be a bin of broken or useless limbs in there, make as many usable as possible and move them to the good bin, Thank you, Signed Asa Chikamatsu, Master Puppeteer The letter was written in tan colored ink, he assumed they would want him to go right away, since the letter must have been there for a while.

He started getting dressed to leave, he pulled his black fishnet shirt over his head as he searched the room for his tan pants, he pulled them on after he was done that he looked around his closest for his white cloak, he found it hung up and threw it over his body and buttoned it up, doing a spin to flap the calf length robe.

He then brushed his hair till it shone like light leather, and was as soft and smooth as silk, he loved his hair, almost as much as he loved Shogi. He then looked down at his fingers, looking at the rings of white scar tissue that covered each finger, from that damn raid, those bandits just cut his fingers up saying that he would never control a puppet again, he had proved him wrong, though he still felt the pang of their knives on his fingers when he slept...he would now make some parts.

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He arrived at the house with the chikamatsu symbol on the front, beside the door, there were two large guards that stood erect, holding large steel maces, looking at every single passerby, when kikisu came up they looked at him and nodded him into the building, they apparently knew that he was coming and what he looked like. As he opened the sand stone door he heard the sound of tinkering in the room to his right and his left, he didnt go in them because he knew what kind of attention it took to make parts, so he just kept going to the room he was told about in the letter.

As he walked down the hallway he saw that the end door was opened and there was a man in the room looking around, Kikisu walked in and saw the man fully now, he was a small slight man and he had tan hair like kikisu, but he wore it short, he motioned for him to come and then left, Kikisu needed nothing in the way of help he knew what he was doing, puppets were easy people were not.

He sat down near the two bins, one was empty and the other was filled...with junk mostly. He started rummaging through the pile of limbs, he snagged a wooden arm that was missing a hand and had no attachments, he picked it up and put it on the table, he looked over at the other side of the table and spyed a monocle, he put it over his eye and clicked it to zoom in a bit, he looked at the wood, it was oak, cracked in a few spots, so Kikisu grabbed the bottle of wood filler and smeared it over the cracks, repairing the cracked wood to almost new, he then grabbed his wood scrapper and started clawing away at the forearm, slowly making bigger and bigger the concave group in his forearm.

After the arm was hollow he grabbed a spring out of the bin and placed it into the arm, he grabbed some glue and glued the bottom of the spring and tested it effect...he was getting along....

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After the spring was in place, he tested it once and twice, the spring clicked back and forth wonderfully, he still had it. He pulled the spring all the way back and made a small lever that would hold it back, he then carved a thin line out of the arm to act as a launching mechanism. He looked in the bin and found a okay looking kunai and slid it up the arm, if he really wanted to he could make it loadable in the elbow, but he had not the resources at the time and it would take much less time.

He then looked around for a piece of wood, he carved it so it fit in the space he had carved out for the kunai launcher and then placed it over and pasted some wood glue over it to make it look seamless, it was pretty, but so far it was only a forearm, he still needed an upper arm and a hand, to look for a hand. Kikisu placed the arm over in front him to give him some space for a hand, he started looking threw the bin of junk, he grabbed a few good looking fingers and placed them in front of him as he kept looking for some more fingers, he found three more and was happy with then so he then look found a nice hand base on the floor beside the bin, it was actually somewhat nice looking.

He zoomed in his looking monocle to check for cracks, only one finger had cracks on it, he grabbed the wood filler and lathered it on, making it seamless. He looked around in the huge bin and found a few small blades, around the lengh of a straight razor each, luckily there were 5 of them, just enough for a razor blade fingers hand. He hollowed out all of the fingers just so the blades would fit inside of them, he then stuck the blades to a small piece of wood each, fastening them to the hand tightly, then gluing them to make sure, he then pulled the blades over each one tightly, they were still a little bit loose, so he carved locks into the fingers and the hand to make then twist off, he then made a charka string of his finger and tested it, he made the hand open and close, he then tested the fingers, making them pop off and make a few practice swipes, it was smooth and good, he could do better with finer products, but this was what he had.

Kikisu then grabbed a ball joint from the bin and stuck it into the hand and then clicking it into the forearm, making an almost finished hand, it was looking good, though it was in sore need of a wood varnish to make it the same color, it was only faint but it could really use one. He then started looking for a normal arm, he wasnt going to really put much in this part, maybe just a blade, so when all he found was half an arm he frowned and placed it on the table, he then found another one that almost three quarters of an arm, he had some work to do on it, but it could work. He carved a copy of the half arm out of the other, making them fit like a puzzle piece, he then opened the table drawer and grabbed the paste cement, and generously lathered it on, making the two pieces stick together nicely, he then covered the cracks in wood filler to make it look nicer, people didnt like cracks in their puppets before the fight so he did his best to cover it up.

After that he found a pretty crappy 12 inch long needle rapier blade, it was completely dull so he called the other puppet makers to bring him a whet stone wheel and some water, they did and he started going at it, sharpening the small blade to a razor edge that someone could shave with, he even tested it to make sure, he got a circular piece of wood and cemented it to the blade and pushed it into the arm, the circle being the same size as the arm piece as to make it air tight, as to be needed to be pulled out by chakra strings so it didnt just slide out and break. He then got another circle piece and made a hole big enough for the blade to come out of so the entire thing didnt come out when you pulled it out and then glued it to the end of the arm, then attaching a very small ball joint and attaching the arm to the forearm, making a...full arm, it was very nice, even though it was a little bit patchwork, it was fully done he called the owner of the place to look at it, he came in and looked at it for a little bit, asking to see it in action, Kikisu had no problem with that, so he attached a few chakra strings to it, and made it move around, he released all of the weapons and put them back in to show that it was functional and well, the owner then nodded and smiled, while saying Ahhh Nephew you never cease to amzae us with that skill of yours do you, we have a little bit more need of you if possible, our puppet builder, the one who puts all the pieces into one puppet is gone to the hospital, he was mugged on his way here, we really need this one made, since a man is coming to buy it today, take that arm you just made and go to the room over where there is a full bin of full pieces and nice weapons, just make the best puppet you can, the man will pay what its worth, since it isnt for him its for a store, you are a skilled builder so im giving you the chance to make a real nice puppet, dont mess up...we will pay you well for your work he was never really close to his uncle, but he wasnt going to complain about extra money, and the chance to make a puppet that got the Chikamatsu symbol on the back of it and even being sold, being nice to his greedy uncle was definitly worth that, so he decided to go, he nodded and picked the arm up and started on his way to the Other room, with the nice parts, he was almost bouncing...
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He walked into a room...filled with amazing parts, each part in the bins were nicely crafted and made of either oak or birch, they were limbs galore, and even a vat of dark brown varnish for his arm, which he dunked in right away, and let sit while he walked around he room and looked for the parts he wanted...there were just so many, how would he choose, he was as a little boy is on Namehage, giddy and excited, when he made his puppets they were always patchwork, but this room was nice and clean, with top of the line parts, there was no holding him back anymore.

He grabbed a nice torso made out of Oak with steel plate, and for a moment looked for cracks, he slapped himself internally since he had almost thought that he had to make sure they were good, of course they were, he grabbed the torso and placed it on a large meat hook that was hanging from the roof , the chest itself needed some sort of weapon, though what kind would he knew not, though maybe looking in the bin of weapons would help him out. In the bin he found a large 8 inch spike attached to a rolled up line of tether or some sort of Kevlar, it would do, he grabbed it and brought it to the puppet that he was working on, he flicked a small switch and opened the torso and grabbed a thick wooden rod and wrapped the rope around it, he then carved out two grooves for the rod so that the user of the puppet could shoot the tether and spike at will, and even pull it back if they wanted to.

He then closed the chest piece and went over to a bin of arms, he spied a matching pair of solid steel ones, that looked very expensive, he grabbed them and the sighed he needed to use his arm, or not really he didnt want to infringe on the integrity of the puppet so he just used the hand from the one he had, and changed the metal hand of the other arm to a nice oak on, so that it matched.

He brought the arms over to the table, and wondered what he could do with them, he decided that for the other hand that hasnt been worked on yet he could do the same finger claws to make the use of the puppet be able to fight with both hands, though the blades he used on the other hand were of a little bit higher quality, though they would work just fine it chopping and cutting, he did this the way he had done the last, by carving the fingers, and then adding the wooden plates to the bottom of the blades, it was so nice to have nicer materials and nicer tools.

Kikisu then went about the lab looking for a cool thing to put into the forearm of the metal beast, he decided on senbon, though unlike the one he had just made with the spring loaded one, there was a bin full of sealed weapons that on command shot the weapons out, he found one with 100 throwing needles and slid it into the top of the forearm, then placing a small balsa plate on top of it, so the user of it just had to break the balsa with chakra string and then the senbon would start to rain.

He then threw the wooden hands into a vat of varnish that would make them look like the steel that the arms were made of, all this to make it match. He then realized he also need a weapon for the other arm, he had a insidious idea for it, he went to the sealed weapon tin and looked around and he couldnt find it, he then walked over to the actual weapons and found what he was looking for, a large 16ft retractable spike, when retracted it was only around 1.4 feet which was perfect he grabbed it and looked at the tip, it was almost as sharp as a needle and was made of fine demasicis steel, the metal rippled texture was pretty, and the point dangerous, it slid it down that length of the arm with some cement on the end to keep the back stuck in the arm, so you could extend it at will to attack and retract it when not needed. he then moved the arms over to the torso and plinked them in, popping the sockets in and making sure they are attached well.

He then started looking for some legs, he had a ''blast'' coming up with the idea of this weapon, he went over to the knee joints and grabbed two, then grimacing at the fact that he would have to carve them out by hand, but then as he glanced at the bin he saw a set of knee joints that had an odd hole in them, he grabbed then and smiled, they were empty already, they probably used these to make really fast puppets, though he had a better idea, he went over to the cloth bombs and grabbed a handful of them and emptied them on the table, grabbing a funnel he poured the gunpowder into the small holes on the balls, making them small wooden balls, he then grinded up some flint and poured it in as well, knowing that if hit the bombs would explode, though if the hole was covered and the air taken out it wouldn't explode due to lack of oxygen.

He placed them as the knee joints of the puppet, making a nice last resort for the legs. he liked the look of the puppet so far, and the fact that he could kill was even better, all that was left was a head, there were a large bin of heads with weapons in them already, they had notes tapped to them to tell you what weapon was inside, he found a nice blond head with a mans face and a long ponytail, when he grabbed the hair to pick it up, the hair sliced into his hand, causing a bunch of small deep cuts, and under the hair it said warning razor chicken wire, he cursed and a medical ninja ran in and helped him out, they healed his hand, and Kikisu felt very stupid, he may use that kind of hair for a future puppet he made for himself.

He grabbed the head by the face and moved over to the body that he was still working on, he clicked the head in and turned it back and forth to make sure it fit well enough, the face almost looked as if he was smiling at Kikisu, he almost looked as if he was mocking him, which he giggled at it seemed everyone would find that funny, he cursed to himself as he examined his work, the puppet it self was complete though he thought that it could use one more thing, he went and prepared an explosive tag covered knee joint and placed a ball launcher inside the mouth of the puppet, making it able to launch a ball of death at whomever it wanted, though it needed a name...he grabbed his caligraphy brush and opened the chest to name it in permanent ink...he wrote on the piece of wood...Jixetto Buraka...Jet Black for the black paint that covered the steel he was made of, it was a artful name, a lasting name, it was nice and it would work well.
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