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How to Extend Word Counts in Fights
By “The Guy That Wrote This”

            I wrote this because I was bored and was told it would be a good idea. I will try to explain my methods of extending word counts in a fight. These word counts while helping you obtain goals in training and missions also help make you more descriptive in a fight, and that benefits everyone.

A lot of this for more experienced role players may seem like recapping things they already do as well. In which case this guide isn’t actually for you, so go be smart elsewhere. I personally have over ten years of experience roleplaying, the majority of sites involve combat (even Charmed…don’t judge me). Okay, moving forward.

TIME! Time is a huge factor and is basically the principle behind any fight on any RP site ever. While in a thread roleplaying each time you post time passes, which is obvious. However even in your post time passes and I find a lot of people that overlook this.

 For example:

Let’s say Spiderman is fighting Doc Ock. The general flow of a post would look like this.

“Doc Ock is very angry for no apparent good reason and wants to blow up a local florist. Dock Ock see’s Spiderman and tantrums before launching a tentacle at him. He follows this attack up by throwing a station wagon at him as well because the wood paneling looked horrible.”

Now basically a decent amount of time passes in this one post.

1) Spotting Spiderman and starting a tantrum
2) Attacking Spiderman with tentacle
3) Following up the attack by throwing a horribly designed vehicle at Spiderman

Now while the time between 1 and 2 might not be very long performing 3 would take longer. Generally if you pictured this in your mind time would pass between points 1-3 in anywhere between 5-10 seconds maybe longer depending on how long it took him to find the car or even locate Spiderman.

Now here is where the trick comes to extending your word count. The idea is to essentially respond to each of these scenarios individually and elaborate on them from your point of view. I will do it subtly and display this again in a different way after.

“Spiderman locates Doc Ock after searching for him all day. He realizes he had been spotted in which he insults Doc Ock’s mother. Spiderman’s spider sense tingles and he moved out of the way of his tentacle attack and launches a web ball in response. As his web balls fires he realizes now he is being attacked by the ugliest car ever made and moves out of the way as quick as possible. After clearing the car Spiderman swings toward Doc Ock to get his attention as he mocks him and begins shooting more web balls. Spiderman laughs and keeps an eye out to make sure no civilians are in danger.”
Now this is a very small demonstration of responding to each action in a post and even making a couple more after. Essentially once could easily create of a pile of words to react to each event the other person (Doc Ock) had made. Eventually if you continue this style it becomes so easy to do it’s not like you writing one really big post with a lot of words but rather writing a bunch of tiny posts and just responding quicker. Let me see if I can show you what I mean.

Dock Ock’s Actions:
1) Spotting Spiderman and starting a tantrum
2) Attacking Spiderman with tentacle
3) Following up the attack by throwing a horribly designed vehicle at Spiderman

Spiderman’s Actions:
1) Insults Doc Ock’s mother after realizing he had been spotted
2) Notices the tentacle attack thanks to spider sense and dodges and counter attacks with web ball.
3) Realizes he an ugly car has been thrown at him and dodges that as well and swings toward Doc Ock.
4) Shoots more web balls at Dock Ock
5) Checks to make sure civilians are not in danger
Okay, so taking those two list of actions you can just as easily Do this:
Doc Ock: Spots Spiderman and starting a tantrum
Spiderman: Insults Doc Ock’s mother after realizing he had been spotted
Dock Ock: Attacks Spiderman with Tentacle
Spiderman: Dodges tentacle with help of spider sense
Dock Ock: Follows up the attack by throwing a miserably sad looking vehicle
Spiderman: Dodges pathetic excuse of a car and counterattacks with web ball
After that Spiderman does 2 other actions. Now Dock Ock can respond to those two as well individually continuing the pattern over and over and over.
So what you want to do is basically respond to each individual action with as much description as possible and from there you end up having a lot more word counts by naturally thinking of it as a bunch of little responses as opposed to one big ass wall of text nobody really wants to write.

Also, remember a fight isn’t just a fight. It’s still a roleplay so your character is not an emotionless unaware fighting machine. Don’t forget to add what your character is thinking and feeling, the environment or setting in general. Don’t be stiff and only respond to a fight’s actions but every action like if it started raining or whatever. A good flow to use so you don’t get caught in a rut is this:
1) Pre-attack/Defense character emotions, feelings, settings.
2) Realizing the enemies attack/your attack and knowing what you want to do with it.
3) Perform the attack/defense and write any additional variations you would do if and opponent responded to it a certain way.
4) Cover your tail by adjusting what you would do after the attack is performed whether it failed or succeeded.


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