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1 Increased patrols [priority mission, B rank] on Sat Mar 15, 2014 12:05 pm




Mission name: Increased patrols .
Mission rank: B-Rank.
Objective: Clear the sector of Bandits.
Location: Rolling hills of Konoha.
Reward: 350 Ryo.
Mission description: Trade routes to the north-east have been raided by bandits heavily in the past month. Normally our regulars would take care of this but the squads that normally patrol that area have their hands full.
Mission details: Eight bandits are camped about half a mile off the road. Five of the bandits use bows that can drive arrows three inches deep into flesh {C rank} while two bandits use clubs that are able to break bones and cause deep bruises. Their leader, a large beast of a man that stands over seven feet tall wields a war-hammer that can shatter bones and cause internal bruises {A rank}. These men have been using their brute strength and numbers to raid caravans, rather than any real jutsu.

Few hours prior to present:

"You're all fine, Risu," said the doctor at the Konoha hospital; a Hebi familymember who was in charge of the young woman's monthly check up, which was necessary due to both her fragility, as well as her psychic instability. She had been hospitalized for four years, after having had a severe traumatic experience and because of that, the doctors decided it was in her best interest to make sure she did not overexert herself and also maintained a healthy social life, so she would not crumble under the scars of her past. Little did they know that she had long grown a shell of distrust and arrogance around herself, to protect herself from any further harm, not willing to lose another friend or worse.

"If you dont mind," The doctor said, while Risu pulled her shirt over her head, glad to feel the soft fabric on her skin again and not the cold metal of the medic's stethoscope. "Your results are amazing, but what worries me is that your recent activity and growing number of tasks and increasing dangers of your missions could lead to possible problems. i hope you remember not to cross your own limits, as a relapse in your condition could prove to be fatal, do you understand?"

The young kunoichi only gave a swift grin on her face, nodding a bit too frantically for the man to even believe she had listened to what he said, but he simply knew the sltubborn demeanor of her and only wished she would remember that she had been in a catatonic state for almost four years.

Seeing her leave the hospital, the doctor went to his office, where a man was sitting in the visitor's seat, neatly dressed and having an air of complete authority which even overwhelmed the doctor who was supposed to be the head of the spychic ward of the Konoha Hospital.

"My dear doctor, let's have a chat, shall we?" The cold and calm man said with an eerie smile on his face, while the doctor closed the door behind his back, so no others could hear the discussion they were about to get into. Anyone who knew him well, remembered one thing about the man: Orochi Enaka was a man with a dangerous intellect and a frightening power of persuasion.





It was quite boring to have the obligation of going to the Hospital almost every other week for general check ups and other stuff, not to mention that the doctor kep reminding Risu of her precarious physical condition as well as her danger of relapsing into the catatonic state she was in for four year in the past, but now she felt like she was in tip top shape, perfectly capable to handle everything the mission board  throw at her, not to mention the enjoyable fact that her rank up, which was approved after her uncle's recommendation and the fact that the troubles in Kirigakure had seemingly settled gave her the opportunity to feel more of the responsibility that the 'real' shinobis of the leaf had to deal with.

Being a Chuunin, gave her the advantage of doing some better paid missions, but with higher risk. Knowing this all to well, the young Orochi Lady simply enjoyed the idea of having a thrilling adventure and have assignments that would rely a bit more on her overall skill, rather than just her wits or her speed or better yet, pure luck.

"Yes, yes yippy," Risu almost screamed in delight when having been granted a priority mission of high importance. She thanked the heavens for this opportunity and what an opportunity it was, to show her skills, her power and her competence, as the mission stated that she had to take out a small gang of criminals that had been terrorising smaller settlements and farmers outside of the village's center, even attacking and ribbing those whi travelled through the woods and along the Naka river. The intelligence department had apparently found out that they had a base in the rolling hills of Konoha, which made it all the more fun for Risu to go and teach those insolent bandits a lesson. "This is why I became a shinobi in the first place, to safeguard the village from idiots like them."

Using the information that was given to her, Risu decided to try and lure them out during the night by attacking their headquarters, but finding their hideout proved to be quite an ardeous task, not to mention that she actually did not like to be outside in an open space like that at night, somehow it gave her the chills to know any missing nin in the area could see her and attack her if they would wish to do so, though after a while she laughed about that paranoid thought, trying to ease her own tension."Allright, let's catch me some bandits while I'm at it."




She had finally found the place those bandits used as their headquarters; a hollowed out hill, which was neatly camouflaged with a single hollow tree stump as entrance. It seemed those bandits were quite smart or rather, lucky to have such a hide out.

Knowing that entering the hideout and root the group of bandits out of it on her own was virtually suicide, Risu decided to wait just a little longer, with the hope that she could have someone of those thugs leave the place and attack him or her to draw out the entire lot, but to do so, she had to make preperations, traps and safe points for herself, she had to get a good grasp of her surroundings before even attempting to raid the bandits' hideout.

With the darkness of night on her side, the young girl started gathering strong, heavy treebranches from a patch of trees not far away from the hideout, planting those branches in an easy to oversee circle around the hollow hill. Those were needed for if she had to use her replacement technique in dire moments, not to mention she still had her water flask to properly be used as a replacement if she wasn't able to see the branches.

To complete her preperations, the Snake girl checked her hipbag for her kunais and the scalpel, which she would need in any possible emergency, not to mention that the scalpel was in fact a rather potent weapon if need be.

From there on, Risu waited for the first sign of life, hoping at least one of the bandits would finally show his face, but time seemed to pass very slowly, with the occasional owl hooting and catching mice, a sparrow flying up and down in the air, even a snake hissing at a rabbit not far away from her position. The night was full of life, but no matter how long she seemed to wait, the bandits were not coling out of their proverbial rabbit hole, which was quite frustrating for the young kunoichi, who started to actually regret taking on that mission.

Then it happened; a metallic clicking sound pierced through the organic sounds of the night, the hollow treestump seemed to light up from inside, when a man carrying a large club came outside holding a lantern in his hand.

"Are you sure she's here," The man asked a still hidden companion, trying to look in the darkness of the night, when a softer, haughty voice spoke from behind the cover of the tree stump. "i saw her planting branches not so long ago. i had to take the back entrance to avoid suspicion. We can't have any konoha shinobi snooping around our hideout now, can we, Yuuta?"

Risu could see the large man nod a bit, until suddenly his eyes looked straight into hers, a smile appearing on his face, turning his head he seemed to tell the hidden person something and before Risu really had an idea of what was going on, an entire group of men came outside the tree stump, five of them holding bows and a short tanto, while two of them, among which the man called Yuuta, carried large, heavy iron clubs, not really a refined, but still an effective weapon.

"Damn, they know where I am, time for phase two of the plan," Risu yelped when an arrow drove into the ground a few tenths of an inch away from her left foot. Running in a zigzagging manner towards the group of men, Risu quickly formed a few handsigns, covering the area in between the circle of branches with a thick layer of mist. "Let's see how you'll fare on my turf."




With her high speed, Risu launched herself into the mist from the moment it had encompassed the entire area she had surrounded with the branches, rather strongly believing that her tactics would work on the bandits.

"That insolent brat," One of the bandits indeed yelled right after she had dodged some incoming arrows and had made herself scarce into the mist. "After her guys, we can't have the boss look down on us because of some little wench."

One after another, the bandits vanished into the mist, leaving the big, massive boss outside the mist, grinning because he had the thought that his men could handle such an insignificant brat without any problems, but he could not have been more mistaken, as she was not a genin despite her age, but a chuunin, because of many reasons, but mostly because she was smarter than most of her age.

With another set of handseals, Risu's cheeks puffed up when she suddenly spewed out an incredible amount of slimy water, while jumping upward and concentrating some chakra in her feet, so she wouldn't have to deal with her own sticky substance covering the ground.

The frustrated screams of some bandits ressonated through the mist, giving. Risu a rather clear idea on how succesful her first trap was.

When landing on the ground however, she was surprised to see a large iron club swinging her way, which she only naarowly managed to dodge.

"Yah pesky lil kid, wait till I clubber you flat," the big brute wielding the club yelled, swinging around his large club, but to his own frustration he did not manage to hit the lithe girl in any way possible, while she from her part, almost nonchalantly made some new handseals, after which a massive snake made out of mud whacked against the brute from beneath his feet, knocking him a few feet in the air, after which Risu's skin on both her hands quickly hardened into scales, making it possible for her to punch the guy right in the gut with a considerably enhanced strength, knocking him right into the sticky goo below. "well, that makes six, two left to take care off and that boss of yours, really irritating."

The two others, were easy to find, making things less irritating. They had managed to avoid getting stuck, by placing themselves on their comrades, launching their attacks by shooting at Risu through the mist, but they were easily disposed off by the girl after she used her White Snake Style~Bloody Teeth, grabbing them with the two snakes and pulling them instantly through the sticky goo, so they got stuck.

When she did this, Risu dispelled the mist, revealing the bandits in their uncomfortable situation to their leader, who despite his strength and arrogance, was left dumbfounded by the look of his subordinates stuck in the syrup.

"Ok ok, you win, girl," the man said calmly, throwing his weapon away. "i wont be degrading myself into such a situation. you're good for me."

511/1972 complete

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