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Monsters didn't exist.


Unfortunately, anyone who believed that would be sorely mistaken. Immerse oneself within the shinobi world and that belief would be dispelled instantly. Monsters they existed everywhere. In the elements controlled by skilled shinobi, flickering flames taking the form of some great predator. In the summons that arise from within simple paper scrolls, creatures which only somewhat resemble those that have been accepted within the "normal" world, whose grotesque, extraneous features that made them more monster than animal. Monster, which could even be found in the humans who have grown exponentially in power, to the point where they could no longer be simply referred to as belonging of the human race. Monsters existed everywhere, and not just in obvious forms which can be easily distinguishable.

The day began rather strangely, quite out of routine. Opening her eyes as the early morning rays of the sun graced the earth with their warm presence, it was the position of her body that first alerted her that she wasn't laying her own bed - or any bed, for that matter. In fact, she wasn't laying down at all, legs spread out in front of her while her upper torso leaned against a solid structure, as though she had fallen asleep while sitting. Which appeared to be the case. Pupils constricting against the light that greeted her, her gaze began to wander in a strange calm in an attempt to get an idea of her surroundings. This was That's right. She had been training the evening before and had settled down for a break. It was strange and uncharacteristic of her to actually doze off and last through the entire night, but that didn't matter now, it happened and there was no correcting it. Her left hand - which had been resting on her lap - slid down to the ground beside her, but instead of reaching the soft earth that she was sitting on, her fingertips brushed against the katana that lay beside her. The touch was comforting, the coolness of the sheathe confirming that she had indeed been here for the entire night, as the rough material that held her father's blade lacked the warmth that it would normally possess after a training session. Briefly, she considered her options, guessing that it was approximately seven in the morning by now. She could return home, but the feeling of unproductiveness was quite bothersome, considering that not only had she fallen asleep while training, it was past the hour that she would normally awake at.

Perhaps a mission or two would help to relieve this bothersome feeling

Her timing was impeccable, arriving at the Kumogakure administration building just in time to be presented with a recently submitted mission request - an odd one that made heads turn as the word 'monster' was uttered. Monster? It was intriguing, to say the least. A shake of her head was given in response to the question of whether she felt additional company was needed to aid her. It was a B rank mission, but she was a Chuunin, and today in particular she wanted to feel a sense of self accomplishment. Not much information was given to her - the description of the monster varied from the multiple witness statements, but the size was said to be at least 8 feet tall, with an apparent strength equal to that of a Chuunin Taijutsu user. Well, the Taijutsu portion was to be expected, at least the monster didn't see to be able to use Ninjutsu or anything of the sort. Close combat she could handle, hopefully. Reaching with one hand to touch at her katana sheathed at her side for comfort, she headed towards the location that the monster had last been spotted, not at all concerned with the vague directions given to her. As long as she knew the approximate location, tracking down a beast that large shouldn't be a problem - even if it didn't leave tracks, it would have been spotted by a good number of people, and asking a few questions would inevitably lead her straight to her target. But it seemed even asking around would be unnecessary.

The first faint track caught her attention immediately, despite its slightly faded appearance. It was at least a couple hours old, but all around, multiple claw-marked tracks began appearing, fresh ones overlapping older ones, as though the monster had wandered through the same area multiple times. So it seemed it was a territorial creature, seeing as all reports of the monster's attacks had been situated in the same general location, and the multiple tracks only served to further prove the theory. Selecting the deepest set of tracks, she began following it, keeping every part of her body alert for any signs of the monster. It didn't take long for it to appear in her field of vision, a towering scaly creature hunched over a mangled cart, clawing at it in an attempt to pick at whatever was inside. The fact that it was still large and intimidating despite the fact that it was bent over was enough to show how much of a threat it would be if it was allowed to roam free for any longer. Not giving it a chance to be alerted of her presence, she made a beeline towards it, picking up speed as she ran, activating her Close Combat current perception as she drew close, a map of the monster's body appearing in her view in the form of interlocked webs of the creature's nervous system, electrical impulses alight in her vision. Right, at least it still functioned the same way as all living creatures and didn't have some other form of body communication system that her doujutsu wouldn't be able to detect. As she drew close, there was not yet any change in the active portions of the electrical currents that ran through the monster's body, and without slowing, she unsheathed her katana as she passed, running katon chakra through it moments before cutting across the torso of the monster. Speed not slowing, she continued forward to move out of the monster's immediate reach, pivoting on the spot as she held her katana in her left hand, tip towards the ground, to watch the large creature roar in pain, immediately abandoning its attention on the cart to search for the source of his agony. Hot steam rose temporarily from the tip of her blade, where it was still active with the burning element of fire. As its head turned, Miyako began moving again, dodging a powerful swipe by mere inches, the buffet of the wind that hit her reminding her that this wasn't just a defensively beast. As she headed back towards the beast, her red hot katana made multiple clean slices against its lower body, but apart from causing it pain, it didn't seem to be effective in taking it down completely. If she wanted it gone for good, she was going to have to bright it down to ground level.

Another lunge from the monster missed her by a handful of inches, her kekkei genkai alerting her of movement milliseconds before it happened. A good thing indeed, as the attacks became more more irregular, the monster desperately wanting to put a stop to the barrage of cuts it was receiving. Holding her blade low as she weaved towards the back of the monster, Miyako aimed at a particular spot, cleanly slicing at the tough achilles heel, the addition of chakra allowing the cut to be much deeper than the blade would normally be able to cut. And then it was falling. Lurching to one side, it seemed to hover between the point of balance and imbalance, until gravity completed its task, bringing all eight feet of the monster to the ground. Of course, it wasn't finished yet, but that was fine. The chakra faded from her katana as she sheathed it, blue-gray eyes staring impassively at the creature before her. She would use this chance to practice her other skills. Taking a few light leaps back, her hands met together in front of her to form an all too familiar tiger hand seal, lips parting ever so slightly to take in air as her lungs filled up with a mix of chakra and oxygen. At the last moment, her eyes seemed to gleam with something else, a feeling of power rushing through her. And then she released it. A roaring torrent of flames filled the area before her, enveloping the screaming monster in a dancing wall of orange heat. Much to her surprise, the fireball did much more damage than she had previously anticipated, the monster clearly not made to defend against the hungry flames as its scales seemed to melt right off, allowing the flames to swallow up the flesh beneath it.

Burying the lower portion of her face into her scarf to ward off the pungent odour emitting from the burning creature, she decided it was time to head back. Clean up wasn't her responsibility, and even if the monster was still alive well, it wouldn't be for long.

Mission: They Made a Monster!
1544/1500 - Complete.


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