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Mission name: Helping an Old Woman
Mission rank: D
Objective: Buy all the things that are on old lady Ninaro's list.
Location: Ninaros house lies on the top of a mountain in the South of the region.
Reward: 75 ryo
Mission description: You have to buy and do all the things for Lady Ninaro. It all has to be done in one day.
Mission details: The individual has to go to diffrent stores for all the things Ninaro will need. The list with things the individual has to buy or has to do will appear in a spoiler at the end of the details.
Ninaros list:

- 4 Apples
- 11 Sweet potatoes
- 3 Tomatoes
- 2 packs of instant ramen
- 1 pack of Sunflower seed
- 1 pack of Rose seed
- 3 boxes of Green Tea
- Perfume
- 2 pieces of Granny Underwear
To do:
- Take a walk with her dog
- Feed her cat
- Help her do the cleaning

"Okay old lady Ninaro," said Lytening. "I'm on my way." And with that Lytening, left the Mission Officer and headed straight to the mountains in the south part of the village.

He was running through town, trying to get out as fast as he can, but the women kept greeting him, and kept trying to him make stop for a conversation. Lytening was too well acquainted with the women of the Konoha village. For some reason, he liked associating with some of them. Not necessarily a sexual attraction kind of thing, but more like a "I get along better with women" kind of thing. Too bad, Lytening wasn't in the mood for a conversation, neither did he have the time to spare for one. By the looks of the mission he had just undertaken, he had to be on his way quick.

Atlas, he left the town and started heading for the mountains. Lytening couldn't think about what to tell the woman, when he saw her. He knew it wasn't secure or wise to be living in the mountains in her old age so he wanted to make this known to her. However, he wanted to do it kindly. Therefore, throughout the entire trip to the old lady's house he thought about the words he would use. Also it turned out that partway to the old lady's house, he realized that it wasn't too many people who lived in the mountains, and the mission didn't quite specify WHICH mountain Ninaro took dwelling in. At this, he remembered asking the mission officer:
"What mountain is it?"
"It's the first mountain you see coming out of town," replied the Mission Officer.

Because Lytening didn't want to seem stupid he just pretended he understood what the officer meant. Truly, he had no idea though. It was more evident hen he came out of town because he saw plenty of "first moutain(s)." At this, Lytening sighed. It was too late though, Lytening could not return to the Missions Officer, he would just have to deal with the circumstances.

Well by now, Lytening had decided on what he would tell Ninaro, to try to convince her to move into town, where she can be safer and closer to people...just in case she ever needs help again. Now, the problem was figuring out which mountain she was on. Lytening, didn't hesitate to make the problem any bigger of a deal though. As he was nearing the mountains of the south, he activated his Byakugan.

He began to search for any houses, as he kept running. To his surprise there was a house that was in range of the entension of sight his Byakugan granted him.

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