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Mission name: Guard illegal weapons shipment
Mission rank: C
Objective: To accompany a cart loaded with weapons and make sure it arrives at the buyer.
Location: Iwagakure border
Reward: 300
Mission description: Your joining a simple weapons shipment to the border to sell off some weapons for profit. A mixture of kunai, Armor and swords. Once you arrive leave the weapons with the buyer.
Mission details: All will seem to be going well and dandy at first. Once you begin to get near the border though a farmer to old and wise for his own good will ask what's in the cart. He will continue to pressure your driver until he either discovers it's nothing good and threatens to go summon the authorities or you deal with him yourself. How you deal with him is up to you.

A couple of days past since Tee and Jabo had last did anything that would be considered eventful. The something happened to be Tee stabbing a man in between the eyes with a dull katana. Other than that incident there was only one other think that really happened of importance which was Jabo figuring out where you go to get jobs that aren't exactly official. It was a sort of black market where criminals were paid for higher and such and there were all types of trades going on. Jabo had figured this out from going into the village and just snooping around basically. He was always a very curious person so it made sense for him to stumble on to something that wasn't exactly public knowledge. After learning about this Jabo decided to learn even more and go around asking questions. Eventually he came to the location of this market which was a place not for the soft ninja. Jabo told his brother Tee about it before going to check it out. Afterwards he went to check it out going to see what was up. It was a variety of different ninjas. Most of them appeared to be missing-nin with most not having a head protector or having a slash through the symbol part. Jabo entered suavelt but with caution. No one knew where he was but his brother at the moment which was a place not too far from the village in a hidden underground place. Mostly what Jabo was looking foward to was finding a job for him and his brother to do. They hadn't had any work in a while and it was his job at this point to find a job. Shortly after this Jabo had found a job for the two to do. It was to guard a illegal weapons shipment. Jabo went home to his brother that day and told him the rest of the details.

It was now time for the two brothers to head off to the location in which they would join in. The two were walking on through the village through the market in which they were at a couple of days ago. They had to meet shortly outside the village so for them to get to the destination they had to go through the gate. Jabo walked through the market on this day fortunately it wasn't to hot today, which is something that Jabo appreciated as the last time they were outside it was extremely hot. He walked along side his brother and would continue on to walk with his brother and light up a cigarette on the way saying, "Hopefully all goes well and we don't have to do that much work."

Word Count: 461/1000


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